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Audio Analyser

Audio Analyser Predator EquipmentIt is seen throughout the movie that the Predator can record voices or sounds it hears and can play them back at any given time. It should be noted that at the end of the movie, when the Predator activates its self-destruct device, it starts laughing or recalls Billy’s laugh without the aid of its mask. This suggests that either this was an error by the filmmakers or the Predator can learn how to make the sounds/voices by himself. In Predator 2, the Predator can play these voices back without the need of its mask. This was evident in the meat locker when Harrigan removed its mask. Harrigan stares at the Predator and says “You’re one ugly mother…” and the Predator regains consciousness and says “…motherf**ker”.

Like the regular Predators from Predator and Predator 2, the Berserker Predators could also record and play back voices. These are also displayed on the vision mode when it is being recorded. The Berserker Predators use the play-back voices to great effect, for example leaving a dead Cuchillo in the middle of a field surrounded with hidden traps, and almost fooling the humans into believing that he was injured and needed help. It is unknown however if the Berserker Predators are also able to play back these voices without the need for their mask like the regular Predators as it was never shown.

Audio AnalyserPredator
Vision ModesPredator 2
Vision ModesAvP
Vision ModesPredators
Vision ModesAvP Requiem

The Red Laser

Another feature is the red laser which is beamed from the mask when the Predator locks onto a target within close range. The laser is used with the shoulder cannon for improved accuracy. It can also be used to heat things up and this was shown towards the end of the original Predator when the Predator heats up his wristblades read for battle. The laser features in every Predator movie. In Predators, the creatures also possibly use it to scan objects that is displayed in their vision modes. It’s never really seen, just implied.

Red LaserPredator
Red LaserPredator 2
Red LaserAvP
Red LaserAvP Requiem
Red LaserPredators


The last feature of the mask is that it helps the Predator to breathe. It can obviously breathe somewhat in our atmosphere without the mask which suggests the Predator breathes oxygen. Maybe the mask acts as a cleanser or purifier for breathing. (In the comics, the mask adds methane for breathing though this is not canon). This, however, is backed up in Predator 2 when the Predator is on the apartment block just before he falls off. It uses an emergency breathing mask which suggests that it can’t survive too long without traces of something. In this case, it appears the comics could be right about the methane.

Breathing Predator Equipment

Breathing Predator Equipment
Predator 2

Armour & Weapons Against Acid

In AvP, it’s worth noting that the three Predators’ armour or weapons aren’t resistant to Aliens’ acid. This is proven in the Grid Alien vs Celtic Predator fight. The Celtic Predator cuts part of the Alien’s tail off causing his wristblades to melt. The same thing happens to his armour a little later. It’s pretty strange that Predators have been visiting this place for hundreds of years and they don’t even have acid resistant weaponry. Of course, this could be put down to the fact they were teenagers and the right of passage was supposed to be really difficult. A little too difficult if you ask me.

Armour Predator Equipment

Collecting Syringe

In order to effectively search the escapee Facehuggers, Wolf takes a sample of liquid from a smashed stasis tube using a never before seen syringe. After injecting it into his wrist computer, he can then see the Facehugger tracks in the surrounding environment. This search eventually leads him to the sewer’s where the Facehugger have begun breeding.

Collecting Syringe Predator Equipment
AvP Requiem


The Predators are seen to have advanced red holographic images appearing from their wrist equipment. The Celtic Predator uses this feature when the humans take the shoulder cannons. The holographic contains real-time 3d mapping. How this is done, I’m not sure. In Predators, the Classic Predator uses his wrist computer and shows Royce a holograph of a planetary system.

Holographics Predator Equipment

Holographics Predator Equipment

Power Glove

The Power Glove is seen in AvP Requiem. In order to get through tough obstacles and stay one step ahead of the Alien’s, Wolf uses a new addition to Predator equipment the ‘power glove’. This glove which is fused just under the wrist computer can smash it’s way through just about anything, allowing Wolf to quickly get back on track on his pursuit of the Alien hoard.

Power Glove Predator Equipment
AvP Requiem

Mechanical Falcon

The mechanical falcon is a new addition to Predators, and is used only by the Falconer Predator, hence its name. It’s not really a falcon but rather a small reconnaissance that the Falconer Predator uses to spy on its prey. It is presumably connected to the Falconer Predator’s vision mode allowing him to see what the falcon sees. It may serve a similar purpose to shoulder cannons as well because during the first battle that took place in the hunting camp; three red lasers were seen targeting the humans. Also the falcon sits in place where the shoulder cannon should be on Falconer’s left shoulder. Overall, the falcon makes a brief appearance in two noticeably scenes.

Falcon Predator Equipment

Falcon Predator Equipment

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