• <h2>Final Alien: Romulus Trailer Released!</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>The final trailer for Alien: Romulus has been released! Ahead of its theatrical release on August 16th, 20th Century Studios has released the final trailer for the […]</span>
  • <h2>Alien: Romulus Preview Footage Presentation and Q&A</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>When people ask me about my passion for the Alien franchise I could reel off a huge list of the reasons why I’ve spent the majority of […]</span>
  • <h2>Alien Romulus Official Trailer Discussion & Breakdown – AvP Galaxy Podcast #185</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>We have just uploaded the 185th episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast (right-click and save as to download)! Corporal Hicks, RidgeTop and Xenomorphine are joined by […]</span>

Alien Versus Zerg

This is a article I wrote comparing the Zerg from Starcraft to the Aliens from AvP. Enjoy. :amuse: "The aliens and zerg are very similar to each other but also very different. They were both created by another species of sorts, the aliens were created by the space jockeys while the zerg the Xel’ Naga. They were both the perfect creation ... [Read More]
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