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The Predators are seen to have advanced holographic images appearing from their wrist equipment.

Alien vs Predator (2004)

The Celtic Predator uses this feature in AvP when the humans take the shoulder cannons. The holographic contains real-time 3D mapping.

AvP Holographics Holographics

Predators (2010)

In Predators, towards the end of the film, the Classic Predator uses his wrist computer and shows Royce a holograph of a planetary system.

Predators Holographics Holographics

The Predator (2018)

The device that slots into the Fugitive’s wrist gauntlet is able to do many things including the projection of holographics and you can interact with them. We see in the film that Rory uses it to control the Upgrade’s spaceship.


Rory uses the device to control the ship.

The Upgrade Predator is also able to use holographics from his wrist gauntlet. After he takes out the Fugitive, he sends a transmission to his clan to let them know what he’s done.


Upgrade sends a transmission.

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