The Predator Trivia

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Below you’ll find plenty of The Predator Trivia.

 The Predator Trivia

Fugitive Predator


  • When the project was initially announced, the film was planned to be a reboot of Predator. When Shane Black came aboard, he announced he was making a sequel as he wanted to continue exploring the Predator mythology.
  • Shane Black said that he would only direct the film if the film would be R-Rated like the original. He recounted how he watched 2004’s The Grudge which was PG13 and was disappointed how less scary it was than the Japanese original due to the rating.
  • The Predator was originally slated the release as March 2, 2018 though this was later changed to February 9, 2018 to avoid clashing with monster shark movie Meg. It was changed again to August 3, 2018 and then the final change was to September 2018 when the plot summary was leaked online.


  • Filming took place in British Columbia from February to June 2017 while the third act was reshot in July 2018.
  • The school, football field and barn are the same ones that were used in the Smallville TV series.
  • The practical effects in The Predator were created by Amalgamated Dynamics who did the special effects in Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, Alien vs Predator and AvP Requiem.
  • The Fugitive Predator‘s armour was created by Quantum FX
 The Predator Trivia

The Cast of The Predator


  • The character Keyes, played by Jake Busey, in The Predator is the son of the government agent Peter Keyes from Predator 2. Peter Keyes was played by Gary Busey who is Jake’s father in real-life.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, who played Dutch in the original, turned the movie down saying he didn’t like the script and his part in it was going to be very minimal. This is the fourth time he turned down a chance to reprise his role as Dutch in a Predator sequel. He turned down Predator 2 as it conflicted with Terminator 2 as well as Alien vs Predator and Predators due to being governor of California. He did, however, lend his voice to 2020’s Predator: Hunting Grounds video game. His scene was going to be at the very end when Casey, McKenna and Rory are resting after battling the Upgrade Predator. A helicopter lands and Dutch exits. He tells them to come with him. Rory asks if he should come to and Dutch replies “Especially you.”
  • Rapper 50 Cent said he was going to have a role in the film but it never transpired.
  • There were a few different actors in the running for the lead role. Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper reportedly passed on the lead role. James Franco was in the running at one point. MMA Fighter Conor McGregor was offered the role but turned it down due to money.  Benicio Del Toro was going to have the lead role but was eventually given to Boyd Holbrook due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Garry Chaulk plays a postman in the film and he previously voiced Optimus Primal in the Transformers cartoons as well as some versions of Optimus Prime. Peter Cullen who originally voiced Optimus Prime did the Predator’s voice in the original Predator.
  • Keegan-Michael Key wanted to put a reference to 1975’s Dolemite in there but the producers prevented it. Key appeared in 2019’s Dolemite is My Name after this film.
  • Françoise Yip plays a Tracking Supervisor in the film. She previous played the role of Ms. Yutani in 2007’s AvP Requiem.
  • Olivia Munn is the first lead actress in the Predator series to not be of Latin American descent. Elpidia Carrillo in Predator was Mexican; Maria Conchita Alonso in Predator 2 is Venezuelan-American and Alice Braga in Predators is Brazilian. Olivia Munn is of Asian-American descent.
  • Thomas Jane, Olivia Munn, and Boyd Holbrook all starred in Marvel superhero movies. Thomas Jane was in 2004’s The Punisher, Munn was in 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse, and Holbrook was in 2017’s Logan.
  • Jacob Tremblay and Thomas Jane were also in 2016’s Before I Wake.
  • This is Augusto Aguilera’s first big film. He previously was in 2008’s 8 but it was only a small independent film.
  • Boyd Holbrook pitched his script for The Thirst to John Davis while filming The Predator.
  • Both Mahershala Ali and Trevante Rhodes starred in 2016’s Moonlight. Ali appears in 2010’s Predators and Rhodes was in The Predator.
 The Predator Trivia

Emissary Predator

Post Production

  • Most of the third act of the film was reshot due to the poor reaction from the test screenings. Firstly, the Ark was carrying a few hybrid creatures in stasis tubes which escape and the Loonies have to fight them. These scenes were in the test screenings with unfinished visual effects.
  • Two ‘Emissary’ Predators were cut from the finished film. They would have been seen firing mounted guns during an APC chase, battling the Upgrade Predator and the hybrid creatures. Originally, Edward James Olmos was going to play General Woodhurst working above Traeger’s character.
  • There was a scene showing Olmos in his office and another at the Ark. Originally, the third act was shot during the day time but according to Black, the CGI looked terrible so it was changed to night. Edward James Olmos said his scenes were cut due to pacing issues. None of these deleted scenes were on the DVD/Blu-Ray though you could see some footage in the behind-the-scenes features.
  • Two alternative endings were shot – one showing Ripley in a pod with a breather mask and another with an adult version of Newt in a pod.
  • There was a huge amount of controversy at the casting of Shane Black’s friend Steven Wilder in the film. He was going to have a small part as a jogger who bumps into Olivia Munn’s character. Just before the film premiered, it came out that Wilder was a convicted sex offender and 20th Century Fox quickly removed the scene. Munn criticized Shane Black, who initially defended Wilder, as well as her castmates for not giving her any support.
  • In the final battle with the Upgrade Predator, the tree that falls near Quinn during was rendered entirely using CGI.
  • Alan Silvestri, who scored the first two Predator films, expressed an interest in scoring the film.
 The Predator Trivia

The Predator US Poster


  • A watered-down version of the film was released in some countries where some of the more offensive profanity had been dubbed.
  • The Predator had its premiere at TIFF in Toronto in September 2018.
  • The subtitles on the American Blu-ray and DVD use British spellings rather than American. For example “centre” for “center” or “colours” for “colors”.
  • The Predator in the teaser poster is actually the Crucified/Classic Predator from 2010’s Predators.

The Predators

  • This is the first Predator film where a Predator bites a human.
  • The is the first Predator film where we see a Predator fire a human gun.
  • This film is the first time where a Predator is killed by bullets when McKenna shoots the Upgrade Predator in the head. Predators have been injured by bullets in previous films but are usually finally killed in some other way.
  • It’s left ambiguous in the final film but the Fugitive Predator is supposed to have human DNA inside of him.
  • For the first time in a Predator film, a Predator – the Upgrade Predator – is a purely CGI creation with no practical effects. They had a prop on set just to help the actors have something to act against.
  • The Upgrade Predator is a product of hybridisation. His DNA is made up of many different creatures from different worlds which give him even more powerful abilities.
  • Like the Tracker Predator in Predators, this is the second time we see a Predator using hounds to track prey.
 The Predator Trivia

Nebraska Williams

Other Things

  • The Predator was directed and co-written by Shane Black who played Hawkins in 1987’s Predator.
  • In the laboratory, there are some items from previous Predator films you can see in display cases. You can see a mask from Predator and Predator 2, the Telescoping Spear from Predator 2, the Shoulder Cannon and Xenomorph Tail Spear from AvP.
  • Shane Black wrote the Baxley character with Tourette’s because Black himself has Tourette’s.
  • When Casey is taken down into the base for the first time, the guard says “Is it your imagination or is this room actually stretching?” This is a line from the Haunted Mansion attractions at various Disney theme parks.
  • When Casey sees the Predator strapped to the table for the first time, she calls it a “a beautiful motherfucker” in contrast to Dutch calling him “one ugly motherfucker” in the original Predator.
  • The videogame that Rory is playing in his basement is a survival strategy game called Don’t Starve.
  • When the Loonies are escaping the Stargazer base, McKenna says ‘Get to the Choppers’ – a reference to the original when Dutch says ‘Get to the Chopper’.
  • You can see a note that was left for Rory has the words “I will cut you”. This was also said by Mac in Predator.
  • When Casey and Traeger are discussing the name of the creature. Casey thinks ‘Hunter’ would be more appropriate while Traeger  says ‘Predator’ is more classy. Hunter was the original title of the original Predator.
  • Films written by Shane Black seem to take place around Christmas time – Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys. While The Predator doesn’t take place during Christmas, it is during the Halloween holiday.
  • Woodruff Road is mentioned in a scene. Tom Woodruff, co-founder of Amalgamated Dynamics, made the Predator costumes in the film.
  • Rory attends a school called Lawrence A. Gordon Middle School. Lawrence Gordon was the producer on the original Predator.
  • At one point, McKenna says “touch me again, and I’ll kill you”. This line was also spoken in The Last Boy Scout which was written by Shane Black.
  • Johns Hopkins University in the film is a tribute to directors John McTiernan and Stephen Hopkins who directed the first two Predator films. Johns Hopkins University is actually a real university in Baltimore, MD.
  •  The Predator Trivia

    Casey Bracket

    The teaser poster has the tagline: “You’ll never see him coming.” There was a similar line spoken by the character The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 which was written and directed by Shane Black.

  • Body count: 58
  • At the Predator ship, Traeger asks McKenna to surrender as they had 7 men and the Loonies only had 6. A sniper took out one of the government agents and McKenna asks Traeger, “Who taught you math?” That line is also said in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which was also written by Shane Black.
  • This is the second time we see a Predator kill a woman when he escapes the laboratory and uses her body as a shield. The first time was Jesse with the shuriken in AvP Requiem but that was accidental.
  • When Coyle and Baxley lure the Upgrade Predator in the forest, they shout “Alien” and “Contact” which are the names of two sci-fi alien films.
  • When Rory blows up the house while trick or treating, you can see a marijuana flag next to a man. The house number is also 420 which is a number related to marijuana use.
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