Predator Blu-Ray Comparison

As a lot of us know, Predator’s picture quality has been plagued with lots of grain and dust since it was released on VHS and DVD. This was due to how the film was originally shot in the late 80s and the type of stock that was used. The grain doesn’t appear all the time, it’s more noticeable in the opening scenes and in the darker jungle scenes. The first Blu-Ray release was a big step up from the DVD but the grain and cloudiness still remained. Just in time for the release of Predators, 20th Century Fox is releasing a new Blu-Ray set called Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition which comes with a new digital restoration of the film. This article is a picture quality comparison between the two Blu-Ray releases. The first image is the old version, the second screenshot is the new version. You really need to check out the full 1080p screenshots to see the difference.

The opening shots of the movie with the helicopter bringing Dutch in. It’s fairly noticeable that all the grain in the sky has been completely removed.

There’s been a lot of talk on forums about this shot. Arnie’s face looks very waxy in the new version. It could just be because of the lighting or something. It’s an isolated shot, however. You can see from the other shots, he doesn’t look like that through the entire movie.

The shot is of Poncho and as you can see all the grain has been removed.

A lot of the dust in the background has been removed.

This is a great comparison shot. In the original version, the whole shot is covered in grain. In the new version, it’s clean.

There’s a lot of grain on Anna’s face and Arnie’s in the background in the original version.

The movie seems to have been brightened up too. In this scene with the Predator emerging from the water, the new version is much brighter than the old version.

The new version is again brighter and clearer.

The Predator is a little clearer in this shot.

The colours in this shot are considerably more vibrant in the new version.

Make no mistake, Predator has never looked so good. All the grain and dust has been completely removed from the entire movie. The picture quality is crisp and clear throughout. No doubt there will be some people criticizing the new transfer for the sake of it but Predator will never look as good as this. I definitely recommend buying this version if you have the older DVD or first Blu-Ray release. Predator Ultimate Hunter Edition goes on sale June 29th in the US and July 5th in the UK.

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  • The grain removal obviously removed fine detail and they felt the need to sharpen the transfer up, in the pictures you provide i can see edge enhancement, on a large screen this would stand out a mile.

    I'll take ( i did ) the original version over the de-grained, edge enhanced mess that is the ultimate hunter edition.

  • To my horror I saw the de-grained version for the first time last night, not at home but at the cinema (28 Sep 2015). A film of this kind is grainy, period. Predator is supposed to be a gritty, dirty experience. It is NOT supposed to look like the actors are smeared in foundation; this is the version of predator you might have if you wanted to appeal to teenage girls.

    From the outset, the removal of grain inherrant in that smokey 'sergents hut', makes Carl Weathers look just plain weird. Thankfully once they entered the jungle it didn't look as bad as that opening scene, but yes, it's way worse without the grain.

  • Hate me for this, but i prefer it without the gain, especially watching the movie on a 4k 55" tv. it looks so clean and perfect :p