Alien Resurrection

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 Alien ResurrectionPlatform: Sony Playstation
Release Date: October 2000
Genre: First Person Shooter
Publisher: Fox Interactive
Developer: Argonaut Games


This game features a fully 360-degree first-person 3d polygonal engine with real-time lighting, stunning visual effects, and a destructible environment. Characters that the player can use include Ripley, Call, Distephano, and Christie. Each character has its own different skills, abilities, and weapons. The player must complete puzzle elements which are object-oriented, search and destroy, and search and rescue. Done by Alien Resurrection’s Oscar-nominated team, this game features digital sound effects and ambient background audio revealed in Dolby Surround.

Weapons available include the Pulse Rifle, Shotgun, Flamethrower, Pistol, Electro Gun (Burner), Grenade Launcher, Laser Gun, Rocket Launcher, and Christie’s dual wrist Pistols. The player must make it through ten large levels which include multiple stories, walkways, galleries, rooms, and underwater areas. The Alien Warriors in this game are able to move over any structure, stalk, swarm, and slaughter their prey with multiple attacks.


  • This game was originally supposed to be released a long time ago in third-person perspective, but since it wasn’t scary the game went back to the design stage.
  • According to a trailer (link below) for this game, Alien Resurrection was originally supposed to be released on Sega Saturn and PC too.



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