Alien Related Betting Games

Posted by Angry Alien on August 29, 2019 (Updated: 09-Sep-2019)

While gambling your life away to fight off aliens who bleed acid sounds dangerous, playing an online alien betting game can give you the same thrills. Websites like Sbobet have revolutionized the game and have ushered in a new era of gambling.

While the flashy lights and free drinks you can get at the casinos are a great part of gambling, there is no need to even leave your home. Online slot machines are a great way to kill time while you are relaxing or at home sick. With licensed, regulated online slots you can now gamble at home or anywhere in the world.

While there are few related slot machines in the casinos, there are hundreds of online games you can play. Ranging from Alien vs. Predator Slot machines to online bets of alien existence, there has never been a better time to get rich off extra-terrestrials.

 Alien Related Betting Games

Alien Slot Machine

The original Alien slot machine made its debut in Vegas but has made its way to the internet and online gambling. The gameplay follows the first movies and you play as Sgt. Ripley. As you make your way through the ship, betting on 5 reels, you dig deeper and deeper into the franchise.

With the chance to win up to 570,000 coins, the payout for this machine is incredible. Pair that with the two bonus games and you have the ability to not only save the ship but save enough to buy your own ship. If you collect eggs in the main reels, you can harvest them for cold hard cash pretty quickly.

Alien Hunter Slot Machine

Developed by Playtech, Alien hunter is one of the newer alien-based slot machines. With a 25-pay line bet, players can quickly turn a few dollars into a 10,000 coin jackpot. The gameplay is simple to pick up and will keep you wanting to continue your fight to get the bonus round and work to collect eggs.

By placing your wager and choosing your bet lines, you are able to spin the wheel. It is important to look out for reels one and five. If an alien egg appears in either one of the lines you selected in these reels, you have a chance to harvest eggs for extra cash.

Betting on Alien Life

 While you can bet on anything from sports to the national anthem of the Super Bowl, the most interesting alien bet is that on alien existence. Online sports betters are taking odds on the chances of discovering alien life forms.

Betting companies will take bets on where the first alien contact will be made. By placing a bet on your hometown, you can rest assured that if your house is destroyed in the invasion, that you will have money to cover the needed repairs. While some say these bets are out of this world, it’s safe to say that someone will be making a pretty penny when E.T. finally comes back.

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