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We’ve known for some time now that Sega would be releasing a demo for the upcoming game. In a recent interview with GameTrailers, Rebellion producer, Tim Jones, confirmed that the demo may also include multiplayer:

There will be a demo coming very soon, which hopefully you will be able to enjoy online.”

While we still have no set date for the demo release, it is on the way and it may feature the multiplayer mode.

Update: AvPGalaxy can reveal the demo will be released next week! Stay tuned for a full announcement from Sega. Thanks to ikarop for the news.
Update 01/02/10:
It was an open secret, but now the date for the upcoming AvP demo has finally been unveiled. Xbox Live Spotlight channel featured an advertisement claiming the date for the AvP demo. It seems like the ad is no longer available online but we can confirm that it’s true. The demo will be released this week, Thursday Feb 4th as featured on the channel. We can also reveal that the demo will feature the multiplayer part of the game and will be available on PSN and Steam on the same date.
Update 03/02/10: The advert is back on the X-Box Live Spotlight channel. Check out this picture of it. Thanks to RidgeTop for the picture.

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  1. I thought the demo was a blast, the Alien is my personal favorite just because I got used to the wall-walk really quickly and can really zoom around the map at terrific speeds dodging attacks and catching prey unawares. The predator controls are a little more complicated, but once you get the focus jump mechanic down it gets easier. Marine is frustratingly difficult to play because any hit sends you reeling and helpless to resist a grab and execute move. Even worse, you tend to spawn in the immediate proximity of opponents who then quickly dispatch you before you can even get your bearings.
    All around I'm not disappointed at all, I think the attack / counter mechanics are really novel additions to the franchise. I can't wait for the full game so I can hone my skills better in single player before taking it back to the arena.
  2. If anyone is having a problem with the game being unavailable on steam and you are running vista like i am and nothing works.. Try this as it work for me after reinstalling Physx, updated video, Re installed steam and tried deleting conf file. restarted app and pc, installed all windows fixes which were already installed. etc..
    Uninstall all .net frameswork SP under the security,windows update. Then go to steam directory, common, avp folder then to VS folder and install pack in there then restart pc and open game and should work. You can then reinstall updates if you like.. :) GIVE IT A TRY!
  3. for 360, you have to go on the "browse demo's" and select the letter "A", after that you have to select "Aliens vs Predator" and select "Get Demo"
  4. Anybody wanting to play this with a smart team-mate on XBL add me. My GT is Lutanik. I pre-ordered the Hunter Edition and can't wait for this game!!!!!!!!   ;D  
  5. Ok so if demo will feature single player and multi that's great and awesome, altough if it does then i think the fact 2nd update says "The demo will feature the multiplayer part of the game" is kinda confusing and certainly sounds more like it will be MP only.
  6. AHHHHHHHHHHHH....... i jus cant wait game looks so good jus wanna get ma hands on the gf is gonna hate me but she`ll get tons of hugs wen cheakin corners and ceilings as a marine lol gud times
  7. WTF!!! Really?!?!! How the hell am I suppose to sleep?!! D:<  Just a minute ago I almost passed out and now it feels like I just took a cold shower. t-t
  8. Marines looks pretty fun and scary ill go with marines.....i cant wait didnt have school this whole week it like christmas on thursday cant wait to get that demo on my 360 add me GT- Viice ProDiiGY
  9. oh rite no worries lol!! just seen a trailor of survivor mode and that looks unreal, so f**king ramped up for this game! and also i keep hearing diff dates for release? wat is it? 16th or 19th?
  10. Kinda of, didnt play much Evac to be honest. Basically from what i can remember of it was a group of marines, got to get to a certain point on the map from a location elswhere on the map while aliens attack them and if i remeber correctly only one life,,, really carnt remember tho lol
  11.   ;D    yeah definately marine mate! cant wait, this is going to be awesome! i think its easily going to be the most anticipated game this year! people keep on about a mode called evac form the old games!! wat was that? similar to infestation?
  12. is there guna be any inclusion of a predalienn the game???????   :-\    if not im guna cry   :'(    .....also how cool duz infestation sound dudes???   :o  
  13. yeah u wait for the full game corporate pants ill be getting the first taste on thursday!! and it wont spoil anything! all demos are just a tease! they get u excited but wanting much much more! developers arent stupid, they wouldnt spend two years creating a game to give everything away in a demo! u wait anutha 13 days mate ill wait 2 more to see wat its like!!!!! oh and i almost 4got if my little sister goes near the ps3 ill be like ...GET AWAY FROM HER U BITCH lmao   ;D  
  14. Can't wait now, it's gonna be awesome, I'll be downloading on xbox live and looking forward to playing in some great battles, my gamer tag is  STEALTH BUNNY ,it would be reallly good to play the game with some likeminded people who are fans of aliens and/or predators.
    Let the hunt begin!

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