AvP Marine Walkthrough

Posted by Psychotica on January 1, 2000 (Updated: 01-Jun-2014)

Episode I – Derelict

Exit the your room, then head right, before following the corridor round to the left. When you come to the glass doors, turn and break the emergency glass on you left, then pull the lever to open the emergency door. Head down the passage and up the stairs, then round the ledge and ride the lift down to the bottom floor. Head left to the side of the cylindrical thing in the middle, then pull down on the lever to cycle the blast doors. The door on the other side opens, allowing you to move through to the next corridor. From there, head through the next door, then left into the egg lab. Go down the steps, then right and down to the end of the corridor. Press the button with the two thick white lines (to the right of the door) to open the airlock. Pass through it, then head down the corridor into the area containing the ship. Switch to your image intensifier, then move across to the lift on the far left hand side. Ride it up, then go round the corner. Time to meet your first xenomorph. Splat him, then continue into the room ahead. Go round to the other side of the room and ride the lift up, then head along the ledge and into the corridor. Simply follow the corridor through completely – the turnoffs only contain bonuses on the easier levels. Keep following the corridor until you get to the room with the big pillar in the middle that you can walk through. Make your way over to the other side and pass into the corridor.

Head straight along the ledge, then turn left and look for the lever on the right, in a little alcove. Pull it and return to the open ledge overlooking the end of the ship. There’s a lift in the middle on the right – ride it down then head for the tunnel on the far right. Pass through it, then through the door and into one of the holes in the side of the ship. Head left then ride the lift down at the end. Find the tunnel in this area, then head down it and you’ll soon emerge in a waterlogged area that allows you to see into the sky. Head down the next tunnel and ride the lift down at the end. Proceed left then through the tunnel with the four small poles in it, then pass through into the next room to end the level.

Episode II – Colony

Head down the tunnel to the right, then through the opening door and into the lift. Ride it up, then go outside and right. Continue going round until you reach the entrance to the Generator Shed. Head into it, then follow the corridor round to the left until you come to a glass window. Shoot the glass with a grenade, then jump through the window to the little pad on the left (you can make it, it just requires some precise jumping) and then fall down to the floor. This way you can get down without loosing any health.

Pull the four levers, then wait for the doors to open and the power to come back on. When this happens, go through said doors and go up the stairs, then go right. Follow the corridor round again, then when you get to the glass window through a flare somewhere in the room – a door in the far corner, which was previously locked, is now open. Go through and follow the ledge round again, but now you can ride the lift at the end up as it is now powered. At the top, go along the pathway and crouch to get through the hole at the end. In this room is a smartgun, which I suggest you use, and on the easier levels there’s a medikit, although really you shouldn’t need by this point.

Exit the room and go along the ledge, down the lift etc. until you exit the Generator Shed. After doing so, head right and you should emerge in an area full of bars, homesteads, etc. Head right to the main building, and pull down on the lever to the left of the large door. It will open. Go through, then go right. Follow the corridor round until you come to a door – it’s locked. Instead, look right and you should see a vent on the floor – crouch and head through it, then go up the steps, round and through the other vent. You’ll emerge in a large room with four barrels in it. There should be an alien nearby, either in the room, or directly behind the doors to your right. After it’s dead, proceed through said doors and follow the corridor round to the water-flooded area. Take the right and ride the lift up to the top level. Get off, then continue down the corridor and then turn right. Head up the stairs and into the Ops Room. Pull down on the five switches. Head out the opposite door to the one you came in by, then head down the stairs, and take the next right.

Go down the steps, then look right. You should be able to see a Smartgun. Collect it, then continue down the stairs to level 2. I’d recommend you save it until the end, when you’ll really need it. Follow the corridor round until you reach a large room that lights up when you enter it. Kill the alien that appears then head through the doors on the far right. In this room, collect the Flamethrower at the far end then proceed through the doors on the left. Go to the end of the next room and go through the doors, armed with the Flamethrower. Fry the facehuggers, then collect the bonuses and the Bypass kit. Now, head out of the room, through the Medlab, round the corridor and into the room with the sets of stairs. Now, sticking to the left-hand wall, fall down to the next level (i.e. fall down the broken stairs).

Now turn around and go down the steps, then right when you reach the large water flooded intersection. Follow the corridor round and go through the doors. In the far left hand corner there’s a series of pipes which get progressively higher. Jump onto the lowest one then work your way up to the top, before entering the vent on the left. When you emerge in the next room, ignore the steps to your right and head left, then go down the steps and through the next vent into the corridor. From here go left, then when you reach the main door exit to go outside. Go down to the end of the “street”, then go right. Keep going round until you reach the main gate, and it will open automatically. Now simply keep heading down the small valley outside, armed with the Smartgun you picked up earlier, killing any aliens you meet. Approach the APC at the end to finish the level.

Episode III – Invasion

Exit the APC and head over to the stairs to the left. Walk up them, then go through the door ahead and follow the corridor round. Make your way through the next set of doors, then go round the room to get to the stairs on your right. Walk up them, follow the walkway round, then proceed through the next door and down the corridor. Walk up the stairs ahead, follow the ledge round, and go through the next door. From here, head right and through the doors at the end. Follow the ledge around to the left and proceed through the doors. Take the right-hand corridor and follow it round until you come to a large room with a fan in it. Walk up the stairs on your left, proceed along the walkway, and enter the control room at the end.

Here, collect the flamethrower in the corner and turn the wheel in the far left corner. Exit the room and fall to the floor (you won’t lose any health). Continue down the corridor, going straight on and ignoring the door. When you come to the next room, walk right along the ledge you’re currently on and fall down to the next level. Turn around, then turn the wheel in front of you. You need to be quick here – fall down onto the steps on the right, then run around to the top. A bridge is being lowered. When it gets low enough, jump onto it and run across to the other side, before entering the room in the corner. In here there are lots of pickups. This is an excellent save point. Now exit the room, go across the bridge and keep on following the ledges round until you reach the lift. Ride it down, then enter the area on the right and take out the facehuggers present.

Go through into the room at the end containing the pressure cylinders. Walk up the steps just to your right, then activate the wheel that’s releasing steam. Now collect the smartgun & ammo, exit the room and walk up to the bars on your left – they will now open. Go down the corridor, then take the first possible right turn. Walk onto the lift ahead and ride it up. Turn around and ride up the next lift, then follow the ledge along. In the next bit, follow the stairs up to the right.

Go into the next area, then shoot the bar with all the flashing lights mounted on it. A walkway will fall down. Walk across it, then go through the doors at the end. Go down the stairs, then proceed through the room at the end to enter the Ventilation Control Room. Pull the two wheels to deactivate the two fans. Exit the room, go back up the stairs and across the walkway. Go round the corner and into the room on your left. Go down the steps – there’s some Armor under the stairs in you need it. Walk round the corner and enter the room on your right – pull the wheel here to deactivate the fan. Collect the bonuses, then collect said room and go back up the stairs and out into the main corridor.

Go straight ahead, ignoring all rooms and go right to the end. Here, head right and through the doors, then again keep following the corridor. You’ll come to another room with a fan in it. Go up onto the ledge via the stairs and pull the wheel. Now leave the area and follow the corridor back around, through the doors and then left. Head right at the main intersection and go along the walkway, then through the doors with the green light above them. Go down this corridor, then walk along the bar on the right and enter the lift on the other side. Ride it up, then walk out onto the landing platform. The level ends when the dropship arrives. There may be some aliens waiting for you up there, so be prepared to fight.

Episode IV – Orbital

Walk forwards and enter the airlock. Wait for the next door to open, then proceed through it and move into the next area. Pull the lever next to the big glass door to unlock it. Head through the doors and into the main corridor. If you want to, you can go into the room at the end on the right and collect the SADAR and a bit of ammo, otherwise just head left, down the stairs and through the doors at the bottom. You’re now in the Living Quarters area. There are various pickups in the rooms, but there’re are also enemies, especially facehuggers, so personally I’d recommend that you just head down the corridor.

Proceed through the door at the end and then straight on to the next one, where you’ll need to pull the lever on the left of the door to unlock it. From there, head straight on still, keeping to the corridor. The next door opens automatically, and then you’ll emerge in a room offering you two doors to take. You want to go left. Pull on the lever next to the door, then go through both it and the next one. Go straight ahead, up the stairs and round, then over the small metal bridge and through the next door. At the end of the corridor, a small lift will rise up to take you down. Get on it, and when it gets low enough, fall off and run straight for the opening in the corner. The xenoborg is right next to the lift, but ignore it now; it won’t chase you.

Head up the stairs and onto the lift at the top. Ride it up, then go through the metal grates which open automatically at the top, across another small metal bridge and into the next room. I’d recommend you save it now. Go up the stairs and that hatch will open. You emerge in the hydroponics garden. Watch it, there’s a Predator in here (not on Training mode), so keep moving. Either kill it (not recommended – you can easily save yourself the bother and just run straight past it) or run quickly and pull the lever next to the door. When it unlocks, head straight through it. In this room there’s another problem – another Xenoborg. If you have the SADAR, it’s probably worth killing it – two shots will take care of it. When it’s dead, or if you’re not bothering to dispose of it, head round the ledge at the top and pull the lever next to the door, then proceed into the next room. Fall down into the hole to end the level.

Episode V – Tyrargo

Pull the lever on the right to open the door. Go up the steps on the far left hand side and pull down on the two switches there to open the hangar doors (the ones at the bottom of the stairs). Go through said doors, then head past the cryo-sleep beds, past the lockers, then round the corner and past yet more cryo-sleep beds. Now, walk forward until you hear a facehugger scrabble out of the lockers, then blast it with a grenade from your pulse rifle. Make your way round the corner and then pull the lever on the far left to open the door. Head through it, then go round the corner, past even more cryo-sleep beds, then head left.

Pop into the showers to collect a Smartgun and occasionally some armor. Now exit the room and head over to the far left corner. There’s a vent grate – shoot it and enter the vent. Shoot the two aliens that appear, then continue down the vent, shooting the grate at the other end. You emerge in the mess hall. On the far left are some bonuses, collect them then proceed through the doors in the opposite corner. Head down and round the corner, then pull the lever on the right to activate the lift. Ride it up, then go forwards and enter the passage on the right. Keep on following it round until you reach a dead end – here there is a lever. Pull it to activate the cooling systems. Head back down the passage and then proceed through the doors on your right. You’re now in the reactor.

Continue through it, then head through the doors at the bottom. Enter the next area and blow up the barrels on the far left. Head through the gap were they were, then walk up the stairs on the very far right. Pull the lever on the left, then enter the doors on the right. In here, it may be tempting to use the Smartgun, but I’d recommend you actually use your Pulse Rifle. Make your way through the emergency exit, killing the Praetorian at the end if you’re playing on the harder levels.

At the end go through the doors and then ride the lift down behind the barrels. If there’s one there, collect the SADAR on the left at the bottom. Head through the next set of doors to enter the hangar. Here there’s a Predator, but next to those missiles on the far right (next to the hangar door) there’s a minigun. Collect it, then waste the Predator. Be careful about the missiles in the room, as they explode with quite a bang. Now quickly make your way to the top of the steps on the opposite side of the room (with a door at the top). Wait for the Predalien, then dispose of it with the minigun (you should still have loads of ammo left for it) or the SADAR if it was there.

Make sure you get your sorry ass to the top of those steps for when the doors open. If it’s available, I’d suggest you switch to the Smartgun right now. Make your way through the changing rooms, past all the lockers, benches etc. At the end there’s a Praetorian (always). Waste it with the most powerful weapon you have. Then pull the switch on the left and ride the lift up. Make your way into the next area – but first you’ll need to activate the lift. Make your way round, killing any Praetorians (yes, that’s plural) you meet until you reach the switch. Press said switch, then make your way back to the lift and ride it down. Step off it to finish the level. Phew.

Episode VI – Hangar

Go straight through the large hangar door in front of you. The Queen will be in the opposite end of the hangar, and she’ll start by throwing crates at you (you can destroy the crates with your pulse rifle if you wish). As soon as you enter the room look to your right. On the floor is some grating, which stretches down the length of the hangar. Shoot some of it, then fall into the gap in the floor. Make your way along until you see a red switch on the side (it’s not very obvious that it’s a switch, it looks more like some sort of light) – press it, and a hatch will open up in the floor (make sure you’re not standing on it, otherwise it won’t open).

Inside are two cylinders. Shoot both with your pulse rifle then get out by finding the steps. Shoot the grating to get out. Now, make your way over to the airlock (near the door that you entered by). Next to said airlock is a panel in the floor, with a white tab in the corner of it that says “airlock” on it. This is actually a switch. Press it, and the panel will slide back. Press the two switches inside. The airlock begins to open. Now, if you’re standing next to the panel with your back to the airlock, look to your right. There’s a little “cubicle” in the wall with a kind of blue-ish tone. Go in there and press the switch inside (again, it looks more like some kind of light). The door slides over, protecting you from being sucked out (be sure the glass doesn’t get broken!). On Training and Realistic there’s also a flamethrower in here to ward the Queen away. Now, watch the Queen get thrown out into deep space and laugh very loudly. End of level.

Bonus I – Temple

When you enter the level, wait on the floor at first and kill the aliens that appear. Then use the jetpack to lift yourself up to the tunnel way up high – in fact it touches the ceiling. Proceed through the tunnel, killing any aliens that appear, then when you come to the room with the giant alien statue lower yourself down to the floor. In the middle is a flamethrower, some napalm for it and some armor. Collect them all, then make your way into the passage on the far right-hand side.

In this tunnel are three facehuggers. Make your way to the end and then lower yourself down. On your right is a Smartgun and some Smart ammo. Collect them then turn the jetpack on to get yourself up into the next tunnel. From here, go either way and use the jetpack to get yourself up to the next level. If you go one way, you’ll end up in a room with a lift, in another you’ll need to head down a tunnel to get to said room. If you’re in the latter, you can also pick up the Smart ammo (next to the hole that you emerged from) and the Grenade Launcher (in the tunnel).

Ride the lift up, then proceed down the tunnel, straight through the next room, through the door the other side and follow the corridor round up the stairs. In the next area, there’s a hole in the floor. Lower yourself through this hole to enter the generator room. Make your way down onto the platform – there’s a Medikit below the platform if you need it – and shoot the glass covering the switch to turn the power on. Jet your way back up to the main level, then continue along the corridor, then left up the stairs shortly after, along the tunnel and into the next room.

Here, ride the lift up. You now arrive at a huge intersection. Step off the lift, then behind you to your right are a minigun, a medikit, and some armor. Collect them, then head down the tunnel ahead of you. You need to go up either set of steps, enter each room and shoot the panel which is tucked away behind the part of the wall that sticks out. The other panel doesn’t smash. Repeat for each substation (beware, two of them are guarded by Praetorians, so use the minigun you collected earlier), and then return to the main area. Now, hold down the jetpack key and keep holding it, slipping through all the gaps you meet, until you enter a long, vertical tunnel, a bit like a chimneystack. Hold down the jetpack key still, and ignore the room that is placed halfway up it – keep on going up. When you reach the very top, there are two “ramps”, one either side of you. Over one of them you should be able to see a tunnel. Head for that tunnel. There’s a Praetorian or two in there, but just run straight past them. As you near the end of the tunnel, the evac ship crashes into the room below. Fall or lower yourself to the floor to end the level.

Bonus II – Vaults

Head out the room via the door, then head through the lab and out into the main corridor. Walk up the corridor a bit and you should find a Predator blood trail on the floor. Follow it left and keep on it until you come to a large door that opens to reveal a similarly large room. From here head right and down the stairs to enter engineering. Shoot the barrel-like things in front of you (you only need to shoot one of them) and then quickly dash into the room on the right and do the same thing. The self-destruct sequence stops. Now return to the large room and follow the Predator blood trail again, this time all the way down the corridor and into one of the labs. In this room is a Minigun. Collect it, then follow the Predator blood trail back again to the large room. Now kill the Predator with said minigun. When it’s dead, turn around and make your way back down the corridor, then head left when it splits. Continue down it and eventually you should find yourself in a control room, then head up two sets of steps and enter the airlock. Pass through it, then ride the lift down on the other side (it should kill the facehugger).

Continue across the room and into the corridor at the other end. Head right, down the corridor and follow it round the corner. Go further down and there’s an operation room on your left. After that there is a tunnel, then another operation room. Proceed down the tunnel. You emerge in a long, tall corridor. Make your way up it, then at the end take a left and turn left again. There’s a door in front of you. I’d strongly recommend that you save it now; What follows is a series of many, many containment rooms, With all the aliens released. Make your way through all the rooms, killing as many aliens as possible, but concentrate on actually running – the more you stick around the more aliens will turn up. Run through all the rooms, then you’ll reach some stairs with an airlock at the top. Enter the airlock, then turn around and kill any aliens still chasing you.

On your right should be a lever. Pull it and the second airlock door will open. On the other side is a sentry gun, so once you reach this point you are (reasonably) safe. Right, now for the final part. You’re in an area that houses the security mainframes – it helps if you know the level having played it from the Predator’s point of view. There’s a lab in the middle and four rooms around the edge each with a mainframe in them. You need to explore all the rooms and kill the aliens you find. There’s normally about four. There’s also a lone marine with a pistol that represents a company head – if he dies, you fail the mission. When you kill the final alien, the level ends.

Bonus III – Ferarco

As soon as you enter the level, switch on your image intensifier. Be careful; sometimes an alien appears in the tunnel. Exit the tunnel, then enter the space on the left in the next room and hold the jetpack key. When you reach the top, head left up a small ramp and then down into the vent ahead. At the end, shoot the part of the grate you can see then head forward, jetpack and crouch at once – you should just about squeeze through.

Collect the flamethrower and medikit, then shoot the barrel blocking the doorway. Proceed through it and into the large hangar housing the enormous, rocket-shaped shuttle. Jet your way right up to the top and then enter the lift there. Follow the vent down then shoot the grate at the end. Be careful, this corridor is home to a lot of aliens. Get to the end alive, then enter the vent on the left and kill the alien that appears and then head right.

Lower yourself down into the cryo-sleep quarters. Crawl under the door and turn left into the main corridor. Go down it a little, then on your left is some glass. Shoot it then enter the Medlab. In there is an operating table, then to the left of that is a switch encased in glass – shoot the glass to operate the switch. A door opens in the room that reveals a smartgun. Collect it, then proceed out through the main door which has also opened.

Head left then when the corridor splits take a right into the generator room. There are some stairs on the left – go up them to the next level. Here there is some Smart ammo and two switches encased in glass – shoot both. Now head back down to the next level and exit via the door that has opened (the one in front of you when you walk off the stairs). Follow the corridor round and proceed through the large door at the end. Go through the door on the left, then the next, then enter the large door here. Jump and crouch onto the table in the middle to collect the security pass, then exit the room. Again, go left through 2 more doors, then go straight across and through 2 more doors. Now head through the door on the left. Take a right and you’ll enter the main control room. On the right is a door – walk through both it and the next one to enter the Mother module. Aliens may well appear and claw at the door, but don’t worry; they can’t get through. When Mother gets fully powered up, the level ends.

Bonus IV – Gateway

As soon as you enter the level, aim towards the door to your right. An alien appears from it, so dispose of it quickly. Shoot the glass to your left and proceed through it into the next room. Here there is a Smartgun – collect it, then keep repeating the process – smash the glass, move to next room , smash glass – until you reach the end. Here, use the jetpack to get yourself up to the next area, where you need to head for the open vent down below. Lower yourself down, then when you reach the next area, get yourself about halfway down with the jetpack, then fire a grenade at the floor. It should kill the facehugger below. Lower yourself to the floor, then go down any of three vents and shoot the grate at the end, before once again lowering yourself to the floor. Head for the sentry gun (you should be able to here it beep) and either use a bit of maneuvering to get yourself past it (using the jetpack) or shoot it and then proceed.Whichever you use, lower yourself down the next vent.

Get yourself through the fan and to the floor quickly, then run through the door on the left, up the ramp and out the door into the corridor. Watch out, the Predalien will follow you and it has a brother nearby, but you should be able to disable both using a combination of both modes of the Pulse Rifle.

In this corridor there are two doors at each end – two lead to single rooms with nothing in them, the others open up to reveal huge access shafts. Proceed through the either of latter, lowering yourself down to the next level. Go through the door and you will see a xenoborg – run past it and through either of the doors at the other end. Proceed down these corridors and through the other door, then collect the Sadar and the Medikit in this room and return to the xenoborg. Waste it, then you can collect the Armor in the right hand shaft. Return to the area where you collected the Sadar – you can reach these access shafts. Take the right hand one, and lower yourself all the way to the bottom. Proceed forwards, then on the right is a Grenade Launcher – collect it, then go either left or right and follow the passage round until you reach the main loading dock.

Lower yourself carefully down to the floor, then enter either one of the pits to your side. In here, shoot the grate at the end, then carefully lower yourself down to the other end and shoot the grate there. Enter the room, then go out the door into the main corridor. At one end of the corridor is a door, at the other end is a very large ventilation shaft, which goes round in a circle, vertically. Enter the shaft and lower yourself carefully down to the bottom. NB: if you take too long entering the shaft, a Praetorian emerges from the vents above you. Shoot the grate below and fall or lower yourself to the floor. Walk towards the evac shuttle to end the level.

Bonus V – Waterfall

The briefing “Go out there and kill things,” pretty much sums up this level. In fact, you end up killing a lot of things. This is a worthy end to the Marine’s campaign, and in my mind is without a doubt the hardest level in the entire game. Enjoy.

You start off in the airlock of the Area 52 installation. Walk forwards enough to make the door ahead open. You see a marine guarding the entrance as two aliens pounce on him. Save him a painful death and shoot a grenade at him just as the two aliens jump. It should wipe them both out.

Move out onto the platform, then press the button to your left. Step onto the lift and ride it down. Walk down the steps and enter the tunnel on the left at the end. Make your way up the stairs and through the door at the top. Kill the two aliens here and then collect the two Pulse Rifles against the right-hand wall. Make your way up the stairs and enter the area with the Lotor. Go to the far end of the area and enter the tunnel on the right. Take the first right up the stairs and into the control room. Collect the Minigun in the far right hand corner.

Go back down the stairs and then head right, through the door. There’s a room on the right where you witness and marine getting slaughtered by two aliens – kill them both and then press the switch in there. I’d recommend you save it now.

Proceed down the corridor and through the door at the end. Instead of going straight up he steps ahead, go underneath them – you’ll see three aliens, all neatly curled up and ready to spring to life. Line your aim up, then start shooting – with any luck you should be able to kill them all straight away. However, a Praetorian then appears, so pull out your Minigun and waste him. Now head up the steps and along the walkway before entering the tunnel at the end. Head round and down the stairs and you’ll emerge in the next checkpoint. Kill the aliens here then head for the steps in the opposite corner of the room to the one you entered. There’s also some Armor next to the gate.

Proceed up the steps and across the two walkways, then along the pathway on the other side and pick up the Flamethrower at the end. Head down the steps and through the door, then kill the two facehuggers in here (try to attract them into the doorway then flame them with the Flamethrower). Press the button next to the door, then an alien and two Praetorians will run up the steps to greet you. Dispose of them however you please.

Now head down the steps and wait. There is a sentry gun that will attempt to take out the attacking force, which consists of a few aliens and a Predalien. However, normally some get past, so be careful. Proceed past the sentry gun and up the stairs. When you near the top an alien will try to attack you, but the sentry gun should take it out.

Continue up the stairs, up some more stairs, then along the pathway. Here there is a lone marine who will get attacked by another “band” of aliens – a Predalien and a couple of aliens. My suggestion is to run back to the sentry gun and let it take them out. Anyway, keep progressing along until you reach a door. Open it, then kill the two aliens that are on the other side. Now switch to the most powerful weapon you have, which will hopefully be the Minigun. I strongly recommend you save it now. Jump across to the other ledge, then across to the top of the stairs and make your way down. Kill the Predator by any means possible. Setting it on fire with the Flamethrower is normally a good idea, otherwise try bombarding it with grenades. When it’s dead, wait a few seconds and the level will end. Hooray!

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