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Updated: She Wont Go Quietly – New Alien: Covenant Marketing Video

20th Century Fox has released another new marketing video (via their Indonesian Twitter account) for Alien: Covenant, this one focusing on Daniels and the presence of MU-TH-UR aboard the Covenant.

“The crew of the Covenant leading into new planets accompanied MU-TH-UR, smart artificial intelligence.”

Unfortunately, the video quality isn’t great so we’ll update this post when the new video is uploaded to YouTube,

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Update 03/05/2017 – The video has now been deleted.

Update 05/05/2017 – The video has been re-uploaded to the domestic 20th Century Fox social media accounts.

“When survival is her only option, #SheWontGoQuietly. Daniels (Katherine Waterston) teams up with MUTHUR, the Covenant’s onboard AI, to take out a hostile alien threat.”

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