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Predators Media Downloads

Below you’ll find Predators downloads including trailers, clips and behind-the-scenes featurettes.


Predators Download Pack (500MB)
Includes all trailers, features and clips from this page.


Predators Teaser Trailer (18-Mar-10)
This two-minute trailer shows the characters and the various locations in the film.
Stream: YouTube
Predators International Trailer (23-Jun-10)
This trailer lasts for two minutes and thirty seconds and shows a lot of new footage.
Stream: YouTube


Over Here (30-Jun-10)
This features Nolan’s first appearance.
Stream: YouTube
It’s Here (30-Jun-10)
This is a big shoot-out against a cloaked Predator.
Stream: YouTube
We’re The Game (30-Jun-10)
Royce explains why they are on the planet.
Stream: YouTube
Rude Awakening (30-Jun-10)
This clip shows Royce first landing on the planet.
Stream: YouTube


Predators Sneak-Peak (13-Mar-10)
The first Predators footage! It’s about two minutes long and is introduced by Robert Rodriguez. It shows lots of new footage of the characters.
Stream: YouTube
Predators Royce Feature (24-Mar-10)
A short feature about Adrien Brody’s character Royce.
Stream: YouTube
Predators Edwin Feature (13-Apr-10)
A short feature about Topher Grace’s character Edwin.
Stream: YouTube
Predators Isabelle Feature (20-Apr-10)
A short feature about Alice Braga’s character Isabelle.
Stream: YouTube
Predators Cuchillo Feature (27-Apr-10)
A short feature about Danny Trejo’s character Cuchillo.
Stream: YouTube
Predators Noland Feature (04-May-10)
A short feature about Laurence Fishburne’s character Noland.
Stream: YouTube
Predators Hanzo Feature (28-Jun-10)
A short feature about Hanzo.
Stream: YouTube
B-Roll Footage (02-Jul-10)
Over 15 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage.
Stream: TrailerAddict