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Posted by Corporal Hicks on July 24, 2017 (Updated: 24-Aug-2022)

Alien: Escape opened to the public in the London branch of Madam Tussauds on the 15th of July 2017 after a smaller press demonstration evening on the 12th. The exhibit was located towards the start of Madam Tussauds after the Party area.

Upon entering Alien: Escape, you are greeted by a wax replica of Michael Fassbender as Walter stood beside an Alien: Covenant-style cryotube. Guests are given a photo opportunity to pose with Walter and with the cryo-tube before being ushered through the exhibit.

 Alien: Escape - Madam Tussauds Exhibit


The Captain of the UCCS Covenant crew member appears to get the visitors, asking if you are the engineers that he has been waiting for, and then moves the guests into the briefing area.  He explains that there are some issues with the ship and that you are here to fix them. Before that, you must be given your security access.

There are “glass” partitions in front of computer screens which the guest are required to look into so that their retina’s are scanned to approve the guests for access. In reality, your picture is being taken for a purchasable souvenir.

After your access is approved, an Alien appears on the display screen. Panicked, the Captain tries to contact any of the other crewmembers but he is unable to reach anyone. Even more worried now, he tells you to head to the medbay.

You move through several Covenant-styled corridors into the medbay where you find a waxwork of a member of the crew  of the Covenant will his back ruptured. Though based on the situation Private Ledward finds himself in in Alien: Covenant, the waxwork is not based on Benjamin Rigby’s likeness.

 Alien: Escape - Madam Tussauds Exhibit

There’s a locked door where another crewmember appears, panicked and bloody but they promptly disappear. After a moment, another actor portraying an infected member of the crew appears and moves you on into the next corridor which is lined with locked doors.

Behind one of these locked doors is his brother. The actor begs you to help him get the door open but it’s impossible. A baby Neomorph is visible above the door during the this event. The Neomorph attacks the crewmember on the other side of the door and the infected crewmember moves you from this section, as he begins to convulse, signifying the birth of another Neomorph.

 Alien: Escape - Madam Tussauds Exhibit

The next section of the Alien: Escape exhibit is modeled after the Necropolis on the surface of Paradise. You enter a small cavern with several replica Alien eggs and a waxwork of a facehugged member of the Covenant crew.

The next room features another actor portraying a member of the Covenant expedition who looks in amazement at the strange artwork decorating the wall (Dane Hallett and Matt Hatton’s illustrations), before being attacked by an animatronic Alien above the entrance.

You are quickly ushered into one final room, where a bloodied member of the Covenant crew jumps out at the guests, drawing your attention to a massive Alien waxwork in a dark alcove, before exiting the exhibit. After this you are then able to purchase one of the souvenir photos of yourself at the beginning.

 Alien: Escape - Madam Tussauds Exhibit

Alien: Escape is very much an Alien: Covenant styled event with actors wearing Covenant costumes, waxworks based on characters and situations from the film, the sets and even the design of the Alien and the Neomorphs.

Alien: Escape was achieved using several actors in costume, monitors in the place of windows with pre-recorded movies of actors and strobe lighting and sound effects to draw your attention to certain displays. Two Aliens appear in Alien: Escape, one seemingly half-puppet that hung over a door with a moving head and a massive static waxwork right at the end.

Teaser Trailer

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You can find out about opening times and prices on the official Alien: Escape website (Offline now but can be found on Web Archive).

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