Aliens: The Computer Game (US Version)

 Aliens: The Computer Game (US Version)

Aliens (US Version)

Platform: Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Apple II
Also Known As: Aliens – US Version (In Europe)
Release Date:
Commodore 64: NA: 1986 | EU: 1986

Apple II: NA: 1987
ZX Spectrum: EU: 1990
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Activision (Electric Dreams in UK for Spectrum/C64)
Developer: Activision

Aliens: The Computer Game was a 1986 game based on James Cameron’s Aliens film, released for Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and Apple II. It was published by Activision in America while in Europe it was published by Electric Dreams. In Europe, the game is known as Aliens US Version as Electric Dreams released their own Aliens game.

Aliens: The Computer Game contains six mini-games which include action sequences like piloting a Dropship from the Sulaco, find a way through an arduct, fighting Aliens and battling the Queen.

Magazine Articles

CVG (April 1987)
ZZap (May 1992)
Commodore Format (February 1994)


Commodore 64 (US Front Cover)
Commodore 64 (US Back Cover)
Commodore 64 (UK Front Cover)
Commodore 64 (UK Back Cover)
Apple II (US Front Cover)
Apple II (US Back Cover)
ZX Spectrum (UK Front Cover)
ZX Spectrum (UK Back Cover)
ZX Spectrum Budget Rerelease (UK Front Cover)
ZX Spectrum Budget Rerelease (UK Inlay)
ZX Spectrum Budget Rerelease (UK Back Cover)


358109-aliens-the-computer-game-commodore-64-screenshot-title-screen 50765-aliens-the-computer-game-commodore-64-screenshot-introduction 50767-aliens-the-computer-game-commodore-64-screenshot-landing-sequence 50766-aliens-the-computer-game-commodore-64-screenshot-recognize 358112-aliens-the-computer-game-commodore-64-screenshot-ripley-on 358113-aliens-the-computer-game-commodore-64-screenshot-in-this-stage 358115-aliens-the-computer-game-commodore-64-screenshot-intro-to 358116-aliens-the-computer-game-commodore-64-screenshot-ripley-tries 358117-aliens-the-computer-game-commodore-64-screenshot-ripley-is 358118-aliens-the-computer-game-commodore-64-screenshot-the-final


Upon its release, Aliens: The Computer Game received mixed reviews from critics. Commodore Format gave it a positive 85%: “D’ya know how some licenses are successful on every turn? Alien is one of them.” Computer & Video Games gave it 8/10 saying: “…there is sufficient variation, challenge and gameplay to keep most gamers happy and frustrated for many a long night.” Zzap scored it 60% and said it was graphically really good but it’s a tough game: “Frustration is a swift and deadly opponent. A pity ‘coz this game could have been a winner.”


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