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Predator 5 is the nickname of the next prospective sequel after Shane Black’s 2018 The Predator. On this page, you can find news and rumours of the potential Predator sequel.

Predator 5 Current Status

Shane Black Predator 5 Rumours

Shane Black

In July 2018, Shane Black mentioned leaving room to do a sequel to his movie should the event arise.

I think it’s part of the task to always leave room, just like leaving room for dessert. But at the same time, unless you very firmly have in mind your pre-planned and pre-structured trilogy or sequel, it’s important to focus on the movie at hand and not get lost, like day one of a movie and you’re already planning the wrap party. It’s important that we get this one right. But of course we would leave room for continuing this, because as I mentioned, the Predator seems to have this uncanny longevity in the zeitgeist that people like new iterations of it, they like the hunting aspect of it, they break down every aspect of whatever costume he’s wearing this time and make toys of it. It’s strange, but it’s so longstanding and won’t go away.

Prior to The Predator being released, producer John Davis said had aspirations to keep the Predator series going with at least two more sequels.

The producer says that “The Predator” will set up two sequels that he hopes Black will return to direct. But Black doesn’t want to get ahead of himself.

“I would love to say we’ve been planning a trilogy, but I take one day at a time,” he cautions. “In motion-picture terms that’s one movie at a time.”

Unfortunately, due to the high $88m budget, The Predator really needed to make at least $175m at the box office to break even. It finished at $160m, just short of that amount so any future Predator sequels are currently in limbo.

Predator 5 Cast

Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Return to Predator? Predator 5 Rumours

Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Return to Predator?

Before Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor of California, he was the most popular choice to return to the Predator series to play Dutch. The next person in the spotlight was WWF wrestler The Rock who would have took over the Dutch role. In September 2003, The Rock denied that he has any involvement in a Predator 3 movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger almost made an appearance in 2004’s Alien vs. Predator. Paul W.S. Anderson said in an interview that Schwarzenegger offered to reprise his role as Dutch Schaeffer as a cameo, but only on the condition if he lost the election for Governor of California. Dutch was supposed to show up in a chopper at the end to rescue Lex.

In 2005, another wrestler, John Cena, was also rumoured to be involved in a remake of Predator. In the recent Predators movie, Rodriguez made it clear from the outset that he wanted Schwarzenegger to make an appearance but he was still busy. After Schwarzenegger left his governor position, he said he was considering doing a new Predator movie in March 2011. In an early draft for The Predator, Arnold’s character Dutch appeared in the closing moments of the film. He emerges from a chopper and asks Quinn, Casey and Rory to come with him. Schwarzenegger was very unhappy with the script and refused to take part, saying he’d only do it if “there’s a chance that they rewrite it, or make it a more significant role.”

Predator 5 Storyline

Before The Predator was announced, the most popular idea was Rodriguez returning to do a direct sequel to Predators with Adrien Brody again. The ending was very open-ended but I’d imagine it would be hard to do a new story without repeating the first movie. Rodriguez stated in July 2010 that he had a few ideas for Predator 4. He said Predators sets up a new story, new location and a new world for a potential sequel. If Rodriguez isn’t involved, it could be a completely new story.

“[The studio] said, ‘Let’s do some other ones. What other story ideas do you have?’” says the filmmaker. “Because it was like, let’s test out the market with this one. They really wanted it to be pretty contained, pretty scaled-back. They didn’t want to put too many of the ideas into it that we could save for a second one. So we could see what the appetite was, because the bigger movie would actually be what comes following that. That kind of sets up a new storyline, new location and world, and then you can really go crazy from there.”Robert Rodriguez

If they continue with Shane Black’s The Predator, they could continue off with that story with Quinn McKenna, Rory and Casey Brackett and ‘The Predator Killer’ suit.

Predator During Blizzard Predator 5 Rumours

Predator During Blizzard?

There were all sorts of ideas for a new Predator sequel floating around over the years. Prior to Predators been made, there are about three scripts for Predator 3 circulating around the globe. The first, written by Sam Park, is called Predator 3: The Deadlier of the Species and features Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, Dutch, in New York during a blizzard. A Predator comes to New York and tracks down Dutch to try and kill him.

The second script, written by Robert Rodriguez, is called Predators and is set on a 17th century ship where a Predator stalks the crewman who have to fight with inferior weaponry. Rodriguez did speak about his script during an interview at the beginning of 2004 and said it was rejected because the budget would have been too big – about $150m. The third and final script is called The Zoo which brings back both Dutch from Predator and Harrigan from Predator 2 and they are captured and brought back to the Predator homeworld because they were the only two people to have ever killed a Predator.

I wrote an interesting article about where a Predator sequel could take place and includes locations such as World War 2, a Galleon ship or the Predator homeworld.

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Comments: 47
  1. Disney should exclude two AvP movies and two Predator sequences, Predators and The Predator from the timeline. I found two films empty, incoherent and stupid. They didn’t help at all, they just made a mess about the mythology of Yautja.

    Disney was supposed to make Predator 3, a direct sequel to Predator 2. And put Dutch and Hannigan. But you need to hand the script over to a talented screenwriter. At Marvel, these men are not lacking.

  2. Shane Black was the worst thing to ever happen to this franchise. The guy ruined Iron Man 3, he ruined The Predator. It made absolutely no sense. He did so well in Predator 1, but that was it, he lost it after that. Predator 2 was amazing, Predators by Rodriguez was fantastic, I actually wouldn’t have minded seeing a sequel that involved seeing how Royce and other survivors escaped the world and better yet, faced off a badder batch of three black predators more deadly than the original three.

    Another idea would have been to take humans out of the equation entirely, why don’t we look at a glimpse of the actual life of a predator from birth to adult? There is so much potential for a sequel perhaps involving the life stories of one of the legendary predators we’ve seen on screen. Look at the AVP Movie and Requiem, while I did personally enjoy them, no they weren’t entirely the best. But the take we had on the predators was particularly interesting and kept you wanting more of their side to be included in future films, yet Fox never delivers. Predators was the closest we ever had to a real good glimpse of that experience.

    I won’t be paying to see any movie from Shane Black’s direction again, I don’t even want him involved.

    Robert Rodriguez deserves the title, the shotcaller, the best man for the job with a Predators sequel or even a triology.

  3. Just leave it alone we need an outside studio that’s not Disney or remotely involved with Hollywood tell then let’s enjoy the comics grit the core and gore the surrealism no so sjw no liberalism of stroy

  4. IG. DannyShredLorez

    For predator 4 I was expecting a continuation of predator 3 i wanted to see how they returned back to earth. Maybe in this version Dutch and Danny could be brought back as veteran survivers either dropped in via parachute or flown in by predators to pick up royce and Isabelle as they are taken to predators homeland. From their maybe have predators explain to the 4 survivers of the the threat of the bigger predators and resulting somhow in the sacrifice of the 4 survivers to compelling the predators to gift the humans the technology they gave to in predator 4. Or maybe another cast like jhon cene, jhon wick, 007(90s), jackie chan, Michael Jai White, and the rock or jason stathon duking it out with predators.
    Or have ailens infect the biger predators and have the survivers upgrade to the predator killer suit.
    Or have predators vs the thing hahaha

  5. Id like to see a predator vs some other type of worldly creature.. we know they like to hunt other species.. and/or predator vs predator action..
    If they did a Predators prequel or sequel.. id like to see how they acquired humans in it. Bring back Morpheus in a prequel?
    The Terminator aspect is intriguing but would it be Skynet or Legion? Id like Skynet. That way they could incorporate Dutch back into the mix and the T101 for the sole purpose of why they chose Arnold’s skin as a terminator. Because Skynet knew Dutch was the original bad ass in slaying of a Predator.. and still bring back an old Arnie

  6. Really annoyed they have not announced a new movie yet and yes I know with Covid they wont for a long time now… I just wish they would make a Predator story line based on them alone about the culture or somthing or even a Anime series that rumor has it Netflix made with Fox before Disney bought them out, Just think another sequal is needed and now is a good time to get the ball rolling.

  7. Always, been a big fan of the Predator movies and would love to see them continue the story with Quinn. It would also be great to have a movie with Dutch and Harrigan together, however if they wanted to do that movie they should have done it along time ago when both actors were younger. Still wouldn’t mind having them reprise their roles. Aliens vs. Predators would be another movie that I think would be good as well. Hoping that they decide to do one of these movies and if I had to pick I would do the one with Quinn.

  8. I would like to see a sequel to Predators maybe with someone coming to the preserve to save everyone, equipped with the predator suit!!

  9. When I see what Hollywood is now allowed to get away with with franchises that I have ever liked I more clearly see what Sean Connery meant when he said upon retiring that most of the people who today run movie studios and make movies are idiots.

    The same pathogen is infecting TV as well.

  10. Maybe I am the only person in the galaxy who really like The Predator but I did and I think it is worthy of a sequel. When I first saw The Predator I was disappointed because it was not like the other Predators where the SOB was out to kill us and there was not much we could do about except be brave and fight the best we could. However, I think the story and especially most of the dialogue in The Predator was clever, even if it was not what I was looking for. The Predator is more like a Marvel movie in the sense that it mixes quips in with the story. I have just rented The Predator on Amazon Prime and I think it could catch on if released again, maybe a director’s cut or something. I think people would watch it and like it since a lot of us are still locked down. Any way watch it again and see what you think. I liked Predators also and I think the future of the predators could go on two tracks as they finally get off the game preserve and then combine for a final.

  11. Probably if written properly imagine the Predator ship coming to Earth after Judgement day and the terminators rule Earth. Imagine John Connor and his gang teaming up with a crashed ship of predators against sky net. I know the budget would be huge but this could be a huge blockbuster.

  12. Here are the cast I would like for the predator 5 Arnold Schwarzenegger Danny Glover Adam driver Jason statham Kevin hart for comedy people say we should replace Arnold Schwarzenegger with John cena or the rock because he’s to old he’s fine he still does terminator and terminator was before predator also chuck norris for all that speed

  13. Every time film company’s hand their movies over to Disney they ruin it and finish the franchises terribly like Star Wars and when they handed the predator to Disney it wasn’t that good the best predator movies so far goes predator,predator 2 then predators.

  14. I would love to see another new predator movie with all the actors Arnold Schwarzenegger Danny glover and all the other ones maybe a predator mixed with hunter because I remember alien vs hunter and in alien vs predator there was predation even something to do with Prometheus I think there should be a whole out war between predators and humans trying to asassinate (sorry about spelling) everyone who has killed predators or something like that also remember that giant predator in predator they should send predators out to recover the predator killer and the giant predator body and destroy all the humans resources to learning more about them

  15. Real PREDATOR fans are tired of the amount of time spent on new ideas to generate new interest. The interest NEVER DISAPPEARED, and when it comes to ideas, THEY ALREADY EXIST. It’s not like this all started with the first movie. Oh yeah, and Dutch can only be played by Arnold. The character of Dutch would be destroyed by pompous wrestling egos. Well, DJ could probably pull it off, but Cena is a flat out JOKE.

  16. Predator 5 also know as the predator 2 will be development soon making the predator sequel soon and release date the predator sequel soon too And Alien Covenant Sequel Be Made And Release Date Soon And we all people around the world will be so excited about it’ the predator sequel and alien covenant sequel will be a part of the more powerful movie ever to make me and everyone happy so well today I Am Waiting And We All Waiting For The Two Alien Movie Is Coming Back Soon And Both Of Then Will Not Going To Be Cancelled Film Anymore Once And For All.😊😄😃😀

  17. Hi. I think that 20th century fox should finally do a good Predator movie , not a final installment … Send Shane black far far away, (for ever ) from this new movie , from this franchise , from this industry … Predator is great …. We need talent Arnold is too old now ( love you arnie ) Danny too ( love you too Danny ). Forget the others. Just work with the Thomas brothers. There’s a couple of great directors out there. You can see what happens when money becomes paramount in franchise building (Star Wars, Marvel movies where everybody is flying ). it was the case with that crap …. The predator And why a movie on earth again ….. In NYC …. Really? One more time ( there’s plenty of great places on earth …..). Why not on their world or somewhere else And please no hollywood ‘ big expensive stars in it ( useless)
    Hey 20th Fox. I have a script For free. About saving our planet …..and another one on their world
    My best to the reel fans. PVC

  18. I Think That 20th Century Fox Should Do A Fifth And Final Predator Installment, It Will Be Called The Predators, Shane Black Should Return To Direct It, Sam Park Will Write It, John Davis, Joel Silver, Lawrence Gordon, Lloyd Levin, Robert Rodriguez Will Return To Produce It, Larry Fong Will Return To Be The Cinematographer On It, Dan Zimmerman Will Be The Editor On It, Henry Jackman Will Return To Do The Music On It, Arnold Schwarzenegger Should Reprise His As Dutch Schaeffer For The Second Time, Danny Glover Should Reprise His Role As Harrigan For The Second Time, The Plot Will Be That It Will Be Set In New York City During A Blizzard But Then A Group Of Predators Then Come To New York City And It Tracks And Hunts Down Dutch Schaeffer And Harrigan To Try To Kill Them But They Are Both Captured And Brought Back To The Predator’s Homeworld.

  19. 20th Century Fox Should Do A Fifth And Final Predator Film Called: The Predators, It Will Be R-Rated, Shane Black Should Write And Direct It, John Davis, Joel Silver, Lawrence Gordon, Lloyd Levin And Robert Rodriguez Should Produce It, Arnold Schwarzenegger Should Reprise His Role As Dutch Schaeffer For The Second Time And Danny Glover Should Reprise His Role As Harrigan For The Second Time As Well, Alan Silverstri Should Do The Film’s Music, The Film’s Plot That It Will Be Set In New York City During A Blizzard But Then A Group Of Predators Then Comes To New York City And It Tracks Down Dutch And Harrigan To Try And Kill Them But They Are Both Captured By The Group Of Predators And Brought Back To The Predator’s Homeworld.

  20. It be cool to see an ACTUAL good predator movie. a direct sequel to Predator 2 that does have stupid ass suits, boobed up predators for the pervert fans, autistic super powers and retarded giant predator that make no sense according to the established lore of the first two movies. All that stuff has ruined the franchise to this point. A predator retconn is the only way to move forward now.

  21. Reading these comments thank god none of yo make the decisions for these movies. Predator princesses and other loathsome laughable crap. Fanboy fan fiction like that doesn’t belong anywhere but the trash. Not that it matters cause the ones in charge still manage to muck it up and drag the franchise further through the mud. Stan Winston is spinning in his grave. There is no respect for the lore of the original two movies. This post Marvel era of movies is ruining the sensibilities of movie creators and movies goers. Predator killer suits and other crap like this has no place. These were well thought out adult oriented movies and now they are being made by people with no respect for what came before. They are just quick to interject their shitty ideas that make no sense to the already established tone. You are either naive, blind or both if you cant see that. Or have poor taste which is more common than you think. I for one would rather never see another predator movie again than see more of the BS the past three predator related movies have been. With the exception of the Wolf design they cant even get the creature design right. Now its looking like a fucking Marvel version of the Predator. RIP Predator.

  22. No sequel this movie was pure objective crap. No need to further ruin the franchise more with autistic super powers, titted up predators and whatever stupid godawful crap they come up with. They should have stopped at the second predator.

  23. ” Predator 5″ , should feature an All- Star Cast of those who defeated a Yajuta Predator, and they should all team up, gear up, and go kinetic over and against a much more insidious and hostile Predator, in a desert scene.

  24. As much as I would love to see a AvP movie done right, I would much rather see a Predator 5 with Arnie back in the front line. In my opinion, the Predator franchise, is Arnold’s franchise, and he needs to return before it’s too late. Even if he’s a side character, or even some bullshit 5 minute cameo like every study is doing to 1980’s sequels, I’ll accept it. BRING BACK ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER IN PREDATOR 5!!!!!!!!

    Then they can do AvP

  25. I would like to see a Yuatja Princess, along with 2 of the most lethally skilled female Predators, go on the hunt for a Xenomorph Queen. This would be the traditional way a Yuatja Princess ascends to her throne. This would be both her test and rite of passage, and it would take place many years into the future on an Earth scorched by war and savagery.

  26. Also The Predator movie lines up its Predators. Big predators killing small ones. And Adrian Brody should be given he privilege to become a predator and given predator armor and weapons as a reward. And sent to earth by the small predators to train them and equip them for the coming battle with the Big ones.

  27. I want the predator killer armor duplicated and a team of them to track and hunt down the predators when the come to earth to hunt the Zenmorphs then the Predators and humans team up to kill them all and the. The predators take the humans with the suits with them to learn their ways and how to hunt.

  28. Really wish they made a new storyline. There was book series of a female that was brought up by Predators. Which could very well make a good movie idea, half movie of her training rest her escape or trying to return to earth.

  29. Pissed off Old Predator

    Get it away from these guys all they care about is targeting. Demographic that will pay them for. Sht made for syfy Friday night. Fuck mainstream

  30. Just a Fan YOU ARE RIGHT! Comon this is Predator, not a Back in Time story, we really want high tech weapons and action. Not swords fights as JUST A FAN would say and I AGREE! Man comon! This is Alien stuff, people wanna see spaceships and other planets than earth…. #justsaying

  31. I need more Predator movies!!!! I been a fan since the first one. I think you should make another Aliens movie or Aliens vs Predator. I’m just a big fan of all of themmmmm!!!!!

  32. “I think it would be far more interesting to experience a predator movie that is just as cool as the first movie without trying to be the first movie.
    Going to be honest here, predators was like a reboot, and the predator was essentially watching predator in reverse.
    I wish writers/directors would read the comics and listen to fans.
    The yautja deserve better.”

    That’s asking too much from them. As Gary Bussey’s agent Keyes might put it : “Their dealing with a concept way above their heads.”

  33. I think you guys did a really good job with this last movie
    The Predator and should follow the story line with the suit that we humans get at the end of the movie with the same actor using the suit. It would be awesome to see Arnold in the next one but you really don’t need him or Danny in it.

  34. I would like to see the Predator(s) survive next time–tired of seeing these highly-trained beings always losing. They must train for decades to be as skilled s they are. What about some plot that puts humans and Predators together working as reluctant allies to stop a far greater danger?
    Just check some of the many fan-driven storylines about Predators and you’ll see what people really feel for them
    –Perhaps a joint Hunt against the bad-bloods or dishonorable Killers from the Predator society?
    I agree with Shadow Girl–too many Predators getting killed. Perhaps find some neural planet like in “Predators” where humans and Predators who want to challenge each other could meet?

  35. I think it would be far more interesting to experience a predator movie that is just as cool as the first movie without trying to be the first movie.
    Going to be honest here, predators was like a reboot, and the predator was essentially watching predator in reverse.
    I wish writers/directors would read the comics and listen to fans.
    The yautja deserve better.
    I re watched the predator again and I do love the mythic they brought in. I wish the plot made sense (they had to rewrite and cut basically a very large portion of the original movie, there is essentially an unproduced alternate predator movie out there. The very beginning of the movie is very difficult for me to get over. But I think I understand why it doesn’t make sense. It’s essentially the opening for a different movie. That predator is not the same predator that is supposed to be helping us. It was the original bad guy who they turned into the good guy and cut the two soldier scientist predators and created a behemoth predator just for shits and giggles. Why would our buddy kill a rando soldier. Of corse he would break out and kill people but also it still was confusing as to why he wouldn’t be better communicating with the humans if he wanted fuck off help them.
    The super predator did a better job of communicating AND he killed a bunch of people.
    I feel bad for Shane and Fred. I feel like they didn’t get to tell us what they wanted to tell us. The movie is actually not bad except
    For the opening scene and the poor graphics for the super predator (probably didn’t have enough money at that point).
    I hope they get another chance to make a sequel and hopefully reuse old material lost to us.

  36. bry web is not a fan.

    Yo lets go back to Predators mechanics (the 3rd predator movie) witty remarks R-rated get that kid from pred 4 outta here. keep this an action movie. Cool you showed autism is acceptable but honestly is this the type of movie series that has to make that a point?

    Why are you guys talking about going back in time???? This is predator… we want to see the high tech alien stuff. I do not want to see guys attacking this thing with bayonets/old tanks. I mean come on if you’re going to show all that “high tech super secret” military lab stuff then give us some advanced weapons. If it came to us v them they would win easy so lets not do an all out earth v them war. At least not with whats been presented so far. We got elon musk making ludicrous innovations out here. Take this into space, the franchise is dead if we stay on earth that’s what made pred 3 Hot. keep the jungle/forest there’s ocean scenes we could explore. literally anywhere you can go in and out of sight. We can bring up the aliens again and go into their homeworld or extend their story.

    We got a suit, cool, literally you could kill off the whole cast and say that the military has kept the suit and you replace the cast with former military guys(like they do in every movie). I would avoid making another superman though. (ultimate hero that can’t be stopped by anything) in pred 4 you got pretty close to that in the beginning and middle of the movie with the upgraded pred. Made it pretty stale during all the shooting scenes once we find out there’s no reason for him to dodge. (whole point in advancing our tech so we remain somewhat a threat) Remember pred 3 where the preds avoided bullets not fuckin Tanked all of them. Don’t turn us into superman with that superman suit from the end of pred 4. Honestly I thought that suit was a terrible decision. Reason being is that it pairs people with the ironman movies. Also means that the preds should have armies or a royal guard with those suits. Like make it a one time deal meaing that it was the only copy and destroy the suit in battle or when they first contact the preds. The gift should of been a gun or device to obtain a ship. That way you can focus on team mechanics as each person can become as equally powerful when tossing around the weapon. Tossing around a suit is not convenient and forces the camera to focus on one persons actions instead of the group as a whole.

    Olivia Munn awesome so is Trevante Rhodes, Keegan Michael key and the rest. You don’t need to be tied down by one cast member.Couple action stars couple witty comedic people and you got yourself a movie.

    Jason Statham I wish he would play in one of these.

  37. We need that origins movie of who what why to answer the 20 questions as to why they hunt why do they always prove themslefs in 3s things like that and as to why would they let us have a weapon that kills them and why the aleins as a right of passage things like that that might get things going

  38. WOW 😮 That Nice predator 5 And Send Neil Blomkamp will never make Alien 5 Evermore But Good Is Only Sir Ridley Scott will do make Alien Awakening so Alien Covenant Sequel Will Not Cancelled Ever More And So Neil Blomkamp don’t Do make it alien 5 But Only Sir Ridley Scott Do ALIEN 5 ALSO KNOW AS IS THE ALIEN COVENANT 2 AND KNOW as ALIEN AWAKENING

  39. Strange, for 20 years we’ve had that wonder will there ever be an Alien 5, we’ve had other alien related movies with AVP and the prequels but it seems Alien 5 will never happen. Now it looks like we’ll have wait years and years of rumors for Predator 5.

  40. It would be cool to see a Predator film set against the backdrop of WWII-particularly events such as D-Day, The Battle of The Bulge, even Okinawa.

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