Why Aliens Has become a Standout Online Slot Game

Posted by Angry Alien on May 30, 2019 (Updated: 14-Jun-2019)

The Alien franchise has been a gigantic cinematic success through the years, accumulating over $1.5 billion worldwide from its first movie, to the most recent instalment, Alien: Covenant. Nowadays, the Xenomorph is an iconic creature that comes to mind whenever the word ‘alien’ is mentioned.

Starting with the smash hit and now horror-sci-fi classic from 1979, even the reboot trilogy has been able to amass strong numbers worldwide, with Prometheus being among the highest grossing of the franchise, even when adjusting for inflation. As you’ll find we covered in this article, Ridley Scott isn’t sure if the franchise has run its course, but we know that the fan base still can’t get enough of the superb series.

Alien has invaded pop culture and stretched across its landscape, but one area where the franchise has been a bit lacking is on the gaming front. There’s a rather good tabletop role-playing game, which you can read about here, but video games have been a bit lacking. While the most recent game, Alien Isolation, from 2014, was well received by fans and critics, it disappointed in sales.

But one officially licensed Alien game which has risen to the top of its platform to become a standout title is NetEnt’s slot game Aliens. The late 2014 online slot managed to wade through the thousands of games on the internet to become a fan-favourite; to see how impressive it is to become a standout online slot game, you can find more on this page. Standing alongside the likes of Batman & The Joker Jewels, Starburst, Game of Thrones, and Jimi Hendrix, this is how Aliens became a standout slot game.

Boasting a big brand helps at first

As calculated on this page, the eight films of Alien comprise the highest-grossing horror franchise in the history of cinema. It’s a truly incredible achievement considering the competition of The Conjuring, Saw, Jaws, Paranormal Activity, and the 12 films of Friday the 13th, standing as a testament to the dedication of the fan base to Scott’s created universe. This is one of the reasons why the Aliens slot game managed to become so popular.

At first, as all new slot games do, Aliens appeared in the ‘New Games’ section of all of the NetEnt online casinos. Most of the games that enter this section are washed away into obscurity after the intrigue of them being new games wears off, and players turn to classic titles. But thanks to Aliens’ set-in fan base of the franchise, the game moved straight from ‘New Games’ into the ‘Top,’ ‘Trending,’ or ‘Popular Games’ section, attracting even more slot gamers who aren’t necessarily fans of the movies. Standing atop the slot charts for so long certainly helped to build Aliens’ legacy as a standout slot game.

Immersed in the theme and brand

Many see the original, 1979 classic Alien as the best film in the franchise. Scott’s creation was inspired, as detailed in this article, not only creating one of the most memorable cinematic female roles at a time of high-testosterone, male-led action movies but also combining the genres of science fiction and horror to perfection. That said, there’s no doubt that its sequel seven years later by James Cameron was also a cinematic masterpiece. Turning toward more of a science fiction action movie, Cameron continued from the original but developed it with a new and thrilling story of its own.

Cameron’s movie complimented and developed from Scott’s original superbly, with the invoked action making for the basis of exciting gameplay. NetEnt didn’t have to go down the route of pulling in the action of the movie as many branded slots merely feature the images of the brand in question. Instead, the slot designers created levels, during which you’ll shoot down Xenomorphs and even destroy the Queen Hive. Immersing players in the universe and action of the Aliens movie makes the slot game unique, making it stand out for gamers.

It’s also a technically strong slot game

When it comes down to it, a slot game could boast the brand of the most popular movie to ever exist, but if it doesn’t have sound gameplay fundamentals, it will ultimately slide. Aliens has a good RTP of 96.4 per cent as well as moderate variance. Many slot gamers seek either high variance for a greater chance of bigger wins less often, but moderate variance partly achieves this while also appealing to those who like to see their balance topped up more regularly.

On the classic five-by-three layout with 15 paylines, Aliens is loaded with special features, including wild substitutions, collectable multipliers, re-spins, and, as mentioned before, the tiered levels. At Level 1, you search for alien activity. In Level 2, you encounter the creatures for guaranteed wins. Then, at Level 3, you can take down the Queen Hive by throwing in your grenade to land huge wins.

Aliens remains a standout game in the world of online slots because of its exciting gameplay, likeness to the movie, and strong slot fundamentals.

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