AvP Requiem Enemies

Posted by Corporal Hicks on January 26, 2008 (Updated: 16-Sep-2020)

This section includes the different types of AvP Requiem Enemies you can encounter in the 2007 PSP game.

 AvP Requiem Enemies Warrior
This is your basic Alien grunt. Body of Alien Resurrection, head of AvP Requiem, the Warrior is the most common enemy in this game. They’re most formidable when in packs. The Warriors will often attempt to pounce on you, knocking you to the floor. They’re not an overly strong enemy though. Three blasts from your Shoulder Cannon will put them down.
 AvP Requiem Enemies Praetorian
A mace like tail and spiked heads, the last and strongest variation of the Aliens in AvPR is a tough one. It is assumed that these Aliens are Praetorian Guards or just young Queens due to their crested head. They’re about twice as strong as normal Warriors and much better armored. They usually require about 5 shots from the shoulder cannon. They’re not as common as the Warriors but they usually show up in groups with the Warriors.
 AvP Requiem Enemies National Guard
Whether it was the arrival of the Aliens or some other reason, the town is full to the brim with the National Guard. They’re one of two armed human forces you’ll find in the game. They sport the traditional gear: BDUs, assault rifles and the like. But none of that helps them survive an attack from the Predator. They’re typically rather weak and usually stick together in units.
 AvP Requiem Enemies Police
You’ll usually find one or two police officers protecting a large group of civilians. Armed with merely a pistol the police officers are no match for you. They have no armor, only their uniform and the weapon doesn’t cause much in the way of damage.
 AvP Requiem Enemies Tank
Encountered on the final level(Main Street) of the Suburban route, the tank is impervious to any of the Predator weaponry. It’s shell pack a punch but due to barricades, it’s impossible to get up close to it and when you attempt to approach it, it fires a heavy machine gun your way. The only way to destroy the tank is to lure it into a trap that involves a gas station and unstable buildings.
 AvP Requiem Enemies Helicopter
The final boss of AvP Requiem, the helicopter shows up twice in the game. Once in The Power Station, the final level of the Industrial route and again at the end of the game’s final level, Hospital Interior. Armed with a gatling gun or something similar, the helicopter is best taken down using energy weapons such as the shoulder cannon or hand-held cannon. It appears to be an Apache.


 AvP Requiem Enemies Face-Huggers
Throughout the game, you’re secondary objectives are to remove the husks of dead Face-Huggers. You’ll usually encounter up to twelve Face-Hugger husks per level but unfortunately you wont find any of these walking embyro implanters in the actual game. Outside the opening video, you wont see any live Huggers.
 AvP Requiem Enemies Alien Queen
The entire point behind the game is to make sure the Aliens don’t establish a viable hive and as such, the Alien Queen only shows up for a few seconds. At the very end of the game, during the final cut scene after the Wolf has destroyed the hive, the Queen emerges from the rumble only to be destroyed by the Air Force.
 AvP Requiem Enemies Civilians
With the setting being an American town, you were always bound to run into some civilians.  As you move through the town, you’ll find yourself encountering various civilians. Generic ones, engineers, rail workers, doctors and so forth. They’re all unarmed and usually cower when you approach. Killing them and allowing them to be killed will result in loosing honor points. You will also find the occasional corpse of a Face-Hugger victim.
 AvP Requiem Enemies Animals
You’ll find quite a few animal carcass on the ground as you progress through the game. All with their chest exploded. Dead dogs are found on the suburban levels while the remains of cattle are found at the start of the industrial route. With so many dead animals, you would have expected different hybrids but unfortunately there are no Runners in this game.
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