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Aliens: Outbreak – Fan Made Motion Comic Adaptation

The team over at StarForce Media have just released Adrift, the first episode of their motion comic adaption of Aliens: Outbreak! StarForce Media specialise in creating audio dramas and appear to have done quite a few adaptations of various comics recently.

“Battle-scarred Colonial Marine David Wilks and Billie, a traumatized young woman, were the only survivors of a horrific outbreak on the colony planet Rim ten years ago. Wilks has become a drunken, bitter shell of the brave and compassionate soldier he once was, while Billie has become institutionalized, reliving the nightmare every time she closes her eyes. When a new threat emerges, the two must come to terms with their past as Wilks is called into action once again.”

Aliens: Outbreak is the re-release of the original Aliens comic. When the first series was released it followed Hicks and Newt decades after the events of Aliens and they would go on to appear in another 2 series. Following the release of Alien 3, these series were re-issued with Hicks renamed Wilks and Newt renamed Billie.

Be sure to check out the entire first episode above and let us know what you think! You can also follow StarForce Media on Facebook and Twitter.

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