How to Mod AvP 2010

Posted by ikarop on September 10, 2011 (Updated: 27-Jul-2015)

5. Sounds

Sounds are exported in their original format (.wav), you just need to keep the same format and settings after you have edited them. The recommended audio settings are:

General Format: Wave
Audio Format : PCM
Codec ID : 1
Codec ID/Hint : Microsoft
Sampling rate : 44.1 KHz
Resolution : 16 bits

You can use SUPER to convert your sounds to wave files.

Here’s a working example.

 How to Mod AvP 2010

6. Extracting the chunk

  • Open the Asura Engine Extractor.
  • Click on “Open File” (All files *.*) and open TEMPORARY_FILE* you previously saved.
  • A list will appear, find the file you want to mod there ( for e.g. /graphics/characters/predator/ and click on Export Chunk.
  • This will save a  BLOCK.XXXX.bin file in a new folder, the path where your new file is located is noted on the extractor.

Now you have the chunk of information, which you will be needed to import your custom files back into the Asura Engine.

Note: If you have clicked on Export Chunk and the new folder with your .bin file doesn’t appear, just rename the TEMPORARY_FILE file to something different while you it’s open in the extractor, and click on Export Chunk again.

*If you are extracting data from an “.en” file, note you can open it directly using the Asura Engine Extractor. No TEMPORARY_FILE is needed in this case.

7. Importing the files back into the engine

Now you need an Asura template file to import your edited files back in the game. You can use any uncompressed ones. It just needs to include at least one editable chunk in it. Either Beams.asr, Fonts.asr or some other will do the trick. We will use Beams.asr since it contains just one editable chunk and it makes it easier to share the file online.

  • Open the following file: /Steamsteamappscommonaliens vs predator/Graphicsbeam.asr with the Asura Engine Extractor.
  • Select the /Graphics/ line from the list and click on Import Chunk.
  • Browse for the BLOCK.XXX.bin file you previously saved. Load it. Now the line should have been replaced with the name of the file you want to modify.
  • Click on Load from File (Materials). Browse for the .dds texture or .wav file you created and click on Open.
  • Click on Save As. Accept and name your file XXX.en, for eg: Avpgalaxy.en. Click Save. You are done.

IMPORTANT: The extension .en of your modified file means that the game has to be in English or the modification won’t work. If you want to use mods with a different language pack, this extension should be changed to the one from your region. For eg: Spanish = .sp, French = .fr, Italian = .it, German = .ge, Polish = .pl

 How to Mod AvP 2010

8. Your Mods in-game.

  • Copy your new .en file to your AvP Steam or custom created folder (for eg: Characters, C:Program FilesAvPMods, etc…).
  • Now open the .lst file from the AvP folder where you want to apply the mod with the notepad*.
  • Add a line at the bottom with the path of your new .en file. (E.g.: CharacterXXX.en, miscXXX.en, C:Program FilesAvPModsXXX.en…) and save it.
  • Now run the game and enjoy your modification.

*IMPORTANT: If you want to apply your modification to both SP and MP, then put your .en file in the Misc folder. Edit Common.list and add the path of your .en file. For MP put your .en file in the Characters folder and edit Multiplayer.lst.

Finally note plenty of the game resource files are shared between 3D models (Alien body textures, some biomask’s Normal maps, Predator body textures, Marine armors, etc…).

Modifications can only be noticed by you. Other players won’t notice any changes unless they are running the same modified file on their clients.


This method and tools are unofficial. Use them at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for its use or distribution. Also, DO NOT distribute any original game content with your modifications.

Special Thanks and Credits

Ikarop – Author of the guide, method and mods displayed here, Aluigi – QuickBMS/Asura Script, LZTK – Asura Engine Extractor translated by Ikarop, Ambrosiia -Tester, lamiszcze – Tester, Photoshop DDS Plugin – © 2010 NVIDIA Corporation. Aliens vs. Predator™ © 2010 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation © 2010 SEGA ©2010 Rebellion.

The mods displayed in this guide can be found here.

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  1. Can someone please explain to me how to extract the sounds from the game, i would really want to edit some sounds to make some sound packs, but i just don’t know how, the tutorial doesnt really explain that to me. If i want to extract the sounds only, all i need is the quickBMS and the asura script, i have them, i tried to extract some modded sound files from here, an .en file with quickBMS, it all worked ok. but when i try to extract the files from the game like streamingsounds.asr or common.en with quickBMS, it doesnt prompt me to save no TEMPORARY_FILE, nor does it extract anything. Tried it with Asura engine extractor, same thing, it gives me an error while trying to extract the files. What am i doing wrong?

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