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AvP PC, X360 & PS3 Demo OUT NOW

The PC demo for AvP has been just released on STEAM. You need to register on their website in order to download and play the demo. To download the demo (1214MB) click here or try the link on the picture below. See you in the battleground! If you’re not sure if you PC can handle the game, please check the system requirements out here.

 AvP PC, X360 & PS3 Demo OUT NOW

To post your impressions of the demo in the forum, please use the Demo Feedback thread. You can also view the Availability thread which will be updated as soon as the demo is released on the consoles.

Update 09:53: The X-Box 360 demo has been released in the X-Box Marketplace (780MB).

Update 14:13: The demo can now be found in the European PSN store on the Playstation 3 (1138MB). The American PSN store hasn’t been updated as of yet but give it a few hours.

Update 16:50: Rebellion just made an announcement about the infamous matchmaking system issues. A patch to fix this issue will be released shortly. Check the full announcement here.

Update 22:21: The demo has finally been released in the American PSN store. An update has also been released for the PC demo to fix the matchmaking issues. The steam application automatically updates your demo if a patch is available. Rebellion are working on fixing the problems for the PS3 demo but there is no timeframe on that.

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  1. vull
    @ zing alien thanks for the combat lesson.. though due to lag / probably host lag because i do not lag in all games..
    the melee combat is terrible along with preds that disc spam lag..

    if you do a frontal finisher kill move it can be blocked by mashing all the buttons... e, space, mouse 1 and 2... though i have not narrowed it down to what buttons... plus i think u can only block 1 finisher if u have alot of health but if u are near death it cannot be blocked.. or it cannot be blocked the second time around..

    i only play alien as its just more skill and fun then the other races. auto transition on so i can go anywhere at any time. sensitivity of mouse in game set to 0.35 for vert and horzontal.

    hold shift and hit q and follow someone spamin e pick em off but make sure nothing is near them so u dont get stealth killed.
  2. vwpredator
    i love the demo and ofcourse the full game will be a million times better. but to all you whiney babys complaining about pc is better ,console is better it doesnt really matter as long as you like the game.we arent here to talk about that and we dont really care to hear about it.and for those who are complaining about the game so much why dont you just not buy/play it thats just my opinion and some may agree and disagree but i dont care. all i know is that in my eyes this game OWNS cannot wait till its released AVP FTW
  3. AvP 1-2 ftw...
    Will wait for the full game to make my mind up 100% obviously. But so far im not impressed, compared to the first 2 avp's this lacks a lot of atmoshpere and exciting gameplay. If im not mistaken avp1-2 where PC only, im guessing this is why this new AvP lacks certain things due to having to be made for consoles. Control system seems far too awkward. No crouch is such a big mistake, i mean wtf are you thinkin Rebellion.. and for those who wine saying "crouch is not needed" so what,, Crouch should be there so when playing the marine you can hide behind a crate without your damn head showing up.. And yes, aliens/preds can see you through walls, again another mistake, i dont wanna see where everyone is, how easy do they need to make this game,, Its been made a mass audiance which has pretty much ruined its true gameplay to avp1-2. Its only 1 map, its the demo, so ye the full game will be a lot better im sure. Just not feeling this so far.
  4. Predhuman
    So just curious i know this game is going to be a freaking amazing game but does anyone else notice when you get stealth killed by an alien and he uses his little mouth to skull rape you it kinda looks like he misses? I mean it looks like it hits off to the side or something. Maybe im just nit picky about it. Amazing game though
    pounce was good,of course exploding was stupid but an alien can cut a hand off!!! also crouch is good because when a predator is trying to lock on you and try to hide behind an object but your head is over it a headshot is certain.also about the graphics,of course they will be better than avp2 (9 years ago) but i think could have been a bit better like other games.
  6. Zingalien
    Well we all know who won in AvP:R the nuke. Otherwise both Predalien and the Predator were both going to die cause they were both Mortally wounded.

    Also one of the most OP things in AvP2 was the pounce attack the alien had. So many of my kills came from running around like an Idiot playing as a runner and pouncing everything that moved.
  7. Mike
    The predator can do long jumps but only in focus mode.
    What is the advantage of crouch? aliens and predators can see your outline behind objects.
    I do think it will  be a shame if we can't play as the facehugger or chestburster. Great thing is apparently there's a predalien in this game- which will be awesome to fight as a predator considering we never got to see who won in AVP:R. I do agree with your alien jump and hit though
    +++:finally an avp game!!! when i played avp1 and avp2 the first day they were released i never thought IT WOULD BE ALMOST 10 YEARS FOR THE NEXT GAME!!!   >:(    

    ---:graphics could have been a bit better and why they changed the controls? marines should crouch,alien should
    jump and hit at the same time from dinstance with 1 button as in avp2 and the predator should long jump as in avp2.i think the controls should have been the same as in avp2.
    i haven't played the single player and i'm sure i will love it no matter because i love the alien,predator universe but i think it wont be better than avp1 or avp2 judging from the videos.   :-\    opinions?
  9. Zingalien
    @Drakolowe Ok simple Rock Paper Scissors scheme.

    Heavy Attack>Block
    Block>Light Attack
    Light Attack>Heavy Attack

    When countering if you notice they are swinging their hand back or tail in case of alien do a light attack otherwise try and block a lot. When you block a light attack you have one of two options. Either a light attack or a heavy attack. The heavy attack is faster after you block someone thereby making a counter. Also recommend when you are playing as a Pred or Alien use your focus and when you have someone in your focus (Red crap around people for pres, green for aliens) use your light attack making you leap at them and stunning them for a quick second. After this you usually have enough time to do a quick attack and they should be dead. I've been playing this demo quite a bit in the last few days and usually end up with 22-28 kills by the end of the match as alien.
  10. [MM]
    Hope they fix that massive delay when you shoot from a gun/pulserifle, to the bullet hitting the wall.. you can stand right in front of a wall and shoot and the bullet hits 2 seconds later LOL...
  11. Zingalien
    I personally don't find the combat too static, it is defiantly different compared to the just run and claw of the previous two games. I for one find it a nice change. I do agree that its hard to take out a marine that does know how to block properly just because when go for a heavy attack they can mow you down. But from my experience you never run at a marine head on anyway. Always go from the back or above and pounce on them. Other then that it is just like Rock Paper Scissors except you can see exactly what they are using so you can react accordingly.

    None the less if you got the demo on xbox360 add me RonnyRobotPants. Me and my roommate are always down for some killing.
  12. Zingalien
    @MatMaster - A few times while playing the demo the people I was playing with agreed to not kill people of the same species so we did a sudo teamDM. I managed to kill an entire team of four Marines twice without dying and without the help of the other aliens. They were in the large open area hanging out by the Smartgun. Needless to say an Alien is fast enough and deadly enough that one Pounce and Swipe will kill a marine. Predator takes alittle more.

    I did notice one thing that kinda ticked me off about the demo. The predator Heavy Attack on the Xbox360 somehow hits you no matter what if you are infront of them. I was up in the rafters fighting a pred as an alien and he was doing a heavy attack so I went to the bottom on the rafters and still got hit even though I was below him. Now I just maul preds quickly and don't allow for the heavy attack.
  13. jjay78
    Really enjoying the demo, didn't think I'd be playing as the alien so much though. The stealth kills are sooooo satisfying!
     I'm a bit disappointed with the predator but I will reserve judgement until we can play the rest of the maps in the full game because it seems that the refinery really suits the alien.  I've had mixed success with the Marine, shotty is next to useless! The map is way too dark for the poxy flashlight to make much difference.  Been enjoying playing as teams (no species on species killing) makes the species specific mp modes even more anticipated! Add me, psn id : jjay78 if you want to play!
  14. Silkysilly
    This crouch whining is pissing me off. What the hell would you need crouch for in this game. An alien and a pred would still see you crouched behind a little box trying to camp cod style. And for a defensive point of view it would only be any good if you was a marine against a marine. A pred or alien would be on your ass before you had time to pop up and down. What next will you complain about the lack of a perk system.

    And that review that that ben reeves wrote for GI is the biggest loads of bollocks ive ever heard. Has he even played the game. The demo alone is awesome i can only imagine what the full game will be like. The pred is to stealthy ha the alien is disorienting ha thers no ADS for the marine (well i made that up) lol. What a twat!!!  He must be missing his wii or is such a cod fanboy hes scared AVP will take its crown.
  15. Roargathor
    Spoon.....  This is the demo.  Death match is very 90s. Nobody will be playing ffa death match in the released version. I'm telling you, even if you could crouch, you'd be dead.  Aliens would see you hiding and TAIL RAPE YOUR ASS.  You think this is COD.  You can't sit there and hide like a bitch.  You gotta keep moving.  If you play this game like its another FPS you're gonna get raped.  Thats why you cry.
  16. Spoon
    Crouching = smaller target.
    Feels like I'm playing quake 1 without crouching.  Crouching is for more useful then jumping and having a predator stalking you from above just crouching there watching like in predator 2 would be super bad ass.  Game feels like its back in the 90's.  Pickup items and no crouching.
  17. Roargathor
    I find it hilarious that people are complaining about the game being "dumbed down for consoles"..... AVP requires a different skill set than COD or any other run of the mill FPS out there.  "L2p" as the leet kids say. And who the f**k needs crouch?  How is that going to help you?  Maybe if it was marine vs marine, but you wont see that outside of ffa Deathmatch.  f**king retards whining here.
  18. Bugswarm
    Why are poeple complaining about crouching? I mean does it help? I would not mind that feature but it doesn't seem to serve a purpose in this game to me. You will most likely spend the time running for you life then crouching at all. i just love pwneding the nubs in MP, they run around thinking it MW2 before i rape them 10 times over then they rage out.hahaha
  19. Mike
    I think the multiplayer has the re-playability until we get the real deal. I just love sneaking up on people and predators and then stealth kill- the only bad thing I have to say is when you get killed by a predator and his blades are through your stomach- why is there no blood on them!
  20. Plus4
    I have been looking forward to this game for a long time, now I have downloaded and played the 360 demo here goes my thoughts.

    Bad points:

    I would prefer a single player game as demo rather than multi.

    Map was far from great and way way to dark.

    spawning was unfair.

    Good points:

    Great sound.

    Graphics pretty good

    playing as the marine is great and edge of the seat stuff.

    Apart from that I will buy the game and if it's as good as the PC AvP 2 then I will be happy   :)  
  21. Slicer Jen
    @Alien, seriously, I do hope you are able to think for yourself and not listen to a magazine that gets paid to bash products. What they consider bad you might think makes the game good. I've seen some games get bad reviews and I had a great time playing them, before and after their article. But no matter what, you make it your choice, not some douche who gets paid for his opinion.
  22. R4C HUNTER
    lol i hate getting the stealth kill as an alien or predator just to have my animation cut short by someone stealth killing me, but i love the feeling i get when im running around just to get cut short as you are grabbed by a alien, its the feeling in the pit of my stomache as you see the alien about to mash you up and theres nothing you can do about it lol.   >:D      >:D  
  23. Kevolt5
    Played the demo - was very impressed. The species are very well balanced sadly at the cost of common sense. The Pred has about 4-5 shots with the Shoulder Canon. Not much of a self-sufficient hunter if you need human tech to recharge your battery. Why does everything has to decloak the Pred? Stealth kills for instance? or melee combat? Good thing he doesn't need energy for cloaking. Pusle rifle needs work. It's only worth shooting when the target is pretty much in front of you. Shotgun - I'm not sure it that even works in the demo. Smartgun - ownage. Sniper rifle - lags prevented me from hitting anything. Flamer - you're better off with bare fists. As the alien I found the best tactic is to sprint, find the target and rush from behind for a stealth kill. MP needs some work for in the grab department. Also, the instance you grab someone from behind it's an instant kill, the animation is just there for the gore. Sucks that you can't shoot the alien that grabbed your mate to save him before the alien puts his tail through. HP in the form of a bar without numbers is not the best idea. You die pretty fast regardless of the hud display but I prefer to see 0-100 HP.
  24. Predhuman
    I read that same review but I do not understand how the game could be bad since i LOVE the demo and that is only the preview of the real game. The artical complained about linear campaigns and bad controls but i say that reporter was just being a little B*** because this game is going to be awesome
  25. highlander
    i loved the demo, cant wait to get my hands on the full game, one thing that bothers me though is that the pred decloaks too easily, for every lil thing he does, i mean using wrist blades decloaks you ? seriously, i know they made it that way for balance sake, but i think thats going too far, i dont like to recloak every time i impale someone
  26. Alien
    Im freaking out this game mag i just read  gave this game a 5.75 out of ten. i stil have hopes but now im a little worried i really hope i dont get disapointed by this game i have been looking forward to it
  27. Vez
    Best kill someone got on me is one time I played as a Marine and I was chasing down a dude that was a pred. He cloaked and went around a corner and I followed him with guns blazing. Somehow as I went around the corner I missed seeing his cloaked image because he managed to sneak up behind me and trophy kill me. I was impressed. :P
  28. Necrolust
    i finally got to play avp... highlights includes the stealth kills and graphics... huuge thanks to the ones who saw my earlier post and added me on the ps network... almost a week away before i obtain the hunter boxset..*smiles wickedly*
  29. Mike
    Lmaooo. The marine's face changes expression the further it goes in!
    I love the alien stealth kill on an un-suspecting predator, the predator looks so sad when they look back at you mwahahahaha
  30. Spoon
    LOL @krazybran
    Alien get punched to death by human....Humans cant harm aliens with a punch.  It would hurt us more because of their endoskeleton.  Aliens are stupid killing machines they do not block.  Aliens don't fear anything that they would need to block anything.  Even worse aliens blocking preds gauntlets?   what will that do?  Doesnt make sense.  As I said a while ago they should have given the alien a dodge button if anything not a lame ass human style blocking which changes the whole outlook on how aliens behave.
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