Crossover Graphic Novels

This section includes crossover graphic novels from other series’ and is sorted by most recent first down to oldest. You can view a larger image of a graphic novel by clicking the relevant cover thumbnail.

dc-comics-aliens Crossover Graphic Novels
Title: DC Comics/Dark Horse Comics Aliens
Written By: Ian Edginton, Ron Marz
Artwork By: Staz Johnson, Bernie Wrightson, Kevin Nowlan, Chris Sprouse, James Hodgkins
Publication Date: April 27, 2016
Description: The stories that brought the dread Aliens into the DC Universe are collected in this new title! First, Batman follows the trail from his home turf to the Amazon jungle to discover the horror of the Aliens—but how can even the Dark Knight stop them? Then, an Alien is discovered in a Gotham City construction site—and it’s going to wreak havoc on Arkham Asylum! Plus, the 1998 tale that pitted the WildC.A.T.s against the might of the Aliens is back. Can even the WildC.A.T.s survive a battle with the Aliens—when StormWatch has already fallen?


Archie vs. Predator Graphic Novel Crossover Graphic Novels

Title: Archie vs. Predator
Written By: Alex de Campi
Artwork By: Fernando Ruiz
Publication Date: November 4, 2015
Description: When Archie and friends head south for Spring Break, party games and beach games are soon replaced by the Most Dangerous Game! As the unparalleled fierceness of Betty and Veronica lures the trophy-collecting Predator to Riverdale, will the kids even realize they’re in danger before it claims them all?! Collecting issues #1–#4 of the smash-hit series!


 Crossover Graphic Novels
Title: Superman & Batman vs. Aliens & Predators (1/2)
Written By: Mark Schultz
Artwork By: Ariel Olivetti
Publication Date: Jan 10, 2007 – Feb 14, 2007.
Description: They’re back! The relentless killing machines known as Aliens and the unstoppable race of hunters called Predators have returned to Earth. But saying “they’re back” isn’t quite accurate ”” Batman discovers that the two races, sealed away from the human population, have been here all along! Can he and Superman get them off our world before they threaten the planet’s existence


 Crossover Graphic Novels
Title: Judge Dredd vs Aliens: Incubus
Written By: John Wagner, Andy Diggle
Artwork By: Henry Flint, Greg Staples, Tom Frame, Chris Blythe
Publication Date: Jan 28, 2004
Description: Judge Dredd, the gritty, gruff hero of Britain’s award-winning sci-fi anthology 2000 AD, faces off against Fox Films’ Aliens in a battle that just may bring Mega-City One to its knees! The tenacious Judge Dredd, upholding the law in a deadly, radioactive future, has faced everything from mutants to supernatural possessions…but can he, a group of judges, and the elite team called the Verminators fend off an infestation of the deadly, acid-drooling Aliens? Facing their most dangerous enemies yet, it’s lawmen versus nature’s best killing machines in a bloody battle to keep the vast metropolis of the future from becoming a hideous breeding ground! Collecting the four-issue miniseries.


 Crossover Graphic Novels
Title: Superman / Aliens II: Godwar
Written By: Chuck Dixon
Artwork By: John Bagdanove, Kevin Nowlan, Pat Brosseau, David Stewart
Publication Date: Jul 09, 2003
Description: Superman and the New Gods find themselves face to face with one of the most terrifying species in the universe. A doomed ship carrying the Alien brood has found its way into the domain of Darkseid who’ll use them as the ultimate biological weapon, infesting his own minions and unleashing them on the peaceful citizens of New Genesis. The Man of Steel must once again battle the Aliens to stop them from spreading across the galaxy. An all-star creative team brings the now-classic Aliens to life with a superhero twist.


 Crossover Graphic Novels
Title: Superman Vs. Predator
Written By: David Michellinie
Artwork By: Alex Maleev
Publication Date: Sep 2001
Description: In Superman Vs Predator, the galaxy’s ultimate hunter takes on the Earth’s greatest champion in a battle that holds the fate of the world in the balance. While investigating a mysterious alien ship in the jungles of Central America, Superman becomes the victim of a power-draining virus. But when the Predator senses the arrival of a worthy opponent, the alien instantly targets the Man of Steel as his next prey. Now, a weakened and dazed Superman must find a way to defeat an unstoppable monster or witness the first step in the Predator’s domination of Earth.


 Crossover Graphic Novels
Title: Witchblade / Aliens / Darkness / Predator: Mindhunter
Written By: David Quinn
Artwork By: Eric Kohler, Mel Rubi, Mike Perkins, Clem Robins, Dan Jackson
Publication Date: Aug 29, 2001
Description: Jackie Estacado, a mob hitman possessing a mysterious, malevolent force known as the Darkness, and New York Police Detective Sara Pezzini, wielding an equally mysterious weapon, the Witchblade, are abducted and trapped in a realm of illusory violence and bottomless time. Forming an unsteady alliance, they rip through layers of false realities to discover that they’re imprisoned on a huge, living spacecraft high in Earth’s orbit – an ever-changing prison ship controlled by the mind of a madman. Their fellow inmates? Swarms of Aliens and a female Predator with a jones for the Witchblade’s power! How could things be worse? Throw a Darkling/Alien hybrid in the mix! Collecting the three-issue series.


 Crossover Graphic Novels
Title: Green Lantern vs. Aliens
Written By: Ron Marz, Rick Leonardi, Mike Perkins
Artwork By: Eric Kohler
Publication Date: Aug 01, 2001
Description: A battle beyond the stars didn’t end quite as imagined. Legendary cosmic guardian and former Green Lantern Hal Jordan has unknowingly left a horrific legacy to the future. When Hal vowed to respect all life, he probably wasn’t thinking of the nasty, acid-dripping, murdering Aliens — and because he spared these vile creatures, he doomed the lives of countless others years later. Now it’s up to current GL Kyle Rayner and the remnants of the defunct Green Lantern Corp. to clean up the mess made by his predecessor. But Kyle is still struggling with the mantle of Green Lantern that he’s inherited. Further, he’s struggling with the definition of heroism in a day and age when Hal’s nobility is all too rare. What Kyle’s about to experience in the darkest regions of space will change him forever…if it doesn’t kill him first. Collects the four-issue mini-series. Co-published with DC Comics.


 Crossover Graphic Novels
Title: Aliens vs Predator vs Terminator
Written By: Mark Schultz
Artwork By: Jon Foster, Mel Rubi, Mark Lipka, Pat Brosseau, David Stewart
Publication Date: May 30, 2001
Description: In the year 2032, John Connor and his resistance forces wage war against Skynet, a soulless super-computer bent on exterminating mankind. Sensing ultimate defeat, Skynet goes into hiding. Centuries later, it is awakened by stealth Terminators posing as human scientists. Now an even deadlier Skynet is using the science of the far future to create invincible Terminators by gene-splicing their human tissue with the DNA of the deadliest creatures in the galaxy – Aliens! Earth’s only chance lies in the hands of a legendary heroine named Ellen Ripley and an uneasy alliance with another deadly non-terrestrial race, the man-stalking super-hunters known only as Predators! The Predators understand that Skynet threatens all life in the universe, and so they wade in on the side of humanity… but can these feral killers be trusted? Collecting the four-issue series.


 Crossover Graphic Novels
Title: JLA Vs. Predator
Written By: John Ostrander
Artwork By: Graham Nolan, Randy Elliott
Publication Date: Apr 26, 2000
Description: ‘The Dominators’, a war-loving species who look like vampires with red dots on their foreheads, clone and tailor a group of Predators to destroy the Justice League of America. Unfortunately for the Dominators, the Predators kill off most of them, with the survivors making their escape to Earth in the hopes of shaking them off of their tail and destroying the League at the same time. Superman and Green Lantern arrive at the landing site first, to the horrific image of Watchtower’s head on a stick. Superman then makes the realization: Predator. Batman also has some experience with the fierce creatures. Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Plastic Man also join the fray, where the entire JLA meet a Predator tailor-made to oppose them.


 Crossover Graphic Novels
Title: Predator Vs Batman III: Bloodties
Written By: Chuck Dixon
Artwork By: Rodolfo Damaggio
Publication Date: Jun 1, 1998
Description: Writer Chuck Dixon has always been very adept at using the pre-existing characters of a comic book universe in clever, creative ways, and this book is no exception. This time it’s twice the action as two Predators, a Mentor and a Student, are using Batman and Robin to prove the Student as a Blooded hunter. Once the Predators arrive Batman tries to keep Robin out of the battle, unaware that not only are there two opponents, but that they are already picked as the target according to skill. However with Mr. Freeze in the vicinity, Batman needs to keep Robin by his side. The action continues until Batman and Robin each faces his own challenger.


 Crossover Graphic Novels
Title: Batman / Aliens
Written By: Ron Marz
Artwork By: Bernie Wrightson, Sean Konot, Gregory Wright
Publication Date: Nov 19, 1997
Description: Amongst the Mayan ruins of the Amazon forest, the Dark Knight of Gotham City is out of his element as he faces an intergalactic infestation of . . . Aliens. Collecting the two-issue series plus the newly colored, twelve-page prequel from DHP #101 and 102!


 Crossover Graphic Novels
Title: Tarzan Vs. Predator: At The Earth’s Core
Written By: Walter Simonson
Artwork By: Lee Weeks, Kilian Plunkett, Vickie Williams, Pat Brosseau
Publication Date: Oct 08, 1997
Description: In the center of the earth lies Pellucidar, the last bastion of primeval forest in the world. To Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, this is sacred ground. But to the Predators, it’s hunting ground. You’ll feel the jungle heat in this deluxe trade paperback!


 Crossover Graphic Novels
Title: Superman vs. Aliens
Written By: Dan Jurgens
Artwork By: Dan Jurgens, Kevin Nowlan, Bill Oakley, Greg Wright
Publication Date: Jun 01, 1996
Description: He came to earth in a rocket, a strange visitor from another planet. Now, years later, signals from space could be the beginning of a trail to his home planet Krypton. Can anything stop a man of steel from discovering his long-lost heritage? Can anything stand between a Superman and that which he longs for most? How about the most feared and deadly species in the galaxy?


 Crossover Graphic Novels
Title: Batman Vs. Predator II: Bloodmatch
Written By: Doug Moench
Artwork By: Jackson Guice, Paul Gulacy, Terry Austin, Todd Klein…
Publication Date: Jan 01, 1995
Description: In the aftermath of the events from Batman versus Predator, the Predators return to Earth to settle the score with the Caped Crusader, who is this time joined in the battle with the female superhero the Huntress. But Batman is already facing off against some of the deadliest human killers he’s ever had to face.


 Crossover Graphic Novels
Title: Predator Vs. Magnus Robot Fighter
Written By: Jim Shooter, John Ostrander
Artwork By: Lee Weeks, Dave Dorman, John Costanza, Maurice Fontenot
Publication Date: Oct 01, 1994
Description: In Northam, members of the rich and elite are conducting illegal hunts and taking trophies from their conquered prey. One such trophy is an X-O helmet stolen from a Predator. Now, the Predator has come to Northam to take the trophy back by any means necessary. When the carnage begins, it’s up to Magnus Robot Fighter to make sure the good guys win. Just one question: who are the good guys?


 Crossover Graphic Novels
Title: Batman Vs. Predator
Written By: Dave Gibbons
Artwork By: Chris Warner, Arthur Suydam, Andy Kubert…
Publication Date: Apr 14, 1993
Description: The hunter becomes the hunted as Batman, Earth’s ultimate detective, is pitted against Predator, the galaxy’s most ruthless hunter! Neither is known for their ability to compromise, assuring readers a break-neck paced compilation of the original three-issue series! The final showdown takes place in the Batcave, as the wily Predator hitches a ride on the Batmobile. But man versus alien it isn’t, as Batman discovers that Predator is not alone!
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