This page contains lots of behind-the-scenes images from 2007's Aliens vs Predator Requiem such as showing the Strause Brothers directing the cast.
Colin & Greg Strause avp2bts23.jpg
Colin & Greg Strause
Colin & Greg Strause avp2bts24.jpg
Colin & Greg Strause
Stunt Guy avp2bts34.jpg
Stunt Guy
Stunt Guy avp2bts35.jpg
Stunt Guy
Stunt Guy avp2bts36.jpg
Stunt Guy
Stunt Guy avp2bts37.jpg
Stunt Guy
Stunt Guy avp2bts38.jpg
Stunt Guy
Stunt Guy avp2bts39.jpg
Stunt Guy
Stunt Guy avp2bts40.jpg
Stunt Guy
Stunt Guy avp2bts41.jpg
Stunt Guy
Stunt Guy avp2bts42.jpg
Stunt Guy
Stunt Guy avp2bts43.jpg
Stunt Guy
Stunt Guy avp2bts44.jpg
Stunt Guy
Predator Sculpture avp2bts45.jpg
Predator Sculpture
Colin & Greg Strause avp2bts76.jpg
Colin & Greg Strause
Sewer Set avp2bts77.jpg
Sewer Set
Rooftop avp2bts78.jpg
Daniel Pearl avp2bts79.jpg
Daniel Pearl
Daniel Pearl, Colin & Greg Strause avp2bts80.jpg
Daniel Pearl, Colin & Greg Strause
Daniel Pearl avp2bts81.jpg
Daniel Pearl
Alec Gillis avp2bts82.jpg
Alec Gillis
Wolf Predator avp2bts83.jpg
Wolf Predator
Whip avp2bts84.jpg
Daniel Pearl avp2bts85.jpg
Daniel Pearl
Alien in Diner avp2bts86.jpg
Alien in Diner
Ian Whyte avp2bts87.jpg
Ian Whyte
Ian Whyte avp2bts88.jpg
Ian Whyte
Daniel Pearl & Tom Woodruff avp2bts89.jpg
Daniel Pearl & Tom Woodruff
Colin & Greg Strause avp2bts90.jpg
Colin & Greg Strause
Colin & Greg Strause avp2bts92.jpg
Colin & Greg Strause
Tom Woodruff & Gina Holden avp2bts93.jpg
Tom Woodruff & Gina Holden
Xenomorph avp2bts94.jpg
Xenomorph in Sewer avp2bts95.jpg
Xenomorph in Sewer
Reiko Aylesworth, Colin & Greg Strause avp2bts96.jpg
Reiko Aylesworth, Colin & Greg Strause
Chef Spinerip avp2bts97.jpg
Chef Spinerip
Colin & Greg Strause & Daniel Pearl avp2bts98.jpg
Colin & Greg Strause & Daniel Pearl
Xenomorph in Sewer avp2bts99.jpg
Xenomorph in Sewer
Battle Claws (Farzad Varahramyan) avprconcept110.jpg
Battle Claws (Farzad Varahramyan)
Armour (Farzad Varahramyan) avprconcept111.jpg
Armour (Farzad Varahramyan)
Shoulder Cannon (Farzad Varahramyan) avprconcept112.jpg
Shoulder Cannon (Farzad Varahramyan)
Whip (Michael Broom) avprconcept117.jpg
Whip (Michael Broom)
Whip (Farzad Varahramyan) avprconcept118.jpg
Whip (Farzad Varahramyan)
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