Predator 2 Characters

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Below you’ll find a list of the main Predator 2 characters along with a picture and description of their character.

 Predator 2 Characters Harrigan (Played By Danny Glover)
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan is a LA police officer. He first appears in the firefight with the Colombians and the consequent crime-scenes. He tries to find out who is killing everybody. He’s not happy that the FEDs are involved and telling everybody what to do. After the subway incident, Harrigan tries to track the Predator and ends up in Keyes’ trailer. Keyes’ tells him that they have been tracking it for some time and have set up a trap in the meat locker. Keyes’ team go in there after it, meanwhile Harrigan watches from the trailer. He goes in after Keyes’ when he finds out the Predator can see them.Harrigan manages to disable the Predator’s shoulder cannon and manages to injure the Predator. Harrigan removes the creature’s mask and the Predator escapes with Harrigan following. They both fall off the roof and Harrigan manages to sever the Predator’s arm. The Predator falls into an apartment where it heals itself. Harrigan works is way across and follows the Predator down an elevator shaft. Harrigan discovers the Predator’s ship and goes in there. The Predator appears and Harrigan manages to kill it with the disc weapon. More Predators appear and hand Harrigan a gun from 1715 which signifies that the Predators have been visiting Earth for some time. Harrigan escapes the ship before it flies off into space.
 Predator 2 Characters Peter Keyes (Played By Gary Busey)
Agent Keyes and his team know that a Predator is in the city and they have been tracking it for some time. Keyes shows up at every crime scene getting in Harrigan’s way. He later shows Harrigan their trailer and reveals key points about its technology. Keyes has set up a trap in the meat-locker and he goes in there with a group of his men thinking that the Predator won’t be able to see them. It does and the creature wipes out all of Keyes’ team. Keyes appears a little later when the Predator is heading towards Harrigan. The Predator throws its disc weapon which slices through Keyes killing him.
 Predator 2 Characters Danny (Played By Rubén Blades)
Danny is a police officer working with Harrigan and Leona and he can be first seen in the firefight at the beginning of the film. After the Jamaicans and the Colombians are killed in the apartment, Harrigan tells Danny that they will come back there to retrieve the spear tip in the wall when Keyes’ men have gone. Danny comes back later and enters the building by himself and climbs up to get the spear. The Predator is there waiting for him. Danny falls off the ledge and the Predator catches him and kills him.
 Predator 2 Characters Leona (Played By Maria Conchita Alonso)
Leona is another police officer. She can be first seen in the initial firefight with the Jamaicans. Later in the film, her and Lambert are on a subway train together. They intervene when a group of thugs threaten a man and everybody pulls out a gun. The Predator is on top of the train and finds its way inside. Leona pushes everybody in the trains in front. When the train stops, she goes back to find Lambert who has been killed. The Predator appears and grabs her but doesn’t kill her because she’s pregnant.
 Predator 2 Characters Jerry Lambert (Played By Bill Paxton)
Lambert is another police officer transferred in from another police force. He’s carefree but he is a competent officer. His demise comes towards the end of the film when he and Leona are on the subway train. After the passengers have moved up the train, he stay behind and tries to attack the Predator. He fires his weapons and runs out of ammo. The Predator kills him.
 Predator 2 Characters Captain Phil Heinemann (Played By Robert Davi)
Captain Heinemann appears after the firefight. He told the police officers not to go in the building when the Colombians were in there. Instead, Harrigan ignored his orders and went in there. Harrigan tells him he doesn’t take orders from anybody especially the FEDs.
 Predator 2 Characters Captain B. Pilgrim (Played By Kent McCord)
Captain Pilgrim is Harrigan’s superior. Nothing more is known about him. He appears in a scene at the police station. He tells Harrigan that the FEDs are in charge and he introduces Agent Keyes to Harrigan. Captain Pilgrim tells Harrigan to cooperate.
 Predator 2 Characters King Willie (Played By Calvin Lockhart)
King Willie is a Jamaican drug lord who is leading the Voodoo gang. Harrigan sets up a meeting with him to speak to him. King Willie reveals that the person killing everybody is not of this world. He suggests the person is some kind of demon that cannot be killed. Harrigan then leaves and the Predator jumps down and approaches King Willie. It’s a one-sided fight and the Predator walks away with King Willie’s head. The Predator can be seen later polishing the skull.
 Predator 2 Characters Garber (Played By Adam Baldwin)
Garber is one of Keyes’ guys. He’s with Keyes’ at the crime-scenes and later at the trailer outside the meat-locker. He is seen in the very last scene when he emerges from a helicopter and asks Harrigan what happened. Before the emergency services arrive, he gets back on the helicopter and disappears.
 Predator 2 Characters Tony Pope (Played By Morton Downey Jr.)
Tony Pope is the news reporter who appears at every crime-scene. He gets in people’s way a lot and even later, Harrigan punches him.
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