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  1. blood.
    tbh... I never really liked the yellow parts on the spitter, I thought it sort of detracted from the whole stealth / ambush characteristics of the alien species. Then again the spitter doesn't have a stealth or ambush attack style... it spits lol. But still, I can't help but feel that the spitter looks a little out of place in the alien scene with bright yellow. I think I'll paint the yellow parts black or dark grey when I get it.

  2. blood.
    I was hoping to get them in 7' to match the scale for the rest of my collection which I will eventually put into a big 2m wide diorama together but seeing as nobody I know will probably know about the spitter or at least what size it should be it won't look out of place being 3 inches bigger. Will just make it seem more badass :D
  3. Ash 937
    I heard from people who have had some hands-on experience with the toys at SDCC that it is a better experience to play with these toys than the actual game that inspired them. 

    I also heard that the artists that were commissioned to create these toys were paid an extra stipend after they complained about being forcibly tasked to play A:CM to "see the creatures in action" before setting their minds to making the molds.
  4. Xenomrph
    Play Arts Kai stuff can be pretty kickass - I just got the Arkham City Poison Ivy figure and it rules, and I got the Lara Croft one that came with the Tomb Raider reboot special edition. They're *big* figures, and they feel really solid.

    Having it not be 100% game model accurate doesn't bother me at all - I actually like seeing interesting stylized interpretations of preexisting ideas.
  5. cplhicks27
    I thought NECA had the rights to do the figures? I thought those ones (NECA) were pretty good, alot better than the others that came in.  And as far as those two aliens go, they do look unfinished to me.  But the lurker alien to me looks spot on.
  6. The Runner
    Lurker: Oh god, looks like someone decided to rip the head off something that was similar to Giger's Alien and stuck it on the body of one of ADIs- Space Raptors.

    Spitter: Remove the giant spit sac orbs, add mandibles, fix the tail, and guess what? We have a pretty dag gum good predalien.
  7. RagingDragon
    Oh duh, okay. :laugh: Well damn I like the gray anyway lol.

    Should've realized since the ones in the game are variants of blacks, greens, and browns. The spitter especially should have a nice set of greens.
  8. RagingDragon
    I think they look great, and far better than their in-game counterparts. The Lurkers head looks a lot like Spike's, which I like, and I absolutely love the grey color scheme though it does seem off.

    Were these already in the works back when everyone thought Gearbox would actually produce a quality product that could sell all of this merch or what? If they hadn't have screwed the game over, these could've sold well, not to mention the millions missed out on from the Wii port being cancelled.
  9. underbound
    You messed up the franchise we're gonna mess up your figures? But seriously the all share the same body except the crusher and the acid bumps on the boiler. And the lurker head is weird. I have pics to tell whats effed and basicall y these are new designs all together in a sense.
  10. Mr. Domino
    Yeah, you get lots of stuff at SDCC that isn't finished yet.

    I love SE's Play Arts Kai range - in fact, it's probably the one range of figures that I would probably say is straight-up better than NECA figures (for 3 times the price, but still). A PAK Alien would typically be a dream come true, although admittedly these are more than a little bit off. Trying to think of them as new interpretations of the Alien, rather than being based on the video game designs.
  11. C91_SJ
    The Spitter looks absolutely like the Predalien in the first post.
    Not sure what to make of these two :/

    edit: and the backpipes of the Lurker are 100% accurate to the AvP Aliens lol
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