AvP Predator Walkthrough

Posted by Psychotica on June 2, 2011 (Updated: 01-Jun-2014)

This is a AvP Predator Walkthrough guide for 1999’s Aliens vs Predator game that was released for PC.

Episode I – Waterfall

As soon as you enter the level, switch to thermal vision (blue), as there are only marines on this level. Walk down the stairs and hit the switch by the last few steps. If you’re on Training or Realistic, then feel free to explore the tunnels ahead, otherwise return to where you started the level. Jump on the rail at the top, then run along the rail and jump over to the ledge. Jump over once more to the third ledge and go through the door. Go up the stairs and up again, killing any marines who foolishly try to get in your way. When you go down the following stairs, cloak and switch to your speargun or shoulder cannon.

There is a guy with a grenade launcher on the same level as you who needs to be extinguished. When he’s dead, drop down to the ground and proceed through into the tunnel ahead.

The door on the left is locked, so go right down the stairs and kill any marines in the area, before pressing the button. When the video message finishes, head back up the stairs and through the door. You’re in an area with water on the floor. On the right there’s a door with a switch by it. The switch, obviously, opens the door. Hit the said switch and enter said door, then go along the edge and round the bend. Make your way across the two bridges, and you’ll enter a area with some gates, pass through or around them and enter the doorway in the opposite corner. Head up the stairs, along the walkway and down the steps. Hit the switch and go through the door. A bit further on, on the left, is a room with a switch. Enter and hit it. Then proceed through the door, and continue straight on (going left is pointless). You’ll be in an area with a motor in it. Head for the door in the far left corner. Go down the stairs, then into the tunnel on your right. Hit the switch, go through the door and head down the stairs to find yourself at the waterfall. Go up the stairs, hit the switch and get on the lift. When it reaches the top kill the marine and press the button to open the airlock. Proceed into it to end the level.

Episode II – Area 52

As before, switch to thermal vision – no aliens here. Go forwards through the door and then into the room at the far end of the corridor. On the left, kill any marines there may be in there and destroy everything, except for the field charge which you should find. Pull the lever, then exit the room and continue down the corridor. When you reach the door that doesn’t open, look left and hit a switch with a small arrow on it.

Proceed through the now open door and the lift will take you up. Exit it and follow the path round to the left and down the several sets of steps. When you reach the bottom, head right, then left into the large open area, then left again and follow the path round. Eventually you’ll reach a door, which opens to reveal several barrels. Kill any humans present and then cloak yourself, switching to Speargun. Lean over the edge and dispose of the guy at the bottom (on the right). When he’s dead, fall down to where his body is and collect the security pass nearby. Then catch the lift back up and follow the path back round to the bottom of the stairs.

On the left, at the end of the corridor, is a vent that you need to smash. Do so and enter it. Smash the identical grate at the other end and enter the lift across the corridor. When you reach the top you will enter another control room. Again, destroy everything, pull the lever and collect the field charge. Exit via the other door and follow the corridor round until you reach the end. From here you can now jump onto the bridge.

Head right, follow the corridor round and go through the door. You’re now in some sort of meeting room. Head straight across to the door on the other side. Head down the stairs. After 3 sets, there’s a door on the left. Head through it to collect some field charge and open a door; but it’s somewhere you’ve already been, so head back to the stairs. Continue down another 2 sets until you come to another door, this time straight in front of you. Go through it and read the message.

Yes, you have to jump that gap, just try to get the timing right. Save just before you jump if necessary. When you get across to the other side, go through the door. Head left, then enter the door on your right. Another control room, so usual routine – smash all, hit lever, grab field charge. The lever unlocks all the doors, so now you can progress into the building. Head back out through the door you used to enter, then go left, follow the corridor down, and take the second left. This takes you to the kitchens. Go left, across the room and through the door. Now walk around the back of the sentry gun and take it out with your wristblades.

Head around to the right and through the door to enter the mess hall. Continue through it and the door at the end. Take the left turning and go through the door, but don’t go around the corner just yet. Cloak and ready your Speargun. Shoot the marine(s) at the end of the corridor and walk towards their bodies. When the door closes, take a right. Fall down to the floor and enter the vent to the right of the bookcases. This takes you to the laundry room. When you get there, smash all the containers (the washing machines on the right are indestructible) and you should find a laundry chute in the far left hand corner. Fall down it, then smash the grate that is exactly opposite the one you just exited (you’ll have to stand on one of the containers), and enter the vent behind it. Continue through this, smash the grate and enter the hangar. Kill any marines present and enter you ship via the ramp at the front of it.

Episode III – Vaults

Change to thermal view. Go down the ramp, head left and through the door. Pass down the corridor, through the second door and enter the control room. The lift (the thing with the big glass door) doesn’t work right now, so go down the left hand side of it and smash the cupboard-type-thing and the grate behind it. Continue down the vent and go right to the end. Smash the grate you’re standing on and kill the marine in the room.

In one of the corners is a computer mainframe – smash it. Then turn around and destroy the grate in front of you, continue down the vent and smash the grate there, before again crushing the mainframe. The next grate is to the right of the mainframe, a little bit off the ground. Enter the vent, but halfway through it you should hear the beep-beep of a sentry gun and there’s a turning off to the left. Go down that turning and you’ll end up on grate overlooking a sentry gun. Destroy it and head back down the vent, before turning left to continue into the next mainframe room.

The computer’s on your left and the grate is on the opposite side of the room from it. Head straight down and enter the final mainframe room, destroying said computer. Go through the now unlocked door, and switch to electrical (red) view – it’s bug time. Head left through the door, ignore the door on your left, then take the next left hand turning. Pass through the airlock and draw your pistol. Go down the corridor with the big 1 over it and open the door. You’ll see an alien attacking a marine. Shoot the alien with your pistol.

Now, continue through all the doors (there’s loads), battling any aliens you meet, until you reach a big, long corridor. Depending on the difficulty level you’re doing it on, there might be some field charge halfway. Continue down said corridor and enter yet another corridor. Head right, and follow the corridor until it turns, then take the first left. Go through the hole in the door, and go across the room to the other end where there’s a grate. Smash it and enter the vent.

At the various turnings take these directions: right, left, left. Destroy the grate at the end and enter the “xenoborg-holding” room. Kill the facehugger in there (it might have been in the vent) and enter the door that was on the left when you entered. Go through the second door, kill the alien(s), then flick the switch. All doors are now unlocked. Head out through the two doors, then go across the room and exit it via the door.

Head left now, and take the second right after the corridor turns. Go through the doors and enter a room “Where humans were holding xenomorphs.” Go straight and get on the lift at the end, ride it up and continue down the corridor. Pass through the airlock, then go down the two sets of steps and follow the corridor round until you see a trail of Predator blood on the floor. Go straight on (don’t follow it: stay on the same section of corridor) and take the first right (at the end of the corridor). Pass through the lab and the two doors at the other end, then kill the alien in the room and collect the security pass on the right hand side of the room.

Go back out until you reach the main corridor again and now follow the blood trail left. Keep following it and eventually you’ll reach a very large door which will open for you. Now follow the trail through many, many doors until you reach a large room with a big ball in the middle. If you have electrical view on you will see that there is a creature inside – your fellow warrior. Select your Disc. There’s a lever in one corner of the room – pull it to release your brother. However, releasing him reveals that the humans have turned him into a Predalien – use the disc to slay him. The base is now set to self-destruct, so it’s time to exit.

Head out through all those doors again (they’re open) and when you reach the large room, go around to the left. The lift is still deactivated, so follow the wall round to the right and eventually you’ll find a door. Behind that there’s another door, and then there’s a lever which activates it. Pull that lever and come back to the lift. Enter it turn around. When the lift reaches the top, exit the lift and you’re in the control room at the beginning. Go through the door in front of you and follow the corridor round, then go through another door to enter the hangar. Enter your ship to end the level.

Episode IV – 161

When you enter the level, switch to electrical view and draw your pistol. Pull the switch on the right to open the door in front of you. Go through, but not too close to the fan – you’ll get sucked up and die.

Head left, down the stairs and up the steps ahead. Take the lift on your left, then follow the path round until you reach the top, where there’s a switch. Pull it, then fall down and make your way back to where the fan is. This time go straight across and through the door, then wait. Some aliens will break down the wall at the end, maybe setting themselves on fire. Kill them then continue up the stairs at the end.

When you reach the top, shoot the center of your pipe with your pistol. Jump into the gap and walk along to the end, falling down the hole. Hit the switch there to deactivate the fan, then the switch next to the door to unlock it. Head left and through the door to return to the area with the fan, which has now stopped. Go through the fan and there’s a door behind it which opens. Continue down this passage until you reach a large room. There are two doors here – you need to take the left one. Follow the corridor round, up a few flights of steps, until you arrive at a towering great room. In the far right corner from you is a switch. Hit it, then fall down the hole next to it. Go through the door in the corner (not the taller one; that takes you back to the fan) and wait. A couple of aliens are positioned behind some barrels, and they usually set themselves on fire. When they’re dead, continue down the corridor and go up the stairs.

When you reach the top follow the path round until there’s a door on your left – take it. Go up the steps and through the door and you’re in that big towering room again. Go across to the other side and flick the switch, then return. Exit through the door and head left, following the passage round until you reach the mess hall. Collect the field charge, then head out and right through the door. Go across the room and up the spiral staircase, then through the door at the top.

Follow the corridor round to the towering room, then go right, along the ledge and flick the switch. Return to the room with the spiral staircase, then go right, along the ledge to enter the door on the right. Walk forward a bit, and an alien will run straight over you and out the door for some strange reason. Ignore it, and ride the lift up. Go left through the open doorway and then through the next door. Now go right, along the ledge and hit the switch. Follow the ledge back around and enter the lift. When it reaches the bottom, go across the room and walk up the steps in the far right corner to enter the pipe. At the end, go right, then take the first right. Hit the switch inside, then exit the room and head right yet again.

At the end of the pipe go through the huge doors, then take the lift up at the end. Select your disc. A Praetorian will emerge from behind a crate on the left at the top, so pulverise him. Retrieve your disc and switch to thermal view. Cloak and select your Speargun, then go up the steps and look right. There should be a marine you can see – try edging forward bit by bit. When he’s dead, go down the stairs and follow the ledge around until you see a lift in the far corner. Ride it down and kill the marine at the bottom.

Once again, cloak and select your Speargun, then walk out slowly (being careful not to fall into the molten lead) and snipe the guy on the other side of the area. Now, wait until you’ve got about half your field charge, then cloak (assuming you’ve de-cloaked) and select your Shoulder Cannon. I’d recommend you save if you can right now. Then, run round the corner and zap the marine there. Switch back to electrical view, select the pistol and hit the switch. Turn around and destroy the alien there. Follow the corridor round, then when the Predator ship arrives attempt to jump onto it (wait until it stops in front of you). End of level.

Episode V – Caverns

Switch to thermal view, then make your way down the passage. Fall down at the end and begin walking down through the corridor. At the other end, go up the stairs to your left and head through the passage. At the opposite end, select your Speargun and cloak. Shoot the marine that you can see. Fall down into the area below and pull the lever straight ahead. Head right through the corridor and then up the stairs on your right at the end.

Go through the passageway and jump over to the now open door. Go through the cave and at the other end head right along the ledge, killing the marine. At the end of the ledge there’s a rope – slash it with your Wristblades. Then fall down into the area below, collect the field charge, and fall down the hole where the lift previously was. Go left into the tunnel and at the end head right along the ledge, entering the next passage. At the end, carefully walk along the pipe, collect the field charge, and then carefully tread across the next one.

Go down the passageway, but just before you reach the end pull out your Speargun and cloak. Empty the area below of marines and then fall down, switch to electrical view and pull out your disc. Next to the hangar door in front of you, there’s a switch. Hit it to open the hangar door. When it opens, waste the xenoborg with your disc, then retrieve it and smash the two sentry guns with your Wristblades.

Press the button on the wall to cycle the doors and open the one you want. Head right down the corridor and go through the door at the end. Here, go through the wrecked APC and head down the tunnel. At the end, take a left and enter the control room. Go round the central station and destroy the two barrels on the other side. The door next to you will open and some aliens will emerge dispose of them and them head back down the tunnel, going left this time when you reach the large area. Head down the passage and across the rocky beam, then go either left or right (they both lead to the same place) and fall down into the area below. Waste the two Praetorian guards and then go forward into the rocky area. At a certain point the floor will fall through. End of level.

Episode VI – Battle

Unfortunately, the only weapons available are your Speargun and your Wristblades. If you’re doing the level on Realistic or Director’s Cut, then you’ll have a facehugger or two to deal with. Take them out first using your Wristblades, save your game (unless you’re drastically low on health) then use the Speargun against the Queen. Nothing flashy, just keep shooting her until she dies.

Bonus I – Invasion

As soon as you enter the level, switch to electrical view and select your Pistol. Walk over to the door in the wall (over to the left) and pull the lever next to it to open it. Walk forwards onto the lift and ride it down. When the door opens, fall down the gap into the area below. Follow the corridor round until you come to a room containing some cylinders. Here, you want to go right. Go down the corridor and follow it round to the left, into another room full of cylinders. Worm your way through to the other side, where there’s a lift. Pull the lever next to it to operate it. When you reach the top, head over to another lift, this time in the corner of the room.

Walk along the ledge, then go right up the stairs and through the gap at the top. Go up the next flight of steps and then go round the corner. From here, head straight on to the next room. The door ahead is locked, but a lift will rise up to your right. Ride it down, then fall to the floor as far as you can go. Now switch to thermal view, cloak and select your Speargun. Walk slowly towards the door, and when it opens shoot the Smartgun marine behind it. Follow the corridor round to the left, disposing of any marines you meet.

Now you want to cloak and select your Speargun again. Open the door, and then stay still. There’s a guy, usually on top of the APC, armed with a Sadar, and it will kill you in one shot. Find him and kill him, then empty the area of marines and enter the APC. Kill the marine in there to end the mission.

Bonus II – Escape

When you enter, kill the civilian and follow the vent around the corner. Either shoot the glass and then use the grappling hook to get through it, or shoot the hook to the ceiling above the glass and smash it with your Wristblades.

When you get through, kill the humans at the top and then fall down. You can now either kill the aliens and then kill the marines, or leave them to themselves. When you’re down, continue through the double doors and then two more sets of the same style. Behind the third door is a marine – kill him and then an alien will leap from the vent to attack you. Dispose of the bug and enter the vent he entered from, using the hook obviously.

Follow it round to enter a room full of egg transports. Here there is a civilian and an alien. Dispose of both, then continue through the double doors to the right of you when you exited the vent. Go through yet another set of doors and then another. You’re now in a lab. Here you’ll meet an android and facehugger, and quite possibly an alien or two. When they’re all dead, pull yourself up to the platform above you using the grappling hook, and go through to the next lab, where there is some field charge to your right.

Ready your pistol and electrical view, then enter the next vent, where there’s an alien. After killing it, fall down into the next room, where there are two humans. One side of the room is actually the entrance to the airlock, so pass through it, killing the alien in the second chamber.

On the other side, kill the marine and pull yourself up into the vent. Follow it round, then go straight over the platform into the next one – there’s nothing worth looking at down below. When you exit the vent and fall off the platform, you’ll find yourself in a long, thin corridor, with two rooms connected to it. Dispose off all enemies and then move along to the viewing gallery, where you get to see several dumb-assed humans get their asses kicked by a xenoborg.

When you’re done, continue down the corridor to enter a toilet – where an alien will attack a civilian. When both are finished, pull yourself up to the platform above the door that you entered. Collect the field charge, then continue through the vent. Drop down on the other side, killing the humans and passing through the door. Kill the ones on this side too, then switch to electrical and select your disc. As soon as the doors open in the corner, target the xenoborg and let him have it. Retrieve your precious disc, then pull yourself up onto the platform and head into the vent. There’s an alien to dispose of here, so do so, then fall down and kill the marine and the alien that arrives. Use the grappling hook to get up into the vent, then walk through into the temple and fall down to the bottom. Pull yourself up into the hole, then walk through. Dispose of the Praetorian to end the level.

Bonus III – Temple

Switch to electrical view, select your pistol and fall to the floor. When you’ve killed all the aliens, use your grappling hook to pull yourself up to the ceiling, then into the tunnel. Make your way up the tunnel and out into the large room with the alien statute. Dispose of the facehuggers on the floor, then head down the tunnel in the corner of the room (where the blood trail leads). Head down this tunnel and fall down to the floor. This is a bit tricky. You need to attach the grappling hook as high up on the wall as you can, then when you fly up in the air quickly press the grappling hook key twice to attach it to an even higher spot. Repeat the process until you reach the top.

Follow the blood trail up and into a room with loads of pillars on their side. Head into the tunnel in the far left corner. When you emerge in the next room, ride the lift in the far right corner up. Head down the tunnel, then in the next room ride the lift on the left up. Go around the ledge and into the next room. Ride the lift up here too.

You’ll emerge in an enormous room, offering four ways to go. Surprisingly enough, you want to go neither. Instead, stand at the bottom of one of the four sets of steps, and look up. There’s a hole in the ceiling, and you need to pull yourself up there with your grappling hook. Once you’re there, you need to worm your way through the gap in the center to get on top of the half-pyramid and into the long, thin chimney-like thing. Once you’re in there, you need to do the process of hooking, waiting until you’re high up in midair, then hooking again. There’s a very large room halfway up, but you actually need to go higher up, up through the next chimney-like thing.

When you reach the top, there are two “ramps,” one on each side of you. Behind one of them is a tunnel that you should be able to see. Get into that tunnel. Then, fall to the floor and take out the two Praetorians. Once you’ve done that, pull yourself back up into the tunnel, go over the ramp and down the chimney-like thing but get yourself into the room halfway down. Now head through the arches on one side of the room and fall down the hole. This takes you into the facehugger shrine. Head up the tunnel and into the room to end the level.

Bonus IV – Earthbound

When the level begins, switch to thermal view and smash the glass. The door opens, so go out and kill all prey. Proceed through the set of doors below the “Welcome to Gateway” sign. Fall down and smash the vent, then go through the doors. The alarm starts going off. Smash the glass and run to the end and then through the door to the right. Fall down into the dock below, then smash the power modules on each side.

Switch to electrical view. The door at the end opens, revealing a sentry gun and an open vent. Aliens emerge from the latter, but get splattered by the sentry gun (some make it past, so be prepared to take them out). When the aliens stop coming, smash the sentry gun and pull yourself into the vent. When you reach the other end, drop down and go to the middle of the corridor, where there are some barrels.

Doors open either side of you and behind them are power modules – break them. The fans above will stop, so use your grappling hook to pull yourself into the vents. Make your way into the large area ahead, and kill the Praetorian. Then, take the middle vent and follow it round into a room containing a marine with a flame-thrower. Kill him, then go over to the pipes on the far side of the room. Crouch and walk under them, then fall down to the area below. Proceed through the two doors, behind the second of which is a minigunner. When he’s wasted, pull yourself up into the hole in the ceiling, then continue going straight up – going along offers nothing but large numbers of aliens.

When you reach the top, proceed through the two sets of doors and fall down, then smash the grate, fall through and break the glass. Jump over to the computer and break it apart – this causes the door to open. Go through it and fall to the floor of the dock. Watch it – on the other side is a Smartgunner. Take him out, use your Medicomp and collect the field charge. If you have a save left, I’d strongly recommend you use it now.

Break all the power modules, making sure you’re in thermal view, then cloak and hide in one of the power module areas. The doors at the end have opened, and behind them are the commanding officer that you have to kill to end the level, and a minigunner. Select the speargun, then slowly crawl out until you can see half of the minigunner’s body, then kill him and do the same with the commanding officer. End of level.

Bonus V – Tyrargo

This, the last level, is split right in two – the first half is all marines, the second is full of xenomorphs. As soon as the level starts, cloak. When the lift reaches the top, slash the marine in front of you, then get off and do the same with the Smartgunner on the left. Walk past his body and fall down into a corridor full of lockers and benches. Continue to the end, then pass through the hangar and out via the door on the right. Switch to thermal view, then activate the lift and wait for it to come down – Do not get on it! Instead, select your Speargun and zoom in where the lift would normally dock with the top level – you should see two sentry guns. Take them out, then switch back to thermal view and ride the lift up.

Go through the doors and then through the doors to the left. Take out any humans in the area and then fall down to the left. Follow the corridor round into the mess hall and then smash the glass in the far right corner with your Wristblades. Jump through and proceed straight on, between the cryo-sleep beds. Follow the corridor round and through the doors, then again through some cryo-sleep beds and round the corner, then past some cryo-sleep beds and into a hangar. Here, there is a door to the far right. Cloak and go through it. Take out all the marines in there, then use your Medicomp and collect the field charge. This is an excellent save point.

Switch to electrical view, then proceed back into the hangar, and pull the two switches in the far left corner. Go through the doors and past all the cryo-sleep beds back to the mess hall (it’s simple to navigate, so I don’t need to give directions). Now head left through the doors, follow the corridor round and press the switch on the right. This activates the lift. Ride it up and select your disc. The doors on the left are now open. Walk round the corner and throw the disc at the first xenoborg, then recall it (unless by some small miracle it returned itself to you) and then walk round the next corner and take out the second one.

Now proceed down the steps and through the doors, then blow up the crates in the far right hand corner. Proceed through the gap, then down the right hand side to the far end of the corridor. Turn left and you should see some stairs – go up them, then round to the right and enter the emergency escape tunnel. Proceed down it, then go straight through the doors at the end, ignoring the ones on the right. Fall down and go through the doors to enter the hangar. Kill the two Praetorians that fall from the vents, then go up to the top of the steps next to the door you entered by, then proceed through the other door (at the top of the sets of steps) to exit the hangar. Continue down this corridor, then hit the switch on the left in the next area to activate the lift. Ride it up, then pass through to the next area and wait on the lift for a few moments. The lift goes down and the level finishes.

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