Aliens (US Version)

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 Aliens (US Version)Platform: Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Apple II, MSX
Also Known As: Aliens – US Version (In Europe)
Release Date: 1986
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Activision (Electric Dreams in UK for Amstrad/Spectrum/C64)
Developer: Activision


Based on the science fiction movie “Aliens” from 1986. After the contact got broken to the base on LV-426, Ripley and a group of soldiers make their way to this planet. While the Electric Dreams version of Aliens is a simple action game, Activision version varies with a different kind of mini games which are related to the movie. You must recognize the equipment for this mission, you had to land the drop ship to the base, you must explore the base and defeat evil aliens.


  • The European release had an attached “US Version” to the title. This seemed necessary since Electric Dreams, the publisher of the Activision title in Europe, developed their own Aliens game at the same time.


 Aliens (US Version)  Aliens (US Version)  Aliens (US Version)  Aliens (US Version)  Aliens (US Version)  Aliens (US Version)
Screenshots from the Commodore 64 Version.


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