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AvP Marine Weapons & Equipment

This page covers all the Marine weapons and equipment in Aliens vs. Predator.


VP78 Pistol
The pistol is the last line of defence for a Marine when no other weapon is available. The VP78 Pistol uses 9mm, squash-head rounds and you have unlimited ammo with the pistol. The pistol can be fired in single round shots or in three quick bursts. The quick bursts are useful in close combat whereas single shots might be better used at long range.

ZX-76 Shotgun
This shotgun is extremely effective in close-quarters combat but it’s not very useful for long-range targets, however. The secondary fire mode makes it fire with both barrels making it pack quite a punch. It’s a good weapon but the reload times are long and it doesn’t hold many rounds. You need to be sure that if you shoot it at someone, they go down straight away otherwise you’ll be killed before you have a chance to reload. The problem with the Shotgun is that you really shouldn’t be letting Aliens come that close to you in the first place. It’s why I find the Pulse Rifle is the best multi-purpose weapon.

M41A/2 Pulse Rifle
Every Marine starts out with gun in multiplayer. The primary mode is a machine gun and the secondary mode is a grenade launcher. When you’re using the primary mode, it’s best to fire in short bursts at your target. This not only saves you lots of ammo but you also get better accuracy on the target. The secondary mode pumps out a very powerful grenade and has a good splash-effect. This mode is for medium to long-range targets because if you fire it too close, you’ll be killed in the blast. It’s a brilliant, multi-purpose weapon that a Marine definitely shouldn’t be without.

M59/B Smartgun
The Smartgun is the Marine’s primary heavy-fire support weapon. It fires in auto-targeting or free-fire modes. As long the enemy is in the target area on the screen, it will accurately fire at them. It’s an excellent weapon to use against fast moving enemies like Aliens or against cloaked Predators. It takes up both of your primary weapon slots so you’ll need to find another weapon when your ammo is running low. You also can’t run anywhere when you’re carrying this weapon.

M260B Flamethrower
This weapons is useful for killing grouped enemies or fast-moving enemies. You can just hold down on fire and watch the burst of flames that emerge from the weapon. Unlike the pulse rifle which is better fired in short bursts, you’re better off firing this is long bursts since accuracy isn’t a problem. The secondary fire enables you to spray fuel which you can light up. Unfortunately, the weapon doesn’t do that much damage. You’d kill an Alien far quicker with the Pulse Rifle than you would the Flamethrower.

M42C Scoped Rifle
This is the marine’s ultimate long-range weapon. Because it’s a long-range weapon, you’ve got a scope which you can use to zoom in on enemies. The best place you need to be is on a high platform where nobody can see you. Aliens and Predators have far superior vision and will discover you before you discover them. Aliens will be hard to hit because of their speed. Remember to hide efficiently and be ready to kill anybody who discovers you. Try and aim for their head as it’s a one shot kill. It will take a couple of shots if you’re shooting at their bodies. Another advantage of this weapon is that it can see enemies through walls and can also see cloaked Predators if you’re looking through the scope.

Melee Combat
You can use your weapons as a melee weapon in close combat. If an enemy gets too close you can knock them away. You can use them to defend yourself against incoming attacks. For example, you could you can use a quick melee attack when the enemy is about to use a Heavy Attack against you.

Marine Equipment

Useful for seeing where you’re going if you wandering through dark tunnels or passages. If you’re playing the singleplayer campaign, I would keep it on all the time but in multiplayer, use it only when you need it because it might give your location away to other players.

Flares are small objects which can be thrown anywhere and they’ll light the entire area up within a medium range. You can easily see enemies and other things close by when you drop a flare. A problem with the flares is that they don’t last forever.

These are essentially health packs so use them whenever you get injured. You can carry up to three Stims at a time. A Marine’s health does recharge after a little time but only to the closest bar. If a health bar is gone, the only way to restore it is to use a Stim. Be careful and make sure nobody is around when you use one because it leaves you vulnerable for a short time.

Motion Tracker
This piece of equipment can prove invaluable. The motion tracker alerts you if there are any approaching enemies in front of you. An enemy could be anywhere vertically. For example, they could be on the level above you or below you so that’s something you’ll have to take into account. The tracker does track enemies behind you but it has a very short range. It’ll start bleeping if there’s something very close behind you but by the time you notice, it may be too late. The motion tracker is based on movement. If you see a dot approaching you and suddenly disappears, one of the reasons could be that they’ve just stopped moving. If the object is moving at an average pace, it could be a Predator or a Marine. If the object is moving very fast, it will most likely be an Alien.

Sentry Guns
You’ll come across Sentry Guns at the start and end of the Marine campaign. You don’t really have any control over them except using the computer to turn them on if you’re directed to do so. Sentry Guns cover a 90 degree angle which it constantly monitors. If an enemy is spotted, it’ll start shooting. They will get overwhelmed if there are lots of enemies coming towards it at the same time.

Hacking Device
You’ll need to use the Hacking Device about four times throughout the Marine campaign to bypass doors. You’ll have to plug it in and defend your position until the Hack is complete.

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