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Crew Messages – New Alien: Covenant Marketing Campaign

We’re each allowed one transmission back to Earth,” says Daniels in the first of what seems to be a series of new Alien: Covenant marketing videos. First up we have Katherine Waterston as Daniels and second is Billy Crudup as Oram.

The videos are framed as being recorded messages by the crew of the Covenant intended for a recipient back on Earth. They’re also intercut with “found-footage” from the crew’s shoulder mounted GoPros that we have seen in previous footage and production stills.

A recent TV spot aired during the NBA featured some of the footage from the Daniels video and a second TV spot seemed to include footage from a Tennessee-themed crew message so there’s likely several more of these Crew Messages on the way! We’ll keep this post updated with new videos so keep checking back in for more!

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  1. DorkiDori
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks
    I had a good chuckle with the horse thing.

    yeah, i lost it... at work... on a Wednesday... with clients in my office... it was most epic!

    then made my bestie watch it via AIM (yes, were old)... he lost it... and fell out of his chair ROFLMAOing!
  2. Corporal Hicks
    I'm a little disappointed the non-main actors/resses are only getting short videos but my appetite for a found footage Alien film is increasing.

    I did enjoy Tennessee's video though. I had a good chuckle with the horse thing. I'm really looking forward to seeing him in this film.
  3. SM
    Is it a good idea to drink alcohol before going into cryosleep? IDK why I'm asking this question, but it popped into my head and I now can't get rid of it.

    They did in Alien.

    Mind you Dallas had a tinny for breakfast too.  Hair of the dog.
  4. D88M
    "szkoki Posted about 6 hours ago
    I hope these arent meant to fill the gaps in character  development in the movie itsel like the crew messages for Prometheus."

    i am afraid so
  5. cliffhanger
    i don't think it would do much, as if it would matter, it would mean the digestive system is still in operation, or other functions, and one can assume that it'll be more or less on near full-standstill, so it would only mean they wake up with a hangover despite having travelled dozens of years.

    which brings me to what tennessee mentions; their destination is on the other side of the galaxy. he mentions his baby brother (probably somewhere between 15yo and 25 y tops), then being old, fat and losing hair, and his brothers kids, so that means his brother must still be A) alive and B)have reproduced lol. also old enough to thus be definately old. so if he's youngest at about 15 years old, that means the travel cant be longer than let's say 50 years old, his brother being 65 then, and having kids, that can be about 20ish perhaps. if we go by that he's at tops 25, then that means it's max 40 years of travel.

    after all, babybrother is a cool term for his brohter, but surely not literal; if his brother is a baby now, let's say 1 years old, well,danny mcbride is 40 years old, so his parents should be 60-ish and i have a very solid hard time believing a 60year old mother gave birth recently. not impossible offcourse, but rather an exception, not the norm. so i think babybrother is rather a sentimental statement instead of factual.

    so intended journey is between 40 and 50 years i suppose. let's leave it at 45 years of travel.
  6. ReluctantNerd
    Yeah she's a bit explicitly Jewish there. I'm not expecting any subtle or meaningful exploration of loss of faith, or faith versus hard unpleasant facts in this movie. Learned my lesson with Prometheus  :laugh:
  7. cliffhanger
    i was wondering what that purple stuff is.

    Very cool. I hope they don't overuse it (if they us it at all), but the shoulder cam stuff is great.

    A part of me kind of hopes they take the shoulder cam footage and make an alternate cut of the film with just that footage as a  Blu-Ray extra.

    well, i find it hard to believe that we get shoulder cams so prominently placed and visible in the movie on the (main) characters, and then not getting used at all? hell no. There will be shoulder cam footage in the movie without a doubt.

    but i must say, the idea to see the movie solely through shoulder cam footage would be fantastic as en extra
  8. Corporal Hicks
    So since we know Tennessee made one, should we expect messages for all the crew members (aside from Walter)?

    I expect so. I'm fairly sure Franco filmed more footage from promo but we've not seen any more.

    A part of me kind of hopes they take the shoulder cam footage and make an alternate cut of the film with just that footage as a  Blu-Ray extra.

    I'd love it. I expect it'd be a bit too much though. But I'd love it (in case anyone working on home release is reading this)!
  9. lv_226,281,29.png.pagespeed.ic.IKZrKFfJy4.png,282,29.png.pagespeed.ic.kHRzZSnPWN.png,283,29.png.pagespeed.ic.uY2OVHz_Ls.png,284,29.png.pagespeed.ic.OQQJ-Zfmb1.png,285,29.png.pagespeed.ic.mdj3PpgwoO.png,287,29.png.pagespeed.ic.4BMc7lYwdw.png,288,29.png.pagespeed.ic.Yr957GOqK_.png

    What is it??,283,291.png.pagespeed.ic.qwsuSiAayU.png

    Thanks to ATI of (scified)for the image grabs. 8)

    Daniels Stills.... Courtesy 0f David007 (of Scified)

    AvPGalaxy keeping it classy with those citations  8)

    The Jockey arms look a lot longer and less humanoid than they appeared in Prometheus, no?
  10. cliffhanger
    yeah i liked this gopro-style footage. Reminded me also a bit of Cloverfield, too.

    Nice mention of the Blair Witch, i've always imagined how amazing a very tense and suspenseful blair-witch style Alien movie would be.
    Not like cloverfield. The above reminded me of it, but honestly, i hated how they executed that.

    On the run, hide and battle, underprepared, unarmed, and in the unknown on an abandoned alien space station that has an alien (not neccesarily a xenomorph) aboard, filmed from a gopro-like camera mounted to their suits which they can't take off because the suit contains a system to feed them oxygen through a mouthpiece of sorts would be amazing.
  11. Pvt. Himmel,281,29.png.pagespeed.ic.IKZrKFfJy4.png,282,29.png.pagespeed.ic.kHRzZSnPWN.png,283,29.png.pagespeed.ic.uY2OVHz_Ls.png,284,29.png.pagespeed.ic.OQQJ-Zfmb1.png,285,29.png.pagespeed.ic.mdj3PpgwoO.png,287,29.png.pagespeed.ic.4BMc7lYwdw.png,288,29.png.pagespeed.ic.Yr957GOqK_.png

    What is it??,283,291.png.pagespeed.ic.qwsuSiAayU.png

    Thanks to ATI of (scified)for the image grabs. 8)

    Daniels Stills.... Courtesy 0f David007 (of Scified)
  12. MajorB
    All of the found footage in Aliens, Alien and Prometheus is used sparingly to illustrate the perspective of the characters at the "base," ie Ash, Gorman, Janek. It's never used as found footage for its own sake.
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