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Mikey and I are back with April’s AvPGalaxy Podcast! Main topics of conversation this time around are the recent videos and news articles about Prometheus and Colonial Marines.

I’d also like to welcome on board, Sedna, our new podcast editor, who I think has done a great job on this episode.

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  1. Over and above the excellent podcast, it was great to hear Goldsmith's 'Outland' soundtrack in the background...Still have that on vinyl; anywhere I can LEGITIMATELY buy it digitally?
  2. Didn't expect you to get another out so fast.

    I enjoyed the recent podcasts. That one with Steedman was actually quite interesting. Seemed like a nice chap with some interesting stories from Aliens.

    Great editing on the podcast too. I liked the shorter intro and music in the background. Works really well. Hope you'll stick around.

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