Predator 2 (Multi Platforms)

Posted by Darkness on December 10, 2006 (Updated: 01-Jun-2014)

Platform: Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Atari, DOS, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Sega Game Gear
Release Date: 1990-1992
Genre: Action, Side-Scrolling Shooter
Publisher: Image Works / Mirrorsoft / Konami / Acclaim / Arena Ent.
Developer: Arc Developments / Teeny Weeny Games / Perfect 10


 Predator 2 (Multi Platforms)

Predator 2 (DOS) – US Cover
Predator 2 (Amiga) – US Cover
Predator 2 (DOS) – UK Cover
Predator 2 (Amiga) – UK Cover
Predator 2 (SMS) – UK Cover


In this first-person side-scrolling game, the player assumes the role of Harrigan who must kill hordes of gang members and the deadly Predator while avoiding civilians since they will cause the player to lose his badge and the game. A clear outlined model of Harrigan is depicted in the middle of the screen, which moves accordingly with a crossfire that the player controls. The player can pick up several different types of weapons such as the Pistol, MK1, MK2, MK3, and Rocket. The player can even shoot up the background on some levels. There are four long levels based on the movie.


 Predator 2 (Multi Platforms)  Predator 2 (Multi Platforms)  Predator 2 (Multi Platforms)  Predator 2 (Multi Platforms)  Predator 2 (Multi Platforms)  Predator 2 (Multi Platforms)
Screenshots from the Genesis Version.


Review – By MobyGames for Amiga Version
Review – By AvPFreaks for C64 Version
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  1. The Operation Wolf style approach on the 8/16 bit home micros was chosen as it was the easiest to implement across all the formats and the isometric /Smash TV approach deemed more suitable for the console market.

    Home micro version’s Producer in hindsight wishes he had instead gone with his preferred approach..a split screen chase and maze affair,as he openly admits arcadey shoot-em-games really weren’t his thing.

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