It can be recalled that the Predator made his debut in the iconic 1987 movie. Since then, he has been featured in a significant number of video games.

He has proven to be a good character to play over the years with his design, shoulder-mounted plasma caster, superb wrist-blades, alongside other piercing weapons. These aforementioned traits also make him one of the most terrible characters to play against.

We’ll be looking back at some of the interesting Predator video games that have been launched over the years and here are some of them.

Alien versus Predator (1999)

This game was launched five years after the first attempt at an AVP game and this was a PC title. In the game, you can opt to play as a Predator, an Alien, or a Marine. This also came with the fact that the characters saw some modifications since the previous version.

Choosing to play as a Predator will see you blasting enemies with your plasma caster, hurling throwing discs, and slashing some foes with your wrist blades. As expected, the Predator must be able to be invisible occasionally and it is possible in this version.

The game was scary and its sequel was available some years later with tweaked graphics and superior gameplay. The game still appears impressive in these recent times.

Aliens versus Predator: Extinction

This was released in 2003 and adopted a different approach in comparison to the AVP games that preceded it.

It is an RTS that came with three different campaigns that were based on Predators, Xenomorphs, and Marines. Meanwhile, you can also opt for more fun by subscribing to casino games such as Casimba online casino games and derive more excitement. Their gaming list is top-notch and you’d definitely find one to get you hooked.

The game allows the player to lead clans of Predators and accomplish missions with the brutish ability to pull skulls from bodies in the process. The dark atmosphere of the universe is also a catch. You can assume control of different Predator types, and also see groups of Predators fight with Xenomorphs.

Aliens vs. Predator (2010)

This game was a hit and also allows you to play as a Predator, a Marine, and a Xenomorph. The Predator missions are filled with gore whilst coming with the feel of being very agile and powerful.

You’d get to sneak up on Marines and hurt them, hurt Xenomorphs, and also enjoy some creepiness whilst at it. The game is well designed and easily passes for terrific.

AVP: Evolution

AVP: Evolution is a mobile game that can see you assume the role of a Predator or Alien. It’s also combat-based and has the Predator showing off all his traits albeit a little limited due to the mobile feel.

Regardless, the game’s visuals are top-notch as you’d still be able to tear off the heads of Xenomorphs from their necks if you wish. These are some interesting Alien vs Predator games you can look back on, and also get your hands on if you want to go back in time.

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