Shadowlands 9.1 Chains of Domination – What to Expect from WoW’s Upcoming Major Content Update

Posted by Angry Alien on July 3, 2021 (Updated: 19-Jul-2021)

Earlier this year, during BlizzConline 2021, we were treated to the announcement of World of Warcraft Shadowlands’ first major content update. Titled Chains of Domination, it promises to continue the positive, content-rich momentum established so far by the game’s latest expansion. While we don’t have a firm release date yet, there’s a lot we do know to keep us salivating.

Shadowlands Season 2 – Domination

With the release of Shadowlands 9.1, a new season will kick off in WoW. Season 2 of Shadowlands will be called Domination and, while details are still scarce, it’ll bring a few new goodies to the table. For starters, we’ll be getting Domination, a new Mythic+ affix. Dataminers have uncovered that this new affix will tie in with Anima Powers and will involve killing off the Jailer’s forces to acquire. Some examples include Blade of the Lifetaker which adds a buff aura that has a high chance of returning 10% of your max health with every attack, and Disembodied Mystic Hands which has a chance of stealing a Magic or Enrage buff from your target.

Furthermore, we’ll be receiving more rewards for both PvP and PvE but we don’t know what item level they’ll be. Blizzard has seemingly stated that Honor talents will be seeing a refresh, probably with the intention to improve underused ones.

New Raid – Sanctum of Domination

The next major challenge awaiting the heroes of Azeroth will involve some critical encounters that may forever change the Shadowlands. The Sanctum of Domination, located in Torghast, will be a raid with 10 bosses. We’ll be able to access it from the north east of the Maw via a portal. This new raid promises to unveil some of the Jailer’s biggest secrets as we battle against his strongest lieutenants, including Sylvanas and Kel’Thuzad. We’ll also finally take the fight to The Tarragrue and look the Eye of the Jailer…in the eye.

Megadungeon – Tazavesh, The Veiled Market

A brand-new Megadungeon will also be dropping when Chains of Domination releases later this year. This 8 boss 5-man dungeon will have a Broker Trading theme and will involve us committing some sort of heist. According to dataminers, we’ll be taking on previously unseen Brokers leading up to the heist in the second half of the instance. There’ll be some chasing through portals across different locales as well as a dragon pirate boss who’s somehow affiliated with the Infinite Dragonflight.

New Zone and Updates to Existing Ones

Shadowlands 9.1 will be adding a new zone called Korthia, the City of Secrets. This outdoor zone used to be the homeland of old protectors of the Shadowlands and will include the bulk of the story content introduced with Chains of Domination. What we know so far, is that these storylines will be heavily tied to our Renown level with our Covenants. At the same time, we’ll learn more about the Jailer and the elusive Dreadlords through new daily and regular quests. Korthia will also be home to a new world boss called Mor’geth.

The Maw will see a few changes, including the ability to use all mounts – but no ability to fly – higher presence of the Covenants, and new questlines tied to the update’s raid. Torghast will also see a few updates, including a new Scoring and Perks system, a decrease in total floors per run to 5, a new bonus floor called Adamant Vaults, and the removal of Tarragrue who’ll be a boss in the new raid.

Covenant Updates & Flying in Shadowlands

As can be expected, Covenants will be expanding their campaigns by turning their attention to the new outdoor zone. We’ll be able to unlock an additional 40 levels of Renown, as well as the ability to fly in all outdoor locations of the Shadowlands with the exclusion of The Maw and Oribos. On top of all this, new Conduits and Soulbind powers will be added to the game as well as new Covenant Legendaries.

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