• <h2>Editing the Hunt, Interview with Alien/Predator Anthology Editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt – AvP Galaxy Podcast #174</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>We have just uploaded the 174th episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast (right-click and save as to download). Regular co-hosts Corporal Hicks and RidgeTop are joined […]</span>
  • <h2>New Predator Series From Marvel On The Way February 2024!</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>With the release of Marvel’s solicitations for February 2024, we now know that a new 4 issue series from Marvel and returning writer Ed Brisson is due […]</span>
  • <h2>James Cameron’s Aliens Announced for 4K Blu-Ray!</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>After having been rumoured for many years, James Cameron’s Aliens is finally coming to 4K Blu-Ray! Lightstorm Entertainment have announced that Aliens Ultimate Collector’s Edition will be […]</span>

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Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien 5’ had Elysium Production Designer Lined up for Pre-Production

It seems as though 'Alien 5' was quite close to entering pre-production back in the fall of 2015 before ultimately being shelved for the studio to focus on Alien Covenant. Coming to us from entertainment news website Omega Underground, production designer Philip Ivey, who had previously collaborated with Neill Blomkamp on both District 9 and Elysium was attached to ... [Read More]

Neill Blomkamp Shares New Alien 5 Concept Art

Director Neill Blomkamp, who was set to direct the alternate-sequel "Alien 5," before it was indefinitely shelved, has shared some additional artwork via his Instagram. The pictures show a dropship docked in a hangar, as well as a Xenomorph emerging from the darkness in a ventilation shaft.   Blomkamp also showed some conceptual character designs on Twitter, while reiterating ... [Read More]

Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff talk The Predator and Blomkamp’s Alien 5

Alien vs. Predator Galaxy's very own RidgeTop and SizzyBubbles recently had the chance to visit studioADI where they had a tour of the studio (and caught a quick glimpse of a new Predator) as well as interview studio co-founders Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr. During the interview, Alien vs. Predator Galaxy was able to ask the creature ... [Read More]

Updated: Fox ‘Reassessing’ Future of Alien Series After Alien Covenant

It appears any more films in the Alien franchise could be in jeopardy once again. Sources have confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that Fox is currently 'reassessing' the two intended Alien prequels that Ridley Scott had planned to do after Alien Covenant. Upon its release, Alien Covenant was met with a mixed critical and fan reaction and the ... [Read More]

Neill Blomkamp: “I think [Alien 5] is totally dead”

Alien 5 is totally dead according to filmmaker Neill Blomkamp. We last heard from Ridley Scott himself a couple of months ago that Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 project was Melting Man Garden Xenomorph Concept Newt Concept Art (Carrie Henn) Xenomorph Concept Xenomorph Concept Xenomorph Concept Xenomorph Concept Ripley – Alien Suit I know fans had their reservations about 'resurrecting' Ripley and Hicks but I think it would have been ... [Read More]

Ridley Scott Admits He Was “Wrong” About Prometheus & Talks About Future Alien Films

With Alien: Covenant due out any soon, more information from the press rounds is pouring out. Yahoo Movies also asked Scott about the future of the Alien series. He re-affirmed that Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 had ceased movement, shot down hopes of any revitalised interest in a new Alien vs. Predator film and took a  couple of more months off his ... [Read More]

The “Slim” Chances of Blomkamp’s Alien 5 – AvPGalaxy Podcast #46

We have just uploaded the 46th episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast (right-click and save as to download). Our latest episode of the podcast sees us discussing the latest news about Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5, that we may not even be getting the film at all. In January Neill Blomkamp commented that the chances of seeing his Alien ... [Read More]
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