Aliens vs Predator (GBA)

Platform: Game Boy Advance
Release Date: Cancelled
Genre: Unknown
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft


Ubisoft officially announced Aliens vs Predator for the Game Boy Advance in April 2002. The release date wasn’t revealed but a lot of game sites have it down as December 2003. Virtually nothing is known about Aliens vs Predator apart from a quote from Ubisoft: “This game allows players to experience numerous levels of action and terror.” No screenshots were ever revealed either. It’s not known how far into development Ubisoft were with the game.

Why It Was Cancelled

Apparently, Ubisoft only had the license to produce AvP games until 2003. It’s not officially known why Aliens vs Predator was cancelled and it wasn’t announced that they’d cancelled it. It just sort of disappeared from the radar.


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