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Along with the mainstream Predators, 2010 Predators also introduces us to a new breed of Predators. These Predators are commonly referred to as Super Predators by the fandom due to a leaked early draft of the film in which the new Predators were supposed to be genetically advanced compared to the usual Predators. This didn’t exist in the final version. The new group of Predators were actually known as Berserker Predators by the crew.  We only see three individuals: Mr. Black (referred to in the credits as Berserker Predator), Tracker Predator and Falconer Predator.

These Berserker Predators are part of a clan of Predators that are shown to being in some sort of a clan war with the regular Predators. One of the characters speculates that this blood feud has been going on for a long time, perhaps for centuries. Unlike the regular Predators who come to Earth to hunt their prey, these Predators instead kidnap the deadliest humans on Earth and then drop them off on a foreign planet that acts as a game preserve, along with a whole host of otherworldly deadly aliens from across the universe.

These Predators also utilise in training and domesticating alien creatures to hunt their prey in the form of Predator hunting dogs. They also do not seem follow a specific code of honour or desire to collect as many trophies as possible. For example, Mr Black. stabbed an unarmed and paralysed Edwin just to see if he was alive, while Tracker Predator quickly vaporised Noland to get to the new group, even though Noland had previously killed two or three Predators. In the eyes of a regular Predator he would be considered trophy-worthy. Furthermore, the group of humans come across a United States Special Forces Solider corpse earlier in the film. Left to rot with a huge hole in his chest, the spine and skull remained intact further enforcing the notion that collecting trophies is not these Predators biggest propriety.

 Predator Profiles

Finally, the Berserker Predators are also armed with similar but different weapons from the mainstream Predators. They have a single scythe like wrist blade that is much longer than that of the Classic Predator, and new minigun styled plasma-cannon that is much smaller than that of the Classic Predator. However it is much more powerful, faster and before the weapon fires, the firing mechanism splits itself into two components and rotate rapidly in a clockwise direction.  The Berserker Predators are armed with spears which when fired expand within the body of the prey, jutting out in two directions. This is only used once in the film, when the Berserker Predators kill Mombassa.

The Classic Predator

 Predator ProfilesThe Classic Predator is the only mainstream Predator that appears in the 2010 Predators. It strongly resembles the creature from the original Predator though there are subtle differences such as a brighter colour variation, steeper forehead and a shorter height.

The Classic Predator first appears when Royce and the remaining survivors who are investigating the Berserker Predator hunting camp come across the Classic Predator who is tied to a small Predator totem, stripped off its armour and equipment, seemingly dead. When the group get too close, Classic Predator suddenly flares back to consciousness. Before the group can continue they are suddenly attacked by three larger and stronger Berserker Predators. It is heavily implied that these Berserker Predators are the ones who strung the Classic Predator onto the totem.

Classic Predator’s next main appearance is when Royce bargains with the Predator. He explains to the Predator that he will cut him down and in return Classic Predator will take him to the Super Predator ship. Royce quickly cuts Classic Predator free of its bonds who in turn after returning to its weapons and equipment starts up the Super Predator ship from its control-panel, presumably setting it for a course to Earth. Before either can continue, Mr. Black arrives in the camp with a captured Isabelle and Edwin. After dropping them into a large pit, it notices Royce and Classic Predator.

Classic Predator starts up the ship. Royce runs towards it as the two Predators face off. Both charge at each other and Mr. Black ultimately overpowers its much smaller opponent knocking Classic Predator to ground and brutally beating it. Classic regains the upper-hand and knocks Mr. Black down. The two Predators circle each other as Mr. Black lunges onto Classic Predator, driving him back through a wall. As they both fall, Classic rolls away throw a nearby fire. Soon Mr. Black begins firing his plasma-cannon as Classic runs across the camp, falling over a nearby log for cover.

 Predator Profiles

Mr. Black slowly walks towards the log only to find that Classic Predator is not there. Before Mr. Black can proceed, a cloaked Classic sneaks up on him. Mr. Black manages to shake off his opponent who delivers a punch to the face. As they lock blades, Mr. Black delivers three vicious head-butts which ultimately knock Classic Predator’s mask off and stun it. Mr. Black grapples Classic Predator by the throat and finally unveils his face. He then swiftly decapitates Classic Predator, killing him instantly.

Mr.  Black (Berserker Predator)

 Predator ProfilesMr. Black is the leader of the hunting trio of Berserker Predators which include Tracker Predator and Falconer Predator. He is the largest Predator and the main antagonist in the film. He is easily identifiable from his jet-black armour and darker toned red patterned skin colour. He also has the jawbone of unknown alien that he hunted attached to his mask. Finally the tips of his dreadlocks end in red highlights. Along with his fellow Berserker Predators, the Mr. Black has single scythe like wrist blade much longer than the Classic Predators and new smaller but more powerful minigun like plasma-cannon that he uses throughout the film.

Mr. Black first appears watching the humans from the trees above cloaked. He next appears cloaked again in the hunting camp. He probably had a hand in killing Mombassa as three spears were shot at him that soon expanded from within his body. He is the first Predator to fight back against the group when they are attacked, firing his plasma-cannon aimlessly. He is probably the one who also destroyed Nikolai’s chain gun.

Mr. Black’s next main appearance follows the Tracker Predator’s demise. He shoots Stans in the back with his plasma-cannon, knocking him down and finally unveils himself to the group. As he is about to kill Royce, Stans, still alive, leaps onto Mr. Black’s back and begins stabbing him with his shiv. This does little than wound Mr. Black who retaliates by throwing Stans off of his back. Then demonstrating his strength he tears Stan’s spinal column and skull out in one piece. He then continues his pursuit of the group.

Eventually Mr. Black catches up to the group and captures an abandoned Edwin and Isabelle in a net trap reminiscent off the one from the first film. He then drags them into the hunting camp and drops them into a large pit. However he sees a freed Classic Predator and Royce. Royce runs towards the Berserker Predator ship that the Classic Predator had activated. The two Predators face off in a short but brutal battle. Eventually Mr. Black gains the upper hand, knocking Classic Predator’s mask off and stunning it. Mr. Black grapples Classic Predator by the throat and finally unveils his face. He then swiftly decapitates Classic Predator, killing him instantly.

 Predator Profiles

Immediately Mr. Black runs through the forest towards the Berserker Predator ship. He arrives too late as the ship has already taken off. Undeterred, Mr. Black sets the ship to explode from his control-panel walking back to the hunting camp as the ship explodes in mid-air.

Mr. Black returns to the hunting camp. However he senses that something is wrong and cautiously walks around the camp, analysing of what seems to be any changes in the topography of the camp. He comes across a paralysed but still alive Edwin. As he turns Edwin over, he realises that the serial killer has been booby-trapped with several grenades, which explode and knock Mr. Black back.

Slowly he recovers and standing before him is Royce. Royce taunts the Berserker Predator before setting alight a large fire which encircles the camp. This deprives Mr. Black of his infra-red vision and Royce uses this to his advantage, hitting Mr. Black several times with a discarded Predator-axe. Eventually Mr. Black picks up on Royce’s heartbeat, effectively allowing him to pinpoint where the mercenary is hiding. He fires his plasma-cannon at Royce, who dodges it. Mr. Black then proceeds to brutally beat Royce. He is about to decapitate Royce when he is suddenly shot through the chest by a recovered Isabelle. The wound drops him to his knees, but Mr. Black retaliates by firing his single scythe blade at her shoulder.

A recovered but infuriated Royce begins to brutally beat Mr. Black with the Predator-axe, knocking his mask off and severing his left arm. He then decapitates the Berserker Predator finally killing it.

Tracker Predator

 Predator ProfilesThe Tracker Predator, also known as the Flusher Predator, doesn’t get a whole lot of screen time in the film. He is referred to as the Tracker Predator because he uses the Predator hunting dogs to track the prey and also known as the Flusher Predator because he also uses the Predator hunting dogs as means of flushing the prey out, splitting it apart and observing the prey as it fights for its lives. He is the second largest Predator after the Mr. Black and is noticeably the most bulkiest Predator in the film. The Tracker Predator is recognisable through the two tusks jutting from his mask.

It is possible that he was responsible for killing Cuchillo seeing as how he was kidnapped and killed during the dog attack which was without a doubt orchestrated by the Tracker Predator. The Tracker Predator first appears when Royce and the group are investigating the Berserker Predator camp. Along with the other Berserker Predators, he attacks the group. He also probably had a hand in killing Mombassa as three spears were shot at him that soon expanded from within his body and may have been the one who destroyed Nikolai’s chain gun. The Tracker Predator’s next main appearance is when he tracks the remaining survivors to Noland’s hideout after Royce gives away their position. He is the first Berserker Predator to arrive on the scene and quickly disposes of Noland before chasing the remaining survivors throughout the tunnels in the hideout. He manages to shoot down Nikolai with his plasma-cannon and then impales him with his single scythe like wrist blade. Before he can be killed, Nikolai unclips two grenades which instantly explode, killing both Nikolai and the Tracker Predator.

Falconer Predator

 Predator ProfilesThis Berserker Predator is referred to as the Falconer Predator because much like a human falconer he is armed with a raptor, in this case a Predator Falcon, which he uses to track his prey. The weapon itself is referred to as the Predator Falcon, however in actual fact it is more similar to a biomechanical reconnaissance and it only makes a very brief appearance. Much like the Tracker Predator, the Falconer Predator doesn’t get whole lot of screen time but is very significant to the film. It is assumed that he is the newest and youngest member of the hunting trio of Berserker Predators given the lack of trophies that he wears, along with his smaller stature when compared to Mr. Black and Tracker Predator.

Even so he is still much larger than the humans and even the Classic Predator in the film. Like the other Berserker Predators seen, Falconer Predator is armed with a single scythe like wrist blade, but lacks a plasma-cannon. However it is assumed that the Predator Falcon serves a similar purpose as it is seen attaching itself to the Falconer Predator’s back, where normally a plasma-cannon is attached. His mask is also much bulkier than the other Berserker Predators. Presumably this maybe because it has more mechanisms involved. This supported by the fact that Falconer Predator is the only Berserker Predator who demonstrates that he has numerous vision modes on-screen.

The Falconer Predator first appears in the Berserker Predator hunting camp along with the Mr. Black and Tracker Predator, attacking the surviving humans who were investigating. It is assumed that he probably had a hand in killing Mombassa as three spears were shot at him that soon expanded from within his body. His next main appearance follows the demise of Tracker Predator.

 Predator Profiles

Along with the Mr. Black he arrives late at Noland’s hideout and chases the remaining survivors across the game preserve until they reach a vast savannah. Here he faces the Yakuza hit man, Hanzo armed with a katana, in a fair one-on-one sword fight with his single scythe wrist blade. He demonstrates both his skill and strength as he dominates most of the fight, knocking Hanzo a couple of times off his feet and slashing his back. He also avoids numerous opportunities to kill Hanzo, instead toying with him for as long as possible. This proves fatal as Hanzo eventually regains his footing. Both opponents charge at each other. The battle ends in a stalemate as both opponents have fatally injured one another; Falconer has slashed Hanzo through the chest, killing him, while Hanzo has severed Falconer’s spine, killing him as well.

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  1. I agree. I did not get the impression at all that the Classic Yautja was in any way weaker than the Super Predator, but rather in a severely weakened condition, and even then he gave the Super a challenging battle and got in some good hits and moves. Also, the Supers simply look slightly taller to me, not necessarily all that much larger at all, and I strongly suspect that all things being equal, a Super and Classic Yautja would actually be pretty evenly matched. It only seems logical that if this blood feud between them has indeed been going on for a very long time, possibly centuries, common sense dictates that the Classic Predators have been fighting the Supers to a standstill and very effectively holding their own. So I have to emphatically say NO, the Classic Predators are not really “weaker” at all, perhaps just somewhat less “savage” and more disciplined.

  2. AlienatingPredation

    The Classic Predator did not seem WEAKER than Mr. Black so much as WEAKENED from his ordeal. The fight begs the question, “Who would have won had the Classic not been dehydrated and weary?” The director set out to establish Mr. Black as the more powerful of the two, but all he established was a coward and bully who knew nothing of sportsmanship.

  3. Mr. Black sucks. the classic predator so should have won that fight when he ambushed Mr. Black. in that ambush the classic would’ve wasted no time stabbing Mr. Black through the gut and taking Mr. Black’s head as a trophy.

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