Aliens Armageddon

Platform: Arcade
Release Date: 2014
Genre: Action
Publisher:  Play Mechanix and Raw Thrills


Aliens_42 Aliens ArmageddonAliens Armageddon is an arcade game that was first revealed at IAAPA 2013 in November 2013 and was released to arcades in 2014. Aliens Armageddon is a ‘on-the-rails’ shooter where you play as a Colonial Marine and features four different chapters. A Xenomorph plague has been unleashed on Earth causing apocalyptic devastation and mankind’s only hope for survival is to fight their way to a deep space cargo ship and leave the Earth behind. Aliens Armageddon features a 55 inch LED cabinet, enhanced gun system, eye catching Aliens topper and four frantic levels of non-stop shooting action, with players battling an onslaught of all new alien enemies.


  • -Deluxe model comes standard with a massive 55 inch HD LCD display
  • -42 Inch mounted gun version available
  • -4 Chapters
  • -Force feedback guns
  • -Cabinet lighting synchronized with in-game actions
  • -Cutting edge graphics and sound
  • -Lighted multi-layer alien topper
  • -Online Leaderboards

Available in a 55″ deluxe cabinet and 42″ fixed gun cabinet.


Skegness (Corporal Hicks Pictured)
Skegness (Corporal Hicks Pictured)
Aliens Armageddon Brochure
Aliens Armageddon Brochure

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Comments: 6
  1. I actually just found this game and pl ut 5.00 in credits in before I started, which was enough to last me until about 1/3 the way through chapter 3 of 4. It is one of the most fun and pretty fair arcade shooters ive played since house of the dead. Being an Aliebs themed game is a bonis, regardless of the inaccuarcies in the game. The comon enemy is a drone, based on the appearance of Colonial Marine’s “stalker” class. There are also flying (facehuggers?), giant chestbursters, regular sized chestbursters, some kind of king/crusher, flying warriors, some kind of 6 legged dog alien, a crusher alien that shoots guided spikes from its back, and every facehugger is a queen facehugger. I assume there is something new in chapter 4, and probably a queen boss, but i dont know. Weapons include pulse rifle, shotgun, smart gun, flamethrower, and grenades. Potentially one or two more.

    Its like fighting Kenner aliens, which was pretty cool.

  2. i never play this arcade game but i saw it at the movie theatres its like the sequel of alien extermination arcade game i love the aliens movies and games can wait for the 2 aliens sequels ever ripley is back and have lacey chabert join the aliens franchise

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