Best Space themed slots

Posted by Angry Alien on February 23, 2022

 Best Space themed slots

Space has captivated us since the very beginning of mankind. We became obsessed with the vast black coat that holds the stars above our heads. There are all kind of stories in all media forms such as movies, music and even video games. With a new Alien TV show in the works we thought you may want to scratch that itch for some outer space action.

There are space videogames that represent exploration in a very unique way such as Space Engineer or No man’s sky where you can travel across planets and universes created just for you. These kinds of experiences create a level of immersion never seen before.

In this article we will review some of the best space themed slots available to play. Some may be scary, others may be intriguing, but something is for sure: they all give away fantastic prizes.


With its tiny, colourful aliens, Reactoonz slot takes us to new places in space and is played across a 7×7 grid. This cascade style slot pays out, unlike paylines, when the player lands on a group of 5 or more of the same symbols in any position. It has various bonuses and special features that can lead to many wins during a single spin.

Star burst

Starburst is one of the best known and most popular space themed products. It is a 5-reel, 10-payline slot with incredible graphics and a catchy tune that will keep you hooked for hours. We can discover spectacular gems in the form of diamonds, pentagons, hexagons and more.

This slot has become a very popular title on online gaming platforms. The popularity of this game has made many online casinos give away free spins for it. This slot machine is very generous, as you can win up to 50,000 coins, with this slot.

Space Wars

It is a completely new game. It’s about different Martian races fighting each other, to take over the universe. It is a 40 payline slot, with the potential to pay out up to 400,000 coins. The pattern of the reels is 5×4. This involves one more row than most slot machines, allowing for a greater number of possible combinations.

This slot has space as its backdrop. And, in addition, it has a huge variety of creatures with different shapes. Some of them have pointed tentacles, antennae or teeth, as well as more than two eyes.

Starz megaways

Starz Megaways is an online slot, with a vibrant space theme that gives players up to 117649 ways to win on every spin of the reels. That’s a huge number. This game features expanding wilds and free spins with sticky wilds, offering considerable potential wins.

It has amazing graphics that are set in outer space, you can come across gem symbols and various types of celestial bodies. There is a catchy electronic music soundtrack, which will have you dancing as you spin the reels.

Space Traders

Imagine that you are in a futuristic science fiction movie. In this game, you will come across great business possibilities, robots, cars, and even space debris. This is the adventure of Bea, a queen who always has the support of Handy Max and, of course, the robot Sam.

The reels are part of a matrix that together represent a space station. It is good that you are prepared and have a watchful eye, as this slot has nine reels and can multiply the bonus up to 20 times, thanks to its special icons.

When Queen Bea and Handy Max show the special pieces, the player must select three of them to reveal their value, and has the option to accept or reject said offer. You better pick right!

Little Green Money

With government conspiracies and aliens, this game is perfect for movie fans! This set features symbols of landing marks for crops, cattle, peasants, aliens, secret papers, and even MIBs (Men in Black).

In some spins, the flying saucer can help cover one of the reels completely during the feature game. Also, there is a chance to win five free spins!


This slot is ideal for fans of 70’s sci-fi. If you are in 2001: A space odyssey this game will be right at your alley. The game plunges players into a fantastic adventure of star travel, with cat-based symbols, incredible weapons, milkshakes and tentacled monsters.

Aside from the fascinating theme, this game has a number of nice bonuses to pay attention to. When three of the special icons appear, there is a chance to win 20 free spins, and what’s more, prizes are doubled! These special symbols do not have to be aligned in order to pay out. In total, the game has 25 pay lines.

Aliens Video Slot

Alien Video Slot is one of the most impressive online slots to date. The game features a 3 x 5 grid with the most iconic Alien franchise symbols. Even the Eggs are present. The game features incredible movie like animations and in the background of the play area, there are images as you would see in a first person shooting game (FPS) that keeps advancing and telling the story as you play.

Fortunately, this is one of the slot games that offer free spins and huge chances to win. You can play from your phone, tablet or even your personal computer. As long as you have access to an internet connection you can jump on the ship and fight with your team against the Alien.


For some reason, we always look up at the stars and space is a fantastic theme for any kind of media. Being such a mystery place opens up to a million possibilities of plots and adventures. The space era was portrayed in movies by Kubrick and pushed by David Bowie into the music industry blending those two worlds together.

Now, thanks to all ways of media imaginable we can live different experiences across different devices. Many from the comfort of our homes.