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Below you’ll find a list of the main Predator characters along with a picture and description of their character.

 Predator Characters Dutch (Played By Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Dutch is the leader of the team of commandos. He was sent into the jungle to rescue a cabinet minister but later discovers this was a lie told by Dillon. After Hawkins is killed, he realises that something is hunting them but doesn’t know what. He tries setting a trap for the Predator but that didn’t work out. After Anna runs off to the chopper, Dutch falls down a cliff into a river. He reaches land and hears the Predator landing in the water behind him. Covered in mud, he hides nearby and realises the Predator can’t see him because the creature’s vision is based on heat.Dutch spends the next few hours preparing for the final battle. He makes spears and arrows and sets traps. He damages the creature’s cloak and eventually they’re face-to-face. The Predator removes its mask and weapons and fights Dutch. Later the Predator stands under one of Dutch’s traps and a log falls on top of the creature. Near death, the Predator activates its self-destruct device. Dutch runs for cover and the explosion destroys a huge area of the jungle. Dutch is last seen in the helicopter.
 Predator Characters Dillon (Played By Carl Weathers)
Dillon is a CIA Agent who accompanies the team of commandos. He told Dutch that they were sent into the jungle to rescue a cabinet minister but that was just a cover story. Dutch confronts him after the dead prisoners at the guerrilla base turn out to be CIA agents and discovers the truth. After Mac runs off after the Predator, Dillon follows him. Mac is killed and the Predator then attacks Dillon by severing his arm with its Shoulder Cannon. The Predator stabs him with its wristblades.
 Predator Characters Anna (Played By Elpidia Carrillo)
Anna is the female prisoner that the team found at the rebel camp. She’s forced to go with the team and tries to escape at the earliest opportunity. She later witnesses the attack on Hawkins and eventually reveals she can speak English. The reason why the Predator wouldn’t attack her is because she wasn’t armed. She’s seen later carrying Poncho over the log bridge. After Dutch has been hurt by the Predator, he tells her to get to the chopper. She runs and is last seen on the helicopter with Dutch.
 Predator Characters Mac (Played By Bill Duke)
Sergeant Mac is another member of Dutch’s team. He is close friends with Blain. After he sees Blain being killed, he rushed over to him, sees the Predator and opens fire. Then picks up the Minin and uses that. Later, Mac runs off alone into the jungle after the Predator. He finds a secluded spot and shows Dillon where the Predator is. The Predator finds Mac and kills him with its shoulder cannon.
 Predator Characters Blain (Played By Jesse Ventura)
Blain is best known for carrying the Minin which he uses in the fight with the guerrillas. Later in the jungle, he is killed by the Predator with its shoulder cannon which burns a hole in his chest. Later when it’s night, the team have setup a defensive perimeter, and the Predator managed to get in undetected and takes Blain’s body.
 Predator Characters Billy (Played By Sonny Landham)
Billy is the tracker in the group. He can search for tracks made by people and tries to find out what happens. He discovers the three skinned bodies at the beginning of the film. Billy can sense the team are being followed by something but can’t work out what. He is last seen at the log bridge and takes out a knife and waits for the Predator. You later hear his screams and presumably he was killed.
 Predator Characters Poncho (Played By Richard Chaves)
Poncho is a member of Dutch’s team. When the group set a trap for the Predator, it fired off plasma bolts from the net. One of these hits a branch which hits Poncho in the chest. He’s badly hurt but Dutch and Anna carry him over the log-bridge. After a bit, the Predator uses its Shoulder Cannon and hits Poncho killing him.
 Predator Characters Hawkins (Played By Shane Black)
Hawkins is another member of the team who wears glasses. He’s probably most memorable for his amusing jokes. His demise comes when Anna escapes in the jungle. Hawkins follows her and manages to catch up to her. Behind him, however, is the Predator who kills him. The Predator takes his body into the jungle.
 Predator Characters Gen. Phillips (Played By R.G. Armstrong)
General Phillips ordered Dutch and his team to rescue a Guatemalan cabinet minister who has been captured by guerrilla forces after his helicopter crashed in the jungle across the border. He’s seen at the beginning of the movie and at the end in the helicopter when he sees the huge explosion caused by the Predator’s self-destruct device.
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