Best Online Slots for AVP Fans 2020

Aliens-themed slots machines are on the rise these days. Is it an indication more people are starting to believe in the existence of extraterrestrials? Maybe it’s the case. Or perhaps it’s the simple fact that people find them more exciting.

All the same, there are some pretty impressive online slots based on aliens. They are straightforward to play and give you a fair chance of winning.

Aliens (NetEnt)

Based on the 1986 film Alien, your objective in this slot game is to shoot up aliens without running out of ammo. It has three levels, and you must get to level three for the best rewards. In this level, you win free spins or up to 570,000 coins if you hit the jackpot.

Being a slot machine, you don’t need skills to win. It’s a luck-based game, so all you have to do is to hope for the best. To maximize your potential payouts, you can adjust your bet per pay line. There are fifteen of them in total.

Completing the last level is a challenge for most people. However, it’s a beautifully designed game that looks futuristic. In fact, it’s a popular choice for people video gamers trying out their best online slots.


Designed by Betsoft, Arrival is a 3D slot machine based on an alien planet with an evil and a good side. It stars two space marines who steer giant spaceship as they dodge asteroids and the evil little green men.

For clarity, Betsoft’s 3D graphics take casino gaming to a whole new level. Everything looks surreal. And when you play, images seem to leap out of the screen for a more immersive gaming experience.

That said, Arrival features five reels and 30 paylines. Its user interface resembles the giant screens used for communication in space. What’s more, there’s an animated alien meant to help you control the screen.

The objective of Arrival is to activate several symbols that award you free spins or multiply your bet. There’s a Marine Corps badge. Then there’s a laser gun, an autoboot, an alien and a scape ship. Hit the jackpot symbols, and you could walk away with up to $5000.

 Best Online Slots for AVP Fans 2020


What on Earth (Microgaming)

What on Earth is that? That is genuinely the first question anyone would ask if they spotted extraterrestrials. That said, Microgaming has a visually impressive online slot that’s not about killing aliens.

Quite the contrary, What on Earth lets you side with space Martians. What’s more, you visit Earth together in an attempt to kidnap as many humans as possible. Kidnap a special earthling located in New York, London, or Cairo, and you will be in for some incredible rewards.

In case you are wondering, you can play What on Earth on all Microgaming casinos. Expert site can help you identify the best online slots. Importantly, it has top recommendations for games from all leading software providers.

The X-Files (Playtech)

London-based software maker Playtech has an avid passion for branded slots. Luckily for AVP fans, one of the best games in this category is based on the iconic TV series: The X-Files. In case you missed it, the show features a couple of FBA officials who investigate alien-related events.

The slot game features the original FBI agents. It has a 3X5 format, twenty paylines, and a limit of $500 per spin. The slot’s goal is to identify symbols from the TV show as well as regular poker letters (J, Q, K, and A).

Poker symbols payout a maximum of 20X your bet. The FBI agents, Scullys and Mulders pay 10x if you spot them on three reels. If they appear on five reels, you earn 200x your stake.

Mayan Gods (Red Tiger Gaming)

Imagine what would happen if gods from the Mayan people came back to Earth. In Red Tiger’s slot, you have a chance to befriend the gods. And when you help them find symbols like pyramids and gold discs, they award you free spins and monetary wins.

The game has a unique feature Red Tiger probably borrowed from NetEnt. It has cascading blocks akin to NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest. When you trigger symbols, they vanish before replacing more icons. This goes on continuously for a while, helping you magnify your profits immensely.

Stars Awakening (Playtech)

Playtech seldom disappoints when it comes to graphics quality game uniqueness. With Stars Awakening, Playtech uses 3D graphics to deliver a visually impressive alien-themed online slot. It’s a regular video slot with five reels and twenty paylines.

But there’s nothing regular about the symbols featured in this game. First off, it’s full of green, red, blue, and purple aliens. Then there are two stars that resemble the sun and Planet Earth. The latter is the game’s wild and converts all other symbols to help you win.

Most of the colored aliens are winning symbols that award you free spins or multiple your stake. The green alien, for instance, pays out 120 coins. On the flip side, the purple symbols payout free spins

Space Race (Play’n GO)

Set in a multicolored galaxy with shooting stars, Space Race takes you to what’s probably the best-looking alien planet. There are shooting stars everywhere. You can also ride battleships but beware of oncoming meteors.

If a meteor hits your ship, it’s game over. However, if you dodge it, you move on to the next level. Again, there will be more obstacles to overcome. But if you avoid them, you’ll keep rising through the levels and increase your potential rewards.

Cowboys vs. Aliens

This slot is based on the Cowboys versus Aliens movie by Jon Favreau. It’s beautifully designed with cartoonish symbols and incredible soundtracks. You can play it on auto mode or take on the aliens one scene after the other.

Being a branded slot, expect lots of symbols from the movie. For example, a gun is one of the best paying symbols. Then there are three characters from the film: Zeke, Verity, and the Indian Warrior. The game pays out up to 10,000 coins, but that’s if you match five spaceship symbols.

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