The Predator

Date Released: August 3, 2018
Directed By:
Shane Black
Certificate: R (Confirmed by Shane Black)
Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn…

The Predator, known by fans as Predator 4, is the name of the upcoming Predator sequel from Shane Black. The script was written by Shane Black and Fred Dekker and will be released August 3, 2018.

The Predator Current Status

On June 24, 2014, it was revealed that Shane Black will direct a reboot to Predator. He will write the treatment for it and Fred Dekker will write the script. John Davis will produce the new Predator film. On June 25, 2014, Shane Black clarified that he will be making a sequel in the Predator series and not a reboot.

In August 2015, producer John Davis said Shane Black’s script has a fresh perspective and will reinvent the franchise. At the end of November 2015, Fred Dekker confirmed that the script for Predator 4 had been “turned in”. On the 16th of February 2016, Shane Black confirmed Predator 4’s title was in fact The Predator. On February 28, 2015, Fox announced the release date as March 2, 2018 though this was later changed to February 9, 2018 to avoid clashing with monster shark movie Meg. The new Predator film will be a blockbuster reportedly and have a much higher budget than the $50M spent on Predators. In May 2016, Shane Black confirmed The Predator will be R-Rated. In April 2017, Fox announced a new release date of August 3, 2018 for the movie, delaying it by six months.

The Director of The Predator

As stated above, Shane Black is directing the new Predator reboot. Shane Black is no stranger to the franchise having played commando Hawkins in the 1987’s Predator. Most recently, he co-wrote and directed 2013’s Iron Man 3. Whilst promoting The Nice Guys, Shane Black spoke about how he became attached to The Predator, stating he hadn’t initially wanted the job despite Fox getting in contact and asking him to do it. It was Fox’s willingness to make a big budget, “spectacle” film that convinced Black to become involved.

Shane Black The Predator (2018)

Shane Black

The Predator Cast

Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Return to Predator? The Predator (2018)

Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Return to Predator?

Before Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor of California, he was the most popular choice to return to the Predator series to play Dutch. In the recent Predators movie, Rodriguez made it clear from the outset that he wanted Arnie to make an appearance but he was still busy. After Arnie left his governor position, he said he was considering doing a new Predator movie in March 2011. In June 2015, Arnold Schwarzenegger said he hadn’t been contacted about Shane Black’s Predator sequel. In March 2016, Arnold Scwarzenegger will be having lunch with director Shane Black to discuss The Predator.

In April 2016, rapper 50 Cent said he would have a role in the Predator film. During a Q&A after a showing of his latest film, The Nice Guys, Shane Black revealed that the main characters name would be Quinn McKenna.

Other people who have been in the spotlight was WWF wrestler The Rock who would have took over the Dutch role. In September 2003, The Rock denied that he has any involvement in a Predator movie. In 2005, another wrestler, John Cena, was also rumoured to be involved in a remake of Predator.

In September 2016, Benicio Del Toro was in talks to join the cast but later dropped out. In October 2016, Boyd Holbrook was in talks to replace Del Toro. A few weeks later, Olivia Munn (X-Men Apocalypse) was in talks to be playing a scientist in the movie.

The current cast are as follows:

  • Boyd Holbrook as Quinn McKenna, a former Marine and Special Forces commando who discovers the existence of the Predators. James Franco was originally offered the role before Benicio del Toro was cast, but Del Toro later backed out due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Olivia Munn as Casey Bracket, an evolutionary scientist and a biologist. Her character is brought in by the CIA to look at some samples.
  • Trevante Rhodes as Nebraska Williams, a former Marine who enlists in a special Predator-hunting operation headed up by Quinn, his best friend.
  • Keegan-Michael Key as a man who joins Quinn and Williams to fight the Predators.
  • Sterling K. Brown as a government agent who imprisons Quinn but later needs his help with fighting the Predators.
  • Jacob Tremblay as Quinn’s troubled son, Rory, who has a form of autism and is bullied in school but becomes a key player in the fight against the Predators due to his preternatural ability to learn languages.
  • Yvonne Strahovski as Quinn’s ex-wife Emily and the mother to Rory.
  • Alfie Allen as a former Marine who joins the group to stop the Predators in suburbia.
  • Thomas Jane as a military veteran from the Afghanistan and Iraq war who is suffering from PTSD.
  • Augusto Aguilera
  • Jake Busey as the son of Peter Keyes, from Predator 2.
  • Edward James Olmos as a military general.
  • Niall Matter as Sapir.

The Cast of The Predator

The Predator Storyline

Shane Black confirmed that the new Predator sequel will be set present day. He hinted it as being a detective story similar to Predator 2. It will be scary but it will have lots of humour in it. The film will be set in suburbia. In May 2017, some set pictures were leaked showing the characters and some Predators in tanks.

 The Predator (2018)

Older Predator Storylines

Before the Predator reboot news came out in June 2014, the most popular idea was Rodriguez returning to do a direct sequel to Predators with Adrien Brody again. The ending was very open-ended but I’d imagine it would be hard to do a new story without repeating the first movie. Rodriguez stated in July 2010 that he had a few ideas for Predator 4. He said Predators sets up a new story, new location and a new world for a potential sequel.

“[The studio] said, ‘Let’s do some other ones. What other story ideas do you have?’” says the filmmaker. “Because it was like, let’s test out the market with this one. They really wanted it to be pretty contained, pretty scaled-back. They didn’t want to put too many of the ideas into it that we could save for a second one. So we could see what the appetite was, because the bigger movie would actually be what comes following that. That kind of sets up a new storyline, new location and world, and then you can really go crazy from there.”Robert Rodriguez

Predator During Blizzard The Predator (2018)

Predator During Blizzard?

There were all sorts of ideas for a new Predator sequel floating around over the years. Prior to Predators been made, there are about three scripts for Predator 3 circulating around the globe. The first, written by Sam Park, is called Predator 3: The Deadlier of the Species and features Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, Dutch, in New York during a blizzard. A Predator comes to New York and tracks down Dutch to try and kill him.

The second script, written by Robert Rodriguez, is called Predators and is set on a 17th century ship where a Predator stalks the crewman who have to fight with inferior weaponry. Rodriguez did speak about his script during an interview at the beginning of 2004 and said it was rejected because the budget would have been too big – about $150m. The third and final script is called The Zoo which brings back both Dutch from Predator and Harrigan from Predator 2 and they are captured and brought back to the Predator homeworld because they were the only two people to have ever killed a Predator.

You can check out this article: Where should Shane Black’s Predator Sequel take place? which covers various locations they could go with Predator 4 including the Predator homeworld, Vietnam and World War 2.


The Predator was originally due to begin filming in September 2016 but that was delayed. Filming is now due to commence in February 20, 2017 and ends filming May 15, 2017 in Vancouver, Canada. Amalgamated Dynamics who are no stranger to the franchise having worked on Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, AvP and AvP Requiem will be handling the effects such as the Predator costume(s).



There will be a novelization written by Christopher Golden and a prequel novelization called  The Predator: Hunters And Hunted, written by James A. Moore.

The Predator News Archive

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You can full the full news archive for The Predator here.

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  1. Wouldn’t mind if they made another Predator or AVP or Predator vs Super Predator movie, but without all the extra nonsense that shouldn’t be in it. Like in Requiem, the old boyfriend/girlfriend discussions, swim suit, kiss and tiny romance scenes ate up film time and EXTREMELY IRRELEVANT. The whole point in the Jesse character is so there would be a bikini butt scene.

  2. Well it’s been a long time since July 9, 2010
    ……I’m still patient for the 4th film. Still excited to
    See who’s back for this one! Hurry and green light
    It! It’s not summer without a predator movie
    Somewhere in the schedule….

  3. I’d like to see them go down the route of maybe having Dutch and Harrigan lead a task force to track down and kill a group of Predators that have set up base somewhere on planet earth. Having the gov force them into working alongside each other, utilise their hatred for the predators and lets face it, both characters showed a willingness to hunt the predator in each of their movies.
    The story could go as follows

    Predators learn that the humans have lots in info on the predators as well as equiptment recovered from the dead predators in info the leads to the Predators homeworld. Obviously the Preds don’t care for this too much and send out a group of them to attack the location of these bits of info and predator artifacts and recover them. The gov knows this would happen and secretly knew that the preds were abducting humans to take them back to their home world for reasons unexplained (predators 3 line up) so they hid both Dutch and Harrigan at the base. Preds land, Arnie and Danny sneak on the preds ship in the hope of arriving at the preds home world in order to wreak terrible vengence and to possibly rescue all the abducted humans

  4. Ok here’s my opinion, I haven’t seen really anybody who has stated this, but the next predator movie needs to follow the same detail, look and feel as 1 and 2, they completely ruined the look of the predator in avp, it seemed that also in predators, the general feel of their behavior seemed rushed, whereas in 1 and 2, the movies took their time and gave the lone predators a true stalker feel, which I feel is more true to the original concept. Super predator was completely stupid, they are all one species, do you see any super humans walking around? No. The general concept of the predators needs to remain true to the first 2 movies, new weapons are cool but they got crazy with it in avp with the shurikens, they aren’t Chinese. I would love another true predator movie but am skeptical as I have not seen anything promising after predator 2, however like I said it would make my year if it was done right.

  5. 1 – Keep Arnold and his character out of it, 80s character pleeeeze no.
    2 – AvP were both shit and pleeeze no more. Deadly on there own but shit when one is supposed to be goody.
    3 – Predators was a good movie but there was no need for bigger predator. Bigger is only better with member anyhow the predator was already twice the size of average man. Stupid decision.
    4 – Ignore 98/99 percent of the comments on here as they are tripe.
    5 – Pleeeze not a stupid war period ww1 2 and especially not civil.
    6 – If on earth i think we know enough about them to cause some problems.
    7 – If carried on from the last well then there must be some interesting species thrown into mix, devious, clever, technologically advanced, muscularly more so than us and of course a beautiful new female species.

  6. The premises are already there. Look back at the endings of some of the films…..people, privet organizations, large conglomerate companies that are showed in thier infancy (wheeland inustrylies, mystery lady that collected gun, couple that potentially escape predators planet). All iof these ideas could be put into a race to become predators in distant future “alien” type movie.

  7. I think they should send Dutch and Harrigan where Royce is at and they all work together to try to kill the highly advanced predators including the leader of all of the predators but end up getting captured and all the other people get killed then they get taken to the predators planet where they have to escape. I also think they should let Harrigan use the alien gun.

  8. Just start it off where part 3 ended but with Arnold being dropped in the preserve. Please Arnold please do this movie and save the franchise.

  9. I think arnold should come in predator 4 like really hes the main hero of the movies and aliens vs predator killed it i justlike justpredator by himself so arnold please make predator 4 and make your self young by the new effects.

  10. I think we should start predators 4 where predator 3 left off … If u remember the predators where having a turf war against each other and with the new drop at the end the new alliance and the two members that survived team up with the predator side that they freed and get off the planet and destroy the planet

  11. I’d like to see something modern or futuristic, in AVP: Requiem the human kind was able to harvest one of predators weapons, but said that “mankind isn’t ready” for the technology. What if they skipped a new sequel over a few years, and showed our species developing Predators technology even more, and causing a battle between predators and human? (Predators are hunters, and always looking to develop their fighting/hunting, this would surely call for an interesting movie) I’m sure that if the Predator species ever found out that human kind was developing their own technology, they would aim to stop this. It wouldn’t be too expensive of a movie to make either, in consideration it would be most likely city based, maybe in a tall building/tower, showing development, then possibly at a Flight Base showing “demos/operation” of the development against Aliens, or maybe even Predators? Just an idea.

  12. I would like to see an arena style battle with predators, aliens, and the “engineers” from prometheus. Those dudes were huge and that one at the end of prometheus looked like he would’ve put up a good fight with a predator or two.

  13. All are correct, the question is in which direction the director to develop the story
    1 with arnold and brody in it
    2 two clans fight predators
    3 something between
    4 In my opinion it will take more film parts…

  14. First Off, There not enough Predator / s Films , and I so glad that ‘ Shane Black is doing a direct sequel . Yes I am, Bias The ” Predator is both Hero and Villain . The closest to a direct sequel was ” Predator 2″ , Well it was close .

  15. I want a movie just on predators. We had enough human point of views during the series, why not make a movie from the predator’s pint of view for the whole time. Like they did in the AVP books. Heck, a whole movie on the mission of a predator would be cool. And when they speak, there’d be subtitles. So not only would you see more of the predator’s insight, but of how they work culturally and lingually. And why do the main predators ALWAYS have to die at the end? Why not let them live and continue the story like that? Or why not change up the missions? It doesn’t always need to be a xeno/human hunt. Why not a predator hunting a bad blood clan or something for the plot? Or a quest to regain lost honor? THAT might be an awesome flick.

  16. has anyone seen arnold lately ? he looks like when a tortoise sticks his head out of its shell too far, the mans eyes dont even open anymore and the body has gone south for the spring summer autumn winter, he should retire, being the governator was the worst thing he did for his fans, just think off the crap he could have made for us!

  17. They should make the predators sequel with arnold and brody in it… so basically the second grouping thats being dropped on the hunting reserve (more prey being dropped to hunt ) includes arnolds character, the one that defeated the alien on earth, is now recaptured as an old man which he is and put back into the game as a master trophy item, a killer of predators.

  18. How can I get to the director’s email…..
    I’d like to give him some ideas may help him as inspiration…..
    shadow dancing in the dark
    shadows are everywhere….

  19. Only one shadow
    Black architect has only one goal to occupy all the head chief predators and collect all the genes predators and then ……..

  20. story for me
    Two clans predators fights one marine team ,with only one goal, to catch predators alive..
    Actions of collapse, the Marines are fighting for their lives.
    Survivors formed an alliance with only one surviving Predator from the clan, and fight to defeat the other evil clan
    Winning and catch predators and then find out that predators are not the most dangerous threat in space…
    And then learn about the Black architect, who creates DNKA monsters who hunt predators for him.. captured predators drains to the ground and formed an alliance with other predator clan and go in search of the black architect somewhere among the stars….
    And thus become the first people who are joined in the pursuit of a black shadow or black architect.. ..and We’re off to a predator 5…. end Director Shane Black:):)):) Let’s Dance:):):) thanks a lot:) thanks a lot good people:):):):):)
    Clan war continues predators or black shadow is getting closer to its goal only to collect the heads of all the remaining elder predator clan, making their most dangerous monster DNKA…..who knows….

  21. Hardened criminals from around a certain country and or world being sent to a new penitentiary in a middle of nowhere setting. Then appeared a predator(s) – from stalking certain criminals from the city. Inmate dies, the rest goes angry at the merciless security guards/police/whatever starting a feud (rest of the world doesn’t know so all killings considered legal). Police guy dies, vice versa. Then body count increases, somehow one of them saw the predator. One scene before a couple/group of them nearly kills the predator(thought everything was in control), more sophisticated military men appeared and dispatches them all and captures the live pred. It turned out to be that Miss Yutani was obsessed from the canon that she recovered in AvPR so she wants more from them. She owns the penitentiary and uses it as a baiting ground for pred(s). THE END …… halfway credits, the pred struggles and shrieks as it is being experimented(wahaha), and on one room we see old man DUTCH (preferably ARNIE).
    From there on maybe can have a new film beginning with flashbacks blahblah till DUTCH escapes (hoho).

  22. you could have the story start out were arny and danny glovers character do end up meeting each other
    as they are the only ones to ever defeat a predator.but as the story goes , they themselves end up on the
    side of the predators only to defeat a deadlier foe. the predators have a great respect for both individuals
    as warriors and except there help as equals………with the usual tongue and cheek from both characters…

  23. Please Don’t Bother Releasing A 4th Predator Film. Without Kevin Peter Hall The Movie will Suck! Kevin Literally Is PREDATOR. He had the Perfect Height, Weight, Posture and Movement. All the other Predators I Have seen Are CRAP! The only 2 I have Seen That Were Perfect, Were The Scar and Berserker Predator. Honestly Without Kevin, The 4th film Would be crap. I Suggest You Use the two Actors I Mentioned. Setting-City, Plot-A city and jungle hunter arrive in L.A. It is 2015 They Have Come to Finish what their relatives Started, and Kill Dutch and Harrigan. But Constantly Fight on who gets the prey. Until They Clash. R.I.P. Kevin Peter Hall.

  24. hi all. so a new predator movie huh after all we have seen so far.
    well why don’t we just crave for something different entirely but still not forgetting the past predator movies.
    for instance , don’t demystify the creature to much. keep that feel we had in the first film where no one knew what or when an attack would come. or what this thing was capable off. bring new weaponry or introduce more intelligence to the creature as never before seen. allow the views to experience a sense of unknown.

    just because the predator is a hunter and has blood feuds and so forth attached to its nature perhaps we could explore a desperation of survival brought on due to some sort of predator race inhalation taking place in terms of a disease ,long hard wars , or planet destruction so earth becomes a place of safe heaven for them , or not as the case could turn out.

    bring in old cameos like Arni and Danny and more. love to see the secret services and military fall on its knees as an effect of the predators. so as both races become vulnerable and desperate as we fight for survival.

    and for one thing don’t for god sake make a teen si-fi thriller. make it a 18 rating and instill fear as was intended. if you forget about making money for one moment trying to appeal to the masses you might just make more than you think and also a great movie.

  25. Ender again I said Predator 3 which if ur a technical butt who wants to shout at me
    For disgracing the Epic Predator series, than Predators. (thats plural OK? OK, good)
    Adrien keeps on getting mentioned, is he Royce?

  26. I think everyone who is a predator fan, especially 1&2 would love another but with the right director and cast. I think it would be great to put Arnold Schwarzenegger back in as Dutch, a retired special forces commando. He could be the eyes and ears in terms of knowing how to track and defeat the predator. Of coarse, I have more of a extended story and dialogue in mind. Maybe I’ll put it out there when it’s not so late.

  27. I would love to see a sequel set in earth’s future where we finally have the technology to be an even match for them. The main character nearly kills the predator half way through the film and ends up on the ship and tracks him to the predator’s home planet or ends up at the game preserve where the latest movie took place and meets Adrian Brody and they escape the planet. That would tie the two story lines together.

  28. They should make a new avp movie where a colony with scientists on another world have captured aliens and then they capture predators and do experiments but then the aliens and predators both escape and start hunting eachover and then the colonial marines come and and it becomes a 3 team death match survival

  29. I would like to see something off earth like the prison planet from chronicles of riddick. Throw in a platoon of space marines and a hunting party of 3 – 5 predators and we got a movie. Also bring back the fear and suspense of the first movie. Keep it true to the series. We want skined bodies and headless victims not teenagers and skinny action hero’s. Can’t wait to hear more about this movie!

  30. Honestly you could do a whole new thing, for every predator film you have seen the same thing the predator gets killed at the end! You could do a predator origin film how they got the technology yes be a.silent. Film but a.bbut a brave move.then the second film Jurassic period where he hunts a t rex the 3rd a.champion gladiator in rome but make it 18 rating full of Gore

  31. Bring in more backstory.
    Idea: The Predators are expanding from their home planet, and moving out into space. They have made contact with earth, and have made a deal. Earth will supply the Predators with a tithe of the most brutal, deadly and/or vicious killers on Earth, whilst the Predators protect Earth from other alien races.
    NOTE: I have only seen Predators, not predator, predator 2, any of the Alien films or the AVP crossovers.

  32. I kinda agree with Gpaez4.
    We’ve seen enough humans being hunted for sport.
    It would be a nice change of pace for Predators to hunt beings more malevolent then them while squishy humans get caught in the crossfire.

  33. If their is going to be another Predator movie, we should bring it into the world that we know. The Predators have been here all our lives, going back to the beginning of civilization. Include Mayan folklore, where the Predators have altered our DNA to speed up our evolution. The Aliens shall come back to seek a new home since theirs is being slowly destroyed. When the Aliens arrive, all hell breaks loose! The Predators must defend the Earth and Mankind in general! since Humankind is generally being steered by the Predator Species. I think linking the Predators as our overlords gives People someone to root for. The past altercations with Humans and Predators to be explained as the young Predators growing into adulthood! Give the Predators an ancient Alien (as the series Giorgio Tsoukalos show) base. That would make the Predator movies much more interesting!

  34. Opening scene shows the rock and a team of men infiltrating a base in order to save a hostage all the while being watch by a predator. The team wipe out the enemy with ease to find a man tied to a chair with his face covered just as the rock is about to pull the cover from the hostages face the hole team and the hostage are abducted by the predator, (the predator abducts the whole team because it’s impressed with the way they kill the enemy hence more of a challenge to hunt a team rather than a group of randoms) cut to the scene at the end of predators where the parachutes are landing again, Royce and the woman meet up with the rock and his team only to revile the hostage is Dutch ! (Been taken hostage for something to do with the CIA) total coincidence. Manage to kill 2 preds but the 3rd gets injured badly and decides to do a runner back home because it can see its easily outmatched this time. Few of the rocks team get killed on the way maybe Royce and the woman do too as the predator is escaping the rock and Arnie and whoever is left manage to get aboard the ship only to find it takes them to the predator home world. BOOM there’s a start for Shane black you can have that for free il let him take it from there……..

  35. As a fan I finished a spec script Avsp 3 a mash of Predator’s and Aliens and Engineers and gun tooting Marines.

    Just unable to get it to the producers

    Date Released: Unknown…
    Directed By: Shane Black
    Certificate: 18
    Tagline: Death is everywhere!
    Length: 124minutes can cut 120pg
    Starring: All new
    Budget: 100m could do it

    If anyone got any links to producers of this franchise or anyone relevant this is for the fans.

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