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Aliens: Outbreak – Fan Made Motion Comic Adaptation

The team over at StarForce Media have just released Adrift, the first episode of their motion comic adaption of Aliens: Outbreak! StarForce Media specialise in creating audio dramas and appear to have done quite a few adaptations of various comics recently.

“Battle-scarred Colonial Marine David Wilks and Billie, a traumatized young woman, were the only survivors of a horrific outbreak on the colony planet Rim ten years ago. Wilks has become a drunken, bitter shell of the brave and compassionate soldier he once was, while Billie has become institutionalized, reliving the nightmare every time she closes her eyes. When a new threat emerges, the two must come to terms with their past as Wilks is called into action once again.”

Aliens: Outbreak is the re-release of the original Aliens comic. When the first series was released it followed Hicks and Newt decades after the events of Aliens and they would go on to appear in another 2 series. Following the release of Alien 3, these series were re-issued with Hicks renamed Wilks and Newt renamed Billie.

Be sure to check out the entire first episode above and let us know what you think! You can also follow StarForce Media on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. SM
    It wasn't the exaggerated size so much as Ripley - who picked up a pulse rifle for the first time effectively the day before and by her own admission is not a soldier - knows detailed specs about the gun.  It's a complete misreading of the character.
  2. Perfect-Organism
    I don't mind the telepathic connection angle.  It was part of my personal canon for many years.  It was the queen communicating with her children across the universe that lost me.  In addition to being egregiously science bending, what would be the purpose of that?  To defend against Ripley?  You can see how it all gets hokey.

    The big blaster in Ripley's hands was to me just an example of the exaggerated drawing style of Sam Kieth.  My head filter was ok with that, as I already suspended a lot of disbelief to accommodate his art style which I never felt was appropriate for the series...
  3. SM
    I didn't mind the Queen Mother calling to her children thing.  They'd established the telepathic angle early on in the first series.

    The problems were mainly with Ripley.  She descended almost in Hell to rescue Newt - then let her rot in a mental hospital for 10 years (mind you so did Hicks, which is never addressed).  And she spouts off idiotic dialogue, like citing the specs of a gun that's over five feet long that she's never seen before to try and impress Tully.  And the amount of times they're completely surrounded by thousands of Aliens, and not only live - but not one drop of acid gets anywhere near them.

    I wrote a 6 page diatribe about it a few years back that will end up as a blog or podcast or Youtube vid at some point (when I've outlived my usefulness at Fox, I suspect).

  4. Perfect-Organism

    I used to think that if the art was more in tune with the vibe of the Aliens franchise that Earth War would have been better, but the idea of the Alien Queen Mother calling her children back from across the universe is absurd.  There are great elements in the Verheiden trilogy that could and should be mined, while some elements should be disregarded.
  5. Perfect-Organism
    This turned out really well.  My opinion on the Billie Wilks retcon is known so I won't go there, but seeing Hicks and Newt shine through in this story is great to see.  I was really looking forward to a full color version of the series, but I found the "Outbreak" collection was a significant let-down.  The colors were inconsistent and uncontrolled.  If you look at James Cameron's film, the color pallete was completely balanced in every scene and consistent.  The same can be said for the sequel to this series by Den Beauvais.  That being said, the color translation to this motion comic worked fairly well.  I think the black framing added to the effect, and also seeing each frame as an isolated shot helped too.  Otherwise, the colored version of the comic was a mish-mash.

    Ultimately, this did not diminish my experience of the series as I feared it would.  It turned out fairly well like the vision I had in my mind when I read it.  Well done!

    And yes, Mark Verheiden would make an excellent Aliens film given the opportunity..
  6. D88M
    Verheiden is a good writer, he really gets the Alien and Predator universe, they should hire him to do an AVP movie, and that comic in black and white is great
  7. Corporal Hicks
    Yeah, I really enjoyed this. I'm looking forward to seeing more episodes. I've been really enjoying the recent forays into audio (the Audibles dramas) and now this and Perfect Organism's upcoming episode. I'm a happy fan.
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