Aliens Minimates

Date Released: April 4, 2015
Creator: Dave School
Format: PC
Genre: Side-Scroller

Aliens Minimates is a fan game, inspired by the Aliens Minimates figures from Diamond Toys, and was created by Dave School which is a a digital effects and animation school. It’s a 2.5 side-scroller game with about 8 mini-levels. In the game, Ripley has to team up with the Colonial Marines and Bishop to destroy the aliens. Lance Henriksen lends his voice to the game and an actress called Deborah Marlowe voices Ripley. Aliens Minimates was designed in Unity 3D and the project was split into two teams. A class of VFX Students handled the cinematics while another class of gaming coded the game.


  • Bishop: Lance Henriksen
  • Ripley: Deborah Marlowe
  • Sgt Apone: Aaron Trigg
  • Hudson: Dave Sharrow
  • Computer: Nicolette Korpolinski

Aliens Minimates Screenshots

Aliens MinimatesAliens Minimates

Aliens Minimates Cinematics


Dave School Official Website

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