Dark Horse Presents

Dark Horse Presents was conceived as an anthology title and was the first comic to be released by the newly formed Dark Horse Comics in 1986. The first issue featured Black Cross on the cover and was notable for the first appearance of Paul Chadwick’s Concrete. The title became successful thanks to the increasing popularity of Concrete who quickly became the regular cover feature for much of the first few years of the title. Concrete eventually spun into its own title and this was something which would happen to several characters and stories appearing in Dark Horse Presents. The most notable of which being Frank Miller’s Sin City stories which first appeared in Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special as well as Dark Horse Presents #51. The title was Dark Horse’s longest running title and provided a mix of material from established and new creators. The title ended with issue 157 in September 2000.

The series was later re-released in 2014, with #1 hitting the shelves August 20.

Aliens = Is an Aliens Comic.
Predator = Is a Predator Comic.
Aliens vs Predator – Is a Aliens vs Predator Comic.

dhpresents17 Dark Horse Presents
DH Presents: 2 – Aliens
Publication Date: September 17, 2014
Description: Chris Roberson and Paul Lee reveal an untold tale from the movie Aliens featuring the character Hicks! Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey deliver a new Action Philosophers! that pulls the entire series together in “Action Philosophy!” The Aliens story, Field Report, serves as a minor tie-in to the Fire & Stone series as well as the novel Aliens – River of Pain.


 Dark Horse Presents
DH Presents: 24 – Aliens
Publication Date: Nov 01, 1988
Description: Writer Mark Verheiden and artist Mark A. Nelson present an all-new “side bar” story to Dark Horse’s ongoing Aliens miniseries as they take us inside the mind of an Alien Queen! Plus-Just in time for Halloween, Kull writer John Arcudi and The American artist Grant Miehm team up on a tale of murder and…cannibalism in the wilds of New York. And Leopoldo Duranona continues his exciting five-part science fiction epic Race of Scorpions.


 Dark Horse Presents
DH Presents: 34 – Aliens
Publication Date: Nov 01, 1989
Description: This issue of Dark Horse’s premier title features the fantastic climax of Book Two of Leopoldo Duranona’s Race of Scorpions, the final episode of the current adventures of Michael Kraiger’s radioactive misfit, The Zone, and a special Aliens story by Chris Warner and Randy Stradley that will kick off one of Dark Horse’s most exciting projects!


 Dark Horse Presents
DH Presents: 35 – Predator
Publication Date: Dec 01, 1989
Description: Bursting out from the pages of their best-selling mini-series, the Predator’s hunt continues as chronicled by Randy Stradley and Chris Warner! It’s a lead-up to the biggest surprise project Dark Horse has planned for the upcoming year! Also included in this issue is another tale of human drama and humor starring Paul Chadwick’s Concrete, as well as the debut of The Heartbreakers by Paul Guinan and Anina Bennet–action, excitement, and deadly clones in the 21st century! All of this adds up to another issue that is not to be missed!


 Dark Horse Presents
DH Presents: 36 – Aliens vs Predator
Publication Date: Feb 01, 1990
Description: The most eagerly-awaited storyline begins in this month’s issue of Dark Horse Presents! They are the galaxy’s most deadly alien races; now, the time has come for them to meet at last! It’s the Aliens and Predator together in one story! The confrontation of the century brought to you by Randy Stradley and film designer (The Abyss and Robocop II) Phillip Norwood! The story will then continue in a full-color miniseries coming out next month! Also, Paul Guinan and Anina Bennet continue the story of The Heartbreakers–beautiful and deadly clones! Plus, the further “sword and sorcery” adventures of Delia and Celia by Gary Davis!


 Dark Horse Presents
DH Presents: 42 – Aliens
Publication Date: Jul 01, 1990
Description: Dark Horse comics premiere anthology presents in this issue the beginning of a two-part Aliens saga, by Heartbreakers co-creator Paul Guinan! Other features this issue include a Dark Horse/Kitchen Sink co-presentation- a preview to the sequel to the Harvey and Eisner award-winning series Kings in Disguise by creators Dan Burr and Jim Vance, plus the penultimate chapter in Bruce Zick’s interstellar myth-odyssey, Argosy!


 Dark Horse Presents
DH Presents: 43 – Aliens
Publication Date: Aug 01, 1990
Description: Paul Guinan’s all-new Aliens tale of an extraterrestrial treasure hunting expedition concludes as a vengeance-crazed cyborg leads them in a fight for survival. This issue we debut Black Eye, a tale of a future that’s not only gone mad… but down-right goofy! Written and illustrated by Richard Forgues, Black Eye battles the evil Fart Faces, while trying to win the heart of his lady love, and still keep his job! Also in this issue, in the tradition of Jack Kirby’s New Gods, The Argosy concludes its four-part saga as the Argonauts do battle with a monstrous Minotaur. The Argosy is written and illustrated by Bruce Zick.


 Dark Horse Presents
DH Presents: 46 – Predator
Publication Date: Nov 01, 1990
Description: This issue boasts an all-new Predator story written by John Arcudi and illustrated by Rob Walton. It’s just a small taste of the forthcoming Predator series to be written by Arcudi and illustrated by Evan Dorkin. Also in this issue, Ron Harris’ Crash Ryan winds up his battle with the Air Pirates, and Eddie Campbell returns with an all-new Bacchus adventure.


 Dark Horse Presents
DH Presents: 56 – Aliens
Publication Date: Nov 01, 1991
Description: DHP’s third giant-sized annual promises to be the best one yet! Frank Miller’s ongoing adventure series Sin City headlines this all-star issue, which also includes part three of the four-part introduction to The Next Men by John Byrne; a two-part prologue to Aliens: Genocide by writer John Arcudi and artists Tony Atkins and Paul Guinan (Terminator); “Eldgytha,” a tale of medieval sex and savagery by Rick Geary (who also provides the issue with a stunning back cover); the wacky adventures of Cliff Biggers, Brett Brooks, and Dave Johnson’s Earth Boys; a bizarre case from the private files of The Creep, by John Arcudi and Dale Eaglesham; and misguided sorcery in Jo Duffy and Jo Chacon’s Fancies. This is one issue you can’t afford to miss.


 Dark Horse Presents
DH Presents: 67 – Predator
Publication Date: Nov 01, 1992
Description: Beginning in this double-sized issue: Part 1 of a three-part lead-in to the upcoming miniseries, Predator: Race War. Story by novelist Andrew Vachss (Hard Looks), adapted by Randy Stradley (Aliens vs. Predator) and artists Jordan Raskin and John Beatty (Punisher). Also in this issue: the tragic conclusion to “An Accidental Death,” by Ed Brubaker and Eric Shanower; “The Selfish Giant” (based on the Oscar Wilde short story) by P. Craig Russell; “Money For Nothing,” by Jo Duffy and Maya Sakamoto; and, from Rich Hedden and Tom McWeeney’s Roachmill, the wacky, behind-the-scenes-at-Dark-Horse exposé: “Zoo-Lou vs. Editor”! Cover by Ray Lago (Hellraiser).


 Dark Horse Presents
DH Presents: 68 – Predator
Publication Date: Dec 01, 1992
Description: In part two of the three-part introduction to “Predator: Race War,” a government-sanctioned task force is tracking Predator activity across the globe, and they’ve come to one conclusion: You have to hire a killer to find a killer. Story by novelist Andrew Vachss (Hard Looks), adapted by Randy Stradley (Aliens vs. Predator) and artists Jordan Raskin and John Beatty (Punisher). Also: “Swimming Lessons,” by Jo Duffy and Maya Sakamoto — a tie-in to their self-published Nestrobber series; prehistoric adventure in “Paleolove,” by Gary Davis; and, from Eddie Campbell, sly looks at modern life! Painted cover by Ray Lago (Hellraiser).


 Dark Horse Presents
DH Presents: 69 – Predator
Publication Date: Jan 01, 1993
Description: Meet Cross: outlaw, freelance avenger, and, when the situation calls for it, professional killer. He’s just the kind of person the Predators might take an interest in — which is why the government’s Predator Task Force wants him! Next month Predator: Race War debuts as a four-issue color miniseries. Story by novelist Andrew Vachss (Hard Looks), adapted by Randy Stradley (Aliens vs. Predator) and artists Jordan Raskin and John Beatty (Punisher). Also: Jo Duffy and Maya Sakamoto’s Nestrobber preview concludes, and the heroine of Gary Davis’ “Paleolove” seeks a love potion from Mudwike, the dwarf. Painted cover by Ray Lago (Hellraiser).


 Dark Horse Presents
DH Presents: 119 – Predator
Publication Date: Mar 01, 1997
Description: Even as Art Adams provides the conclusion to his all-new, two-part Monkeyman & O’Brien adventure, Troy Nixey, creator of Bill the Clown, makes his DHP debut with a six-part story about a little boy named Trout. In this first installment, Trout undertakes a surrealistic journey to retrieve the piece of his inner evil that has escaped him. In pursuit of an evil of a different kind, a mismatched band of hunters set out on a trek in the jungle. But are they prepared to meet a Predator and face judgment under his code of honor? The games come courtesy of Mike W. Barr, Scott Kolins, and Dan Schaefer. Finally, take a visit to Evan Dorkin’s “Hectic Planet,” and discover why soccer is detrimental to a romantic relationship. More fun than a barrel of monkeys rubbing honey on themselves, this slew of stories is capped by a marvelously constructed cover by Troy Nixey.


 Dark Horse Presents
DH Presents: 124 – Predator
Publication Date: Aug 13, 1997
Description: This issue leads off with an all-new Predator story by House of Secrets writer Steve Seagle with X-Men artist Duncan Rouleau and Jim Royal! Plus, Arnold Pander and Zero Boy continue the legend of Jack Zero, the real-life, pulp-magazine gunfighter! And in Jon Lewis’ “Outside, Inside,” two socially inept twins discover life on two opposite planes — the microscopic world of germs and the vastness of outer space. Both lead to trouble.


 Dark Horse Presents
DH Presents: 137 – Predator
Publication Date: Nov 11, 1998
Description: A Nazi commandant will risk anything to locate a hidden cache of gold, but when he finally finds it he also discovers that the treasure has a guardian . . . Ron Marz and Claudio Castellini put a new spin on Predator. Also in this issue: the explosive conclusion to The Ark and another chapter of My Vagabond Days by X-Men writer Steve Seagle and artist Stefano Gaudiano.


 Dark Horse Presents
DH Presents: 140 – Aliens
Publication Date: Feb 17, 1999
Description: This month Aliens takes the spotlight in a tale from writer Mark Schultz and artist Rick Leonardi that ties in with Schultz’s current series Aliens: Apocalypse. Then switch gears with Tony Millionaire’s Sock Monkey as Sock Monkey and his pal Crow find yet another way to burn down the house!


 Dark Horse Presents
DH Presents: 146 – Aliens vs Predator
Publication Date: Sep 15, 1999
Description: The starship Herakles is on a collision course with the galaxy’s two deadliest species in part one of Aliens vs. Predator: The Web. The witch-priestess Shabrkena discovers where magic fails, nature may prevail in the conclusion of “Dark Exorcism.” And Ghost plays a deadly game with Arcadia’s most powerful mob bosses in part 2 of “The Woes of Sinful Bachelors.”


 Dark Horse Presents
DH Presents: 147 – Aliens vs Predator
Publication Date: Oct 20, 1999
Description: Meet Ragnok, the Scarecrow Warrior God. A couple hundred thousand years ago he was the chief executioner for the gods, dispatching monsters and demigods and generally making earth safe for humanity. But that was before he was cursed, stuck in a scarecrow’s body, and dropped into Twentieth Century America. What’s a god to do? Also in this issue: the conclusions to Ghost and Aliens vs. Predator!
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