Predator Weapons & Equipment

Posted by Corporal Hicks on January 26, 2008 (Updated: 16-Sep-2020)

This article is about the various Predator Weapons & Equipment that were seen in 2007’s AvP Requiem game for Sony PSP.

 Predator Weapons & Equipment Wrist-Blades
Your most basic weapons are your dual wrist mounted blades. They inflict minimum damage but can be charged up for a stronger attack. You start the game with the wrist-blades.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Shoulder Cannon
You start off the game with one but once you’ve gained enough honor points you’ll find yourself sporting AvPR’s iconic dual shoulder cannons. The shoulder cannons are capable of being charged which increases the weapons damage infliction. When using dual cannons, the two plasma bolts merge when fully charged. Unfortunately when you have the dual cannons equipped both don’t fire simultaneously but rather one at a time.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Spear
The spear is possibly the best weapon in the game. It’s the usual collapsible spear featured in many of the Predator related games. The spear is capable of putting down any enemy – including the Praetorians – in only a few hits. When charged up, Wolf swings his spear around him killing anything in the immediate vicinity.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Shuriken
The shuriken is a multi-bladed throwing disk. Upgrades increase the shuriken’s damage inflicting capacity. Typically it’s a simply a faster and weaker version of the smart disk. The shuriken has the same amount of power as the shoulder cannon does when not being charged. It usually takes about 3 throws from the shuriken to put a normal warrior down for the count.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Smart Disk
One of the most powerful weapons in the game, the smart disk is capable of taking down pretty much any enemy with one charged hit. One of the downsides of the smart disk is the amount of time it takes to charge, then throw and then retrieve it. It leaves you open to attack.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Hand-Held Cannon
The infamous Predator pistol, or hand-held cannon as it is known in AvP Requiem, is basically a hand-held version of a shoulder cannon. It has the same power as the single shoulder cannon only it has a faster firing rate. The cannon doesn’t have the ability to charge a blast.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Bio-Helmet
Through the bio-helmet we find three different vision modes at our finger tips. They’re the traditional modes as seen in almost all AvP games: infra-red, Alien vision and Pred-tech. The Alien mode in this game is the first to use the style seen in the AvP movies and the Pred-tech is also colored differently to any seen before. The helmet also gives you the ability to go first person and tag your enemies to earn more honor points.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Map
It’s just that. A map of the level. It isn’t shown how the map is used whether it’s a holographic projection as shown in the first Alien vs Predator movie or just brought up on your bio-helmet. The map shows the location of any enemies in the immediate vicinity and of Face-Hugger husks and pieces of Predator technology.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Cloaking
What Predator game is complete without a cloaking device? The game’s effect is very similar to the cloaking effect in the first Predator. It will hide you from any humans plus the tank and the helicopter. Aliens, however, can see right through it.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Trip Mine
The trip mine is used solely for the disposal of large pieces of debris from the crashed Predator ship. They’re placed on the debris using the X button and the mine then disintegrates it. You use the mines twice in the entire game. Once in The Crash Site to destroy ship debris and once again in Hospital Interior to destroy the hospital.
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