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Rebellion Sorry for PS3 Demo Problems

There’s a new article on CVG where Rebellion give us an update on how the demo’s been doing. Basically, it’s had 14,000 downloads on X-Box Live with an approval rating of 4.5/5. There was an issue with the PC demo where people had difficulty with the matchmaking. That was patched almost straight away, however PS3 users are still left unable to play the demo unless you do it via friends. Here’s what they had to say on the matter:

“The one unforeseen issue was the matchmaking on PS3, that really came out of left field and we’ve still got Sony engineers helping us look into what is at fault. I understand why people question how it wasn’t spotted sooner but we just can’t replicate that kind of scale in normal testing.

“Had we left Create and Browse Games in there as with the full game the problem wouldn’t have been so serious. Bottom line is we’re really sorry to all those PS3 owners and are working as fast as possible to find a solution which will help them enjoy the demo too.”

There’s a couple of new articles. There’s a new preview on CHUD, Guardian and XBox360Achievements and an interview on Kotaku. The Kartel have recently uploaded a “mega feature” including interviews, hands-on impressions and more.

There’s also a new review in Game Informer Magazine (scan here) where it scored 5.75/10. I wouldn’t take too much stock of what he said because the things he was complaining about aren’t really relevant. Thanks to Tim, ikarop, newbeing and Richman678 for the news.

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  1. Merkicus
    The GI review was terrible - the guy showcases a general lack of knowledge about the game and complains about some really bizarre things (the motion tracker, the alien's handling).
  2. Martin
    An absolute joke that the ps3 has still not been fixed. I wont be buying this game, the match making errors for the ps3 have set my mind to that.
  3. ClockworkHorror
    I wish the Hunter Edition, or the Survivor Edition, were available in Canada... I've been trying to pre-order the damn thing since it was announced.
  4. arnie
    Well so far i can't get the demo started. but hearing the reviews you lot have given it it's probably my connection.
    I got the demo for PC but i'm getting the 'Hunter Edition'
    for PS3. Can't wait to get all the exclusive goodies like the facehugger lifesize model!
    Just remember if you ever get in trouble
    GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!!!   :o  
  5. Spoon
    Iron sight would be sweet but I agree there wont be time to even use it.  You hardly pick them off in distance anyway as your fight stealthy and very quick creatures.  Plus only the pulse rifle would need it and no point in coding it for one weapon.
      Still want crouch though for human and pred.
    Remove block for alien also for gods sake.
  6. goreblaster
    @ Anonymous, told ya, the gfx of a game depends ENTIRELY on ur monitor (consoles not pc)

    anyways, ppl need to stop complaining about the iron sights shit, not VERY game hgas it, and this game DOESNT NEED IT at all, i get 30 kills as marine every time i have no problems aiming whatsoever!!
    Sounds like the reviewer just made an early review hating on the game, a highly anticipated game, just to make bank for the magazine that's publishing it... but I guess he forgot two things that the people possess - a scanner, and the internet.
  8. heady89
    Game Informer review might be shit, but there is no doubt that the game suffers from heavy issues and mishaps. The whole demo launch is a disaster with more...

    We'll see on Tuesday, wish it still was pre 2005 b4 the f**king console generalization..
  9. Guest
    i just did graphic check from xbox to ps3 on the same tv in 1080i, it is the exact same game... there is a small dif on the gun muzle between the two when shooting. all in all exact same lighting and what not
  10. PR3DATOR
    That game informer guy is RETARDED this game kicks us
    SO FUN
    Im just dissapointed that their is no splitscreen multiplayer
    Oh well i'll be owning people On live as a predator
  11. konradski
    i too like to look down the barrel for a better shot in fps games
    aka iron site
    more imersive than a crosshair fired from the hip on screen  (something i thought they,d add in this game for added atmospere).nerve jingling when your ammos low,and every enemys death counts due to precice death dealing.but then again controllers are shit for this mode of play.
    same with crouch taking cover from flying projectiles jesus this became a gaming staple 15years ago even if its to fit in small vents or crawl under a bulkhead

    again even tho i pre ordered i know they just ported this from console but had the decency to leave some pc elements in it and told us
  12. blah
    Demo won't see a patch, Sony makes patches into an ordeal so the update doesn't brick the system, think PS3 owners like myself are just gonna have to sit tight till release. Hopefully the issue won't exist on the final version.
  13. Pete Script
    I love ads in games! But AvP is too fast paced for that kind of game mechanic. By the time you get your gun to your eye someone will have attacked you from behind. It works better without it!
  14. Sh0dan
    It has become a staple, just like a reload button. FPS's never used to have one of those either, but it seems ATDS has passed a few gamers and developers by, though I think its pretty clear from the feedback on most FPS games that don't include it, that more gamers want that feature than those who do not. So as you said cabbageheat, those guys don't actually have to use it. Its optional.   ;D  
  15. JediMasterGabe
    I don't think they're a staple of FPS (again halo and l4d), but yea it doesn't really matter. We're all on the same side; those who love AVP.
  16. cabbageheat
    lol   ;D    

    I'm not obsessed with zoom. Nor am I the only one whose requested this.  Its a staple of FPS's in general, and its an option I feel is sorely missing from the game.  That's it.  I am amazed at how asking for, or would like to see,  iron sights and crouching are reacted to in such vehement ways, its just almost laughable.  "shut the f**k up" is usually the most requested response when this is brought up (great discourse by the way).  If you guys don't want it, or don't care for it, I certainly don't attack you for it, just voicing an opinion.  Still gonna pick this up regardless.
  17. JediMasterGabe
    @cabbageheat: ghost is right there are no iron sights on the pulse rifle so there's no reason to have them in the game. If  ur so obssesed with a zoom u can walk around with the sniper rifle
  18. Alien Mastermind
    I haven't gotten the demo yet, but I have my hunter edition waiting for me for Tuesday. Hope to see you guys as my alien rips out your throat and impaled you through the chest.   :)     Mwahahaha!!!!!!!!   >:D  
  19. cabbageheat
    Don't play halo, and haven't played L4D, so, sorry, no comparison there.  but thanks for the assumption.   ::)    

    Still would rather have iron sights, just feels more natural, but thanks for your belligerent response, you must be incredibly easy to get along with.   ;)  
  20. JediMasterGabe
    Alright 8/10 from OXM UK! Why don't we post that review up also? Because this one Dumbass's review from gameinformer is gonna f**k up a bunch of preorders. IGN and Xplay are the reviews I like.
  21. SableUk
    not sure i agree with the GI reviews, demo was pretty poor (considering my expectations), but then FFA is always pretty poor so its not like the other formats will be. Furthermore, his argument that the motion tracker got in the clearly he does not know its primary function...the idiot has planted the seed of doubt in my mind.
  22. NightCoaster
    So there will be a patch for the Game  ???    . Still its A Awsome game everything about it in my own opinion i rekon that its better then cod 6   8)  
    game informer are shit! they dont know wat the f**k they are on about! i am a litte dissapointed bout the croutch option but other than that the game oozes class! iron sights? f**koff this isnt cod! did u see the pulse rifles with ironsights in aliens? and people are complaining bout the level in the demo? sure its not the best level but theres guna be way better ones so just relax! this game will be the best game of the year trust me! and xbox 360 owners i dont understand why theres such a bad relationship with owners of the ps3? i admit u guys have better online connection! but ur going to cuz its microsoft! but the ps3 is more powerful and better graphics fact! ....other than that PEACE!!!! avp rules! game informer suck my dick wank jocks
  24. Sh0dan
    @GrimyGhost: ACM has iron sights thankfully. I often find it annoying playing L4D because it doesn't have them. At least some of the weapons in the Halo games have an aim mode. Its not quite a proper ADTS, but it gets you by and they are the only weapons I tend to stick with.
    Not having ADTS is like not having a reload button for me. So that is one area in the new AvP game I already knew would disappoint me. All FPS should have ADTS in my opinion. Without it, its like not being able to look up or down in the days of the original Doom.
  25. Sh0dan
    "Instead we have a title trying to live off the fumes of the two dormant franchises."

    Cant say I'm surprised by that review. Especially once the gameplay vids started coming out, all the clues were there to be honest. The SP does look horribly linear and too consolized.

    Like most peeps in here, I'm gonna cross my fingers this is just a one off bad review. But considering this is GI which is known for its usually very accurate reviews, I'm not gonna hold my breath.

    It better not affect the continued development of Gearbox ACM game, because that game really shows true promise and IMO its about time we got back to the pure forms of these franchises.
  26. EpsilonOrpheon777
    So i just read the review. GI does this a lot. The only reviewers from the magazine i take seriously are Andy and Andrew Reiner cuz he actually appreciates the kinds of games i like, including AVP. He gave Bioshock 2 an 8.5 i believe. But he was completely honest about it. I have no doubt in my mind that if he had reviewed AVP [being a skilled gamer and all] we would have been reading a much more neutral and intelligent article. Like everyone else has been saying, don't let this sway your decision or cancel your reservation. If you weren't getting it for the sole reason that it's AVP, at least wait until a few more reviews come out and then make your judgment.
  27. cabbageheat

    they hit the one point I'm still curious about, but I guess was verified.  every screen shot I've seen of this game looks gorgeous, but the actual game doesn't come anywhere near the visuals I've seen.  I'm a little surprised by that.  So...what the heck were all those photos from?  even the demo doesn't look all that great, but is still fun to play (wish there was iron sights and crouching though...still).
  28. kipple
    simple, if youre a fan this game will be the best thing to come out since avp2. im gunna love it, i h8 pc gaming and dont care if it has bit better graphics . i love my ps3 and no one has the right to say which console or pc is better, its about the individual.
  29. hicks
    this isnt about demo problems but i have noticed that you cant pre-order the hunter edition for xbox 360 i dont know what happened but plz help my friend wants it but cant get it now. but i dont really care cause i already pre-oredered plz help
  30. The Replacement
    @ goreblaster. Well I was playing the XBOX version and the Facehugger was there in the menu screen. I have not played the PC version.
    Well we are gonna have to agree to disagree. I recon the XBOX version looks better. same scinario as with Operation Flashpoint: Dragon rising.
  31. Spoon
    Every video thats posted the game looks absolutely gorgeous! but when I play the game is looks like a monkeys ass.  Theres a new video on ign with a tour of rebellion and the game looks amazing with its lighting and models but on the Xbox360 it just looks last gen.
    Funny how their last game got rated 1.5 out of 10!  LOL
  32. goreblaster
    the facehugger is not on the menu screen, thats on the pc version.
    the ps3 pulse rifle is better imo cuz it DOESNT blind ya with its muzzle flash, xbox version does....
    also the glow/burn effect i dont see any diff at all, maybe ur comparing 2 different monitors?
    cuz a tv can be VERY diff than other tvs...
    contrast ratio - the HD quality? - hd ready or full hd - all that stuff counts towards how the game looks so dont compare games on diff screens, use the same screen
  33. BaconBits
    I did'nt notice a diffrence between the 360 and the PS3.
    also wtf? Game Informer what is wrong with you. I guess that message that Rebellion gave us at the title screen dosn't mean anything.
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