AvP Alien Walkthrough

Posted by Psychotica on January 1, 2000 (Updated: 01-Jun-2014)

This is the AvP Alien Walkthrough Guide for Aliens versus Predator (AvP1) which was released in 1999 for PC.

Episode I: Temple

You start off inside the Face Hugger shrine. Switch to Navigation Sense and start forward, through the tunnel. Out of the tunnel climb up the wall and through another tunnel. It will branch into two ways here, both ways go the same place. Pick one and you enter a room with a pillar of fire. Go straight across the room and you’ll see two pillars opposite the entrances. Climb one, and the top is hollow. Go through that tunnel. Both lead to the same place. From there if you look on the ceiling you will see two grates. Both lead to the same room. Break the grate with a claw swipe and go through the tunnel. Climb out of the ditch. For the walkthrough I am going left from the tunnel’s exit. Turn until you face the two columns in the room. There is an opening behind them, up the wall a bit. Climb up to it and go through the tunnel. On the right you will see more flames. Turn right and follow this tunnel. You will need to crouch while you run to hang on here. You will be in a room with two things hanging down. Turn left along the wall and run to the alcove. Follow this tunnel. Stay on the ceiling here. There you will see two blocks above two more jets of flame. From the ceiling, use your claws to take off the supports for the two blocks, shutting down the flames. You will notice another hole on the ceiling. That’s where the other path lead. Now, turn around and go back to the flame you saw before (remember, in the room with the two things hanging down the exit was on the ceiling). It isn’t there now. Drop down and drop down again. You may want to switch to hunting mode now, because here’s where the humans are. It doesn’t matter which way you go, but crawl down over the edge and look down. There should be people walking around. Try to find one to drop behind and kill them.

You have two exits here, because labs 1 and 2 are locked. While standing on the platform, facing Lab 1, you want to go to the path on your right. Go up either set of stairs and at the top you’ll notice another room there. Go into that room and along the wall, near the ceiling, are four more grates. There are actually two separate tunnels. Go across the room and take the left tunnel on the far wall. Time to go back to Navigation Sense. Follow the tunnel left, then break the grate on the ceiling. Go up left again, break another grate. If you drop down here and go left, you’ll be at the far left grate from the room’s entrance, so go straight ahead. Now you have some more choices. Go up and break the grate there. Follow it straight, then down and break another grate. Switch to hunting view because humans often are on the ground here. Drop down behind the marine and kill it first. Kill the civilians at your leisure. ;) You are now in the left hand area of the stairs you took to get to the rooms with the grates.

This has “Lab 1” marked on it. This is part one of two security systems for Lab 1. In order to open lab 1 look around from the ditch until you see a red light on the underside of a control panel. Break the light and the panel, then back into the tunnel on the ceiling. Back to where the unbroken grate is… break it. Follow the long tunnel all the way to the end, break the grate above and too the left, go through it. Follow that little bit and now you’re above the left hand room of the opposite entrance. This has “Lab 2” marked on it. Follow the same pattern you followed last time to take out the panel. Now, this room has a turret. You may want to climb up from out of the ditch and take the time to disable the turret. Climb back up through the tunnel. Follow it all the way back to the beginning. Climb out and through the other grate on this wall. Follow the tunnel, break the grate above you, climb up and to the right, break another grate. Once again dropping down and to the right brings you back to the grate room. Go straight, then the grate above and to the right. Follow this one and you are above the second “lab 1” area. Break the panel and lab 1 opens, but we aren’t going there yet. This is the right room in the area with the grate room. Go back through the tunnels to the unbroken grate. Go through it all the way to the end, and you are above the final room. Break the panel, and lab 2 is open as well. Also remove the turret threat the same way as before. One powered up tail shot does it. This is the room on the right of the opposite entrance. Now it is time to go to the labs.

Let’s go to lab one first. Inside are androids, so be careful. Take them out with your claws. Androids do not show up in hunting view, so stick with Navigation Sense. Once they are dead, you’ll notice there are a lot of corridors here with Caution signs there. These are here for a good reason. Go through them and breaks the panels. You’ll occasionally find a civilian inside. They are unarmed, line up your teeth and eat up. Once you’ve cleared all those room, look around the lab. You’ll see the computers have pipes coming off of them. Break those. Once all five are broken, repeat the process in Lab 2. Once the last pipe is broken be careful, marines will begin showing up. Make it to the platform in the middle of the first room and ride down. Kill the marines below and turn to the door on the right. Break the control panel and go through the open door. You’ll be in a room with corridors and a lift down.

Take the lift down (or climb around) and then go on the door to the right. Now here is where things can be difficult to explain. At this point we’re going to do some wall walking. Once you get to the next room, climb on the wall on the right all the way to the end, then go down. On the way down destroy the block holding the door open. Behind these doors is a pair of turrets that will end the mission quickly if you are not cautious. After opening that side of the door, climb up again, above the door, and remove the other blockade. The turrets are now unable to get to you. Take the passage way to the right. Run quickly along the right hand wall. More turrets, another door, more blockades. Removed the blockade, climb over the door, remove the other one. That seals the temple. It is now time to return to the hive. I didn’t run into any enemies past here. In the middle of the floor is a hole. Go over to it and it opens up. Jump down it. Switch to navigation sense if you wish and follow the tunnel, dropping down another hole in the floor. Climb up the other side, and follow the tunnel. You will come out near a giant alien statue. Climb up the wall on the far side and you will see a balcony of sorts. Follow the tunnel there and you’ll end up back home in the hive.

Episode II: Escape

When you start, switch to Navigation Sense. Go forward, there is a hole in the wall, climb through it. Go straight, climb up the wall here, there’s a walkway across the center, land on it and go through the secret passage. You’re now inside the labs. On the opposite wall climb through the vent. Follow it, and the walkway, and the next vent to the end. Follow the walkway and jump down to the right, go through the door and climb back into the next vent. You’re now in a bathroom. Drop down, go through the door. Go through the observation room and climb up to the ceiling for the next walkway. Follow the vent, walkway, vent again. Drop down and go through the three doors. There is another vent on the wall, climb up to it and go through it, the walkway, and the next vent. Now go through the next two doors. On your left near the other door is a vent, climb through it. Drop down and go through the door to your left. Follow the doors until you get to the elevator. Climb up the side of the elevator onto the platform. Follow the path and turn left. Break the glass and jump through. Now just follow the vent to the end.

Episode III: Ferarco

When the level starts off you’ll be behind some barrels, usually with a civilian on the other site. Go to your right to get around the barrels, then kill the civilian. Turn left and start down the corridor. At the next left run past fairly quickly because there is a gunner behind a door that closes when you get too close. Turn left at the intersection and keep going until you see a ladder going up. Take this ladder and climb through the air duct to the end. Beware, occasionally a civilian is inside the air duct. Break the grate, and the pipes, and drop down. Go to your left and then through the door, then exit the next room. Go out straight and turn right. At the fork, turn left, and kill the android. Go up to the second level and destroy both sets of pipes to open the door on the opposite wall. Wait for the people inside to come after you, and kill them with stealth. Go through the door and to the left, be careful because it’s another android behind a closing door, so make a run through. Break the panel next to the door and go through. You have to be careful because some of the civilians are carrying flame throwers. Wait until their back is turned, then rush them. Go through the corridor on the left, and then turn left into the room there. Climb up the wall and onto the ceiling. Above the table is a grate you must break and go through. Do that to get into the pipes again. Follow those pipes to the end, get out, turn left. Break the panel next to the door to open it. Go straight across the room with the ladder and into the room on the opposite side, and into the vent on the left. Break the first grate on the left and keep going. Drop down into the cryo-sleep chamber and smash the panel next to the door. There may be androids behind these doors, so be cautious.

Go through the door and follow the tunnel to the fork. Turn left and get to the first light. On your left you’ll see a glass panel, break it and jump through. Straight through the room break the panel and feast on the civilian in the room, then go to the door on the right from the glass panel. Break the panel and turn right. Kill the two turrets there. (See why you went through the glass panel?) Now, go back to the left and follow the tunnel to the next fork. Take a left. Break the panel and open the door to another cryo-sleep chamber. Climb onto the ceiling and back through the vents. At the fork, turn right. Climb out, and look down to your left. You should see a security guard. Either rush him or go through the third pipe on the right to sneak around to his side. Then go open into the vent at the end of the hall. Climb up and follow this one to the end, and climb or jump down to the floor. Turn around and go through the corridor. Look to your right. There are some exploding barrels there with an armed civilian. Climb to the ceiling to pass the barrels and kill the civilian. Go through the door, turn left. Run straight ahead into the vent again. At the end of the vent and small room, turn right and break through that grate. Turn right and climb or jump down the tunnel. Walk ahead, look to your right. There’s a pipe there, but it’s covered. Remember where you are. Climb back up the tunnel and through the door on your right. Another room with stairs. Just go straight across the floor, and keep going straight.

Follow the winding tunnel and you should see an area with a pipe above you. Jump up into the pipe and climb up. At the top break the panel next to the door and go through it. Go straight across this room to the other side, and break the panel to the left of the door. Go inside, break the next panel, and you’re in the room with Mother, the computer. Break all the screens on the wall. You now are timed to get back to the covered pipe you saw earlier to exit. Go back out of the room, straight across, and down the pipe. Keep running straight ahead, and climb up the wall. Go straight through the room with the ladder, and go left down the shaft again. Go right, and through the now open pipe. At the end, turn left into the next pipe to end the mission.

Episode IV: Gateway

Immediately run forward and up the wall, onto the platform. If you wait too long the floor will open and you will be pulled into space. Break the panel on the right side of the door and go through. Straight ahead as far as you can, and look up. There’s a grate there. Climb up the wall, break the grate, and RUN to the end along the wall. At one point some turrets will shoot at you, just run past. At the end there will be two more grates. Break one or both and drop down. Kill the two turrets there. Either door on the side, break the panel. I prefer the left door because it’s a little easier to go to the grate. Once the door opens, go inside and turn left (either way) and break the grate. Climb through the grate and up the wall on your left (again, either way). You’ll get to an alcove. Run all the way through it to kill everyone, then back to the middle. There are two elevators here. Destroy the power box on the left one and climb into the shaft. Climb up the wall above the door you came through and break the grate. Climb through and there are panels on both sides. Either side, break the panel to open the door, and go through. Destroy the panel next to the fan to shut off the generator. Do this to both sides. Climb back into the shaft and up the wall to the next grate. Go through it and there is a panel on the opposite side. Break that panel and go through the door, break the panel to turn off the generator. Turn around and face the ladder. Climb up it from this side or you will face trouble with turrets. When you get to the top break the grate nearest you and climb through. Jump down and go through either side passage until you get to the door. Go through the door and turn to the blinking lights. More elevator shafts. Break the power box next to the one on the right. Climb up and break the power box to open the door above it. Be careful because a marine may be behind it, but it’s safer on this side than the other. Kill him and go through. There are six doors here, three on either side. The ones on the left will not open. The middle right one goes downstairs. We don’t need that one. The other two go to the same place. Go through either door, and be careful of the minigunner there! Kill him ASAP.

Destroy the four power boxes and wait for the fan on the right to stop moving. When it does, jump through it and run through the air duct. At the end jump straight forward right way, don’t slow down. There is another turret here. Run straight, take out the two power boxes, turn left. Do that once more, and run straight again. Destroy the turret, and turn right to get the power boxes. Turn around and run back, destroy the last two power boxes. The four fans above you should have stopped. On the ceiling break the grate and climb through to Main 5. Climb up the wall that says “Main 05” and precede through the shaft there. The top cover should be broken, if not you’re in the wrong shaft. Climb up, go up the slope, and drop down the hole in the floor. In these rooms just keep breaking the glass and moving the same direction you were facing. There are nine of these rooms. In the last one climb up the wall and through the hole in the ceiling again. Go down the slope and destroy the two power boxes once more. Wait for the fan to stop, and run through it. Destroy the grate on the left and run through the air duct. Now, the next room can be challenging. You’re near the end. When you enter, an alarm will sound and the walls will begin to open. There may be minigunners here, so watch out. Climb up one of the walls and kill anyone there, and then destroy the light/computer there. Go to the other side and do the same. You’ll see a message that says “Join us,” and you’ll begin to hear other aliens. On the far side of the room from the vent you’ll see the “Danger” bars move away. Run through to join the rest of the hive and end the level.

Episode V: Earthbound

At the start, go straight and kill anything in the room. The civilians here make for good food. Turn right and drop down the shaft. There is an android here, so kill it. Go straight through the passages until you get to the lift. There are two things to do here. Either hurry and climb up it, or if you miss it will get stuck. You’ll notice one of the cargo boxes blocks the path. Crawl up around and go past the cargo box, and continue up the shaft. Go across the walkway, killing anyone up here. On the left you’ll notice a door and a panel. Go ahead and break the panel, sometimes a cowardly civilian likes to hide in there. Free food. Continue on and drop down the shaft. Break the grate and drop into the elevator. Go out and follow the corridor, breaking the glass and jumping through. A message will play. While it’s doing that, break the computer on the right to open the door later on. Once the message finishes the door at the end will open. Kill whom ever’s inside and walk through. On the left will be an opening (if you destroyed the computer). Drop down and destroy the eight power boxes (four on each side). That will open a door to the right of where you dropped down. Go through the door, and at the far left will be an air duct. Climb into it. When you reach the end, break the grate but do not jump down. Across from you is another air duct. There is a turret below, so instead of climbing across, use a crouch assisted leap. You should make it with minor, if any, damage.

Follow that air duct to the end, and climb to your right a bit. Drop down, take out the marine and the turrets. Then destroy the eight power boxes to disable the large fans. Both large fans take you to the same place, so follow either one. They are on the ceiling down the hall either way. Climb through either and you’ll be in a room with three fans (the two you can enter from and the one on the ceiling). Go through the fan on the ceiling. At the end you’ll be in another room. Go through the fan on the right side and follow that tunnel until it gets to another grate. Destroy that, drop down and kill anyone in the room. Go to the opposite side of the room and break the grate on the ceiling. Climb through that and follow the series of tunnels until you get to another grate. Break it and drop down and go to the other end of the room. Break the grate there and run through the next air duct, breaking the grates at the end. Turn right and destroy the four power boxes. Turn around to face away from the destroyed power boxes, break the glass. You’ll notice only one fan is slowing down. Take that fan, the one to your left, and climb through the tunnel to the end. You’re at the top of a large room. Either climb or drop down and go through the tunnel on the opposite side, near the floor. Follow it to the end and turn right. At the end of the room turn left and into another tunnel. When you get out, turn to the right and destroy the two power boxes. Take the fan on the right and drop down. Look on the walls for a grate. If you to the fan on the right and face that direction, it will be the first one on your right. Climb up and destroy the grate, and crawl inside. When you get to the end you’ll see a box attaches to the ceiling begin moving.

Quickly climb across the ceiling and land on the box, it will protect you from the twin turrets below. Once the box is stopped walk to the other end and drop down. Take out the two turrets from behind. Turn right and climb into the opening. Turn right again, and go through the door. You’ll get a message saying the humans are being attacked, and the lights will go red. Your first Predator attack. Go straight ahead, break the glass, and go through. A predator will come out of the elevator. Give it a full powered tail whip, then bite off his head as he’s crouching. (This will give you the cheat if you need it also.) Climb up the shaft and you’ll see a marine and a Predator fighting. Let the Predator kill the marine, then kill him with the same tactic you used before. Go to the end, turn left, get to the eggs and end the level.

Bonus I: Invasion

Both the starting area and exit area are unique for the alien. When you start, crawl out of the water and up the ledge. Turn left and drop down the hole. Run to the left and take the first left. Drop down and go to the generator. Destroy it with your tail. This will give you some time in the darkness, then in little light. Easier to kill the Marines like this. Run through the exit and kill the civilians. Go straight ahead, then turn left. Go right into the turning corridor and follow it left. Open the gate and turn left. Climb up the walls here and go through the corridor. Take the first right and through the door. Go along the right wall and into the next corridor. Go through the computer room, through the door, and drop down to your left. Go through the tunnel to your left and out the door. Jump down and over to the door on the far right, under the stairs. Take out the turret there. Turn left, then right, and through the door. You’re now at where the marine started, but you have a little further to go. On the left, on the ceiling, is an air duct. Climb up through it. Go through the series of halls on the left, away from the turret, and follow them to the door at the end. Go through the door. On the ceiling on the left is another air vent. Go through it. Climb up the shaft to end the level.

Bonus II: Derelict

This level you run backwards from the Marine mission, but don’t go quite as far. When it starts you’re in the elephant man’s room. Climb up the wall and through the hole where the elevator goes (the lift will not take you up). Go through the artifact and out of it. Climb up the wall above the door and into the tunnel. Run through the tunnel and turn right at the fork. Take the catwalk all the way across. Follow the tunnel into the computer room and go through it. Follow the tunnel again and go across the walkway in the generator room. In the next tunnel there should be a grate on the ceiling. Break it and crawl inside. On the second grate going back down break it and jump in. Destroy the turret. Turn around from the turret and take the path to your right. Follow it and destroy the next two turrets. Turn left and follow the path to the next computer room. Jump down and to the right. Break the two turrets down there and go through the path. Follow the tunnel to the artifact and jump down. Go through the first path on your right. It’s a way down. Go to the end and climb up into the air duct on the ceiling. Go through to the first grate. Break it and drop down. Kill everyone. One that looks like a civilian is a company head. That’s one. Climb back into the air duct and to the last grate. Destroy it and drop down to kill everyone. There is another company head in here. Once he’s dead, the mission will end.

Bonus III: Tyrargo

When you start the level, go right, then right again, and drop down the first hole that you come across. This is one of the two hangars. The first officer is there (for some strange reason he dies by himself sometimes, so he may not be there). Also, take out the two turrets in the room, which guard either door. Now make your way back up into the vent that you came out of, which is above the door next the stairs with the switch (by the red flashing light). When you reach the top of the vent, head towards the red-tinted area of the vents, which you should be able to see. Take the first left, pass a duct, then fall down the next hole you come across. Fall down again and you’ll be in the shower area. Go out of it, turn left, and break the vent guard in the far right corner. Continue down the vent, break the cover at the end, and you’re in the mess hall. The second officer is in here. When he’s dead, destroy the turret and make your way back through the vent and back into the shower room, then up into the duct again. Head in the direction of the yellow-orange light (not the yellow-blue light) and fall down the hole there. You are now in the second hangar. Go across the room to the door (not the one with the turret) and kill all three marines inside. A predator will then appear behind you in the hangar. Kill him with a couple of charged-up tail slashes to end the level.

Bonus IV: Caverns

When you start, it is pitch black. Switch to navigation. Go out and to the right. It doesn’t matter which tunnel you choose here because both go to the same place. Go through that tunnel to the APC and past it. Go through the tunnel to the narrow walkway. Don’t fall off here because there are spikes and it will kill you. Instead, climb up to the ceiling and go through the hole. Go through that tunnel and to the hole at the other end. Drop down and claw through the door. Destroy the two generators and go back up the hole. There is a turret in the other tunnel so do not go down it. Go back to the narrow walkway and go to the side you haven’t yet. Go through the tunnel to the big room. From there take the passage on your left. Go through the end and through the APC. Go out the door and to the right. Go out the door on the left, then the door on the right. Climb up the far side of the wall onto the cliff. Go through the tunnel, right then left. Cross across the computer then through the tunnel. Destroy the turret. If you have a lot of life just run ahead past the next turret, otherwise backtrack to the computer room. Jump down and turn around. Go through the tunnel until you are at the turret. It may get a few shots off on you so be careful. Destroy it and go up the stairs. If you just ran past, you’re already here. Go through the entrance and the Predator will jump down. Kill him with the standard powered up tail whip and follow up to end the level.

Bonus V: Fury 161

A fairly tough level, but still not really worthy of the final Alien bonus. Still… from the start get onto the ceiling. Climb up to the walkway and follow it around to the lift (not the stairs). Take the lift down and kill the marine there, then run very quickly across the walkway which goes right. Kill the marine guard there and hit the switch to deactivate the turret. Run back across the wall to where you just came from. Climb up the wall or take the lift up. Follow the walkway around and either climb the stairs or the wall. Go down the next flight and jump down into the mold. Go through the door. Take the first tunnel on your left and hit the switch to deactivate the turret. Go town the tunnel and take the first left. Go through to the end and turn left. Wait for the elevator to come done and ride it back to the top, or climb the shaft once it lowers. There is a Predator in this room, so kill it. Don’t worry about the switches because the turrets can be avoided. Jump down to the bottom and go through the hole in the floor. One door here has a red light above it. Take the opposite door out of the room. The tunnel on the left has a series of barrels in it. Destroy one and back off to watch the chain reaction. That will shut down the fan. Run straight ahead and through the opening to the Predator’s starting point. Throw the switch to shut down another turret. To the entrance on the left and down the stairs. Up the stairs there should be some marines, one Predator, and one alien (the only one you actually see as an alien in single player). Kill the marines, then the Predator to end the mission.

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