AVP for a slot game?

Posted by Angry Alien on August 20, 2018 (Updated: 20-Aug-2018)

We’re always seeing AVP being inserted into new games and films, but will we ever see it as a slot game? Players might be screaming out for this kind of game, but we’re unsure whether or not this will ever come to full fruition.

 AVP for a slot game?

Licencing Frustrations

As developers, we’re always trying to find new ways to entice players to spin on these games, but the logistics can be more complex than they first appear. With a massive movie franchise like AVP, there are significant challenges to think about.

First up, the licencing of the product could be a major issue. While other branded products do exist in the world of slots, AVP could be one of the more expensive movies to licence. As it’s a successful, modern movie the cost of licencing could be higher than many development studios wish to pay. They’re not guaranteed a return on investment from this cost, so it’s a risk for the studio to take.

Other Options

We can see where developers have opted for cheaper titles across the plethora of slot games we see online. While superhero slots are popular, there are sometimes cheaper options that developers can opt for. For example, the XO Manowar slot is obviously a lesser known superhero that would save the developers money on licencing.

This can also be seen in the creation of original characters, which can spoof some of the more popular characters. With this kind of idea, slot game developers seek to save cash with similar characters that are different enough to avoid legal action. The Jack Hammer slot is one example of this, as it features a cast of original characters that are quite similar to other superheroes.

For this reason, we may be more likely to see an idea similar to AVP rather than the real thing. This might not really appeal to fans though, as it’s not exactly the real deal. We love this franchise for the original characters and their design, so a knock off version won’t cut it for us.

Player Favourites

As much as we love AVP, there’s no guarantee that this would even become a player favourite. We spoke with the Lucky Admiral slots product manager, who revealed that the slots that work best with players aren’t always the ones that we think would.

Take Starburst for example, which is an original slot game. This is one of the simplest games out there, with just a single bonus feature. While you might think that this would bore players, it’s frequently touted as the most popular game across some of the biggest sites. This just shows how the public can be fickle, making the gamble on a branded game even riskier for developers.

We hope that this article has given you a sneak peek behind the scenes of the world of branded games. While you might be accustomed to giving these a few spins, now you may understand a bit more why there’s no AVP slot out there, as of yet…

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