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This section includes lots of magazine articles that previewed 2012's Prometheus including Empire, Total Film, SFX and EW. Another magazine you can find in the forum is Cinefex Magazine which has a huge spread on the visual effects in the movie.
Total Film (October 2011) 201110-totalfilm.pdf
Total Film (October 2011)
EW (December 2011) 201112-ew.pdf
EW (December 2011)
Total Film (February 2012) 201202-totalfilm.pdf
Total Film (February 2012)
Film Ink (April 2012) 201204-filmink.pdf
Film Ink (April 2012)
Nuts (April 2012) 201204-nuts.pdf
Nuts (April 2012)
Total Film (April 2012) 201204-totalfilm.pdf
Total Film (April 2012)
Empire (May 2012) 201205-empire.pdf
Empire (May 2012)
Escape (May 2012) 201205-escape.pdf
Escape (May 2012)
HorrorHound (May 2012) 201205-horrorhound.pdf
HorrorHound (May 2012)
Sunday Times (May 2012) 201205-sundaytimes.pdf
Sunday Times (May 2012)
The Guardian (May 2012) 201205-theguardian.pdf
The Guardian (May 2012)
The Sun 20120517-thesun.jpg
The Sun
Cineplex (June 2012) 201206-cineplex.pdf
Cineplex (June 2012)
Fangoria (June 2012) 201206-fangoria.pdf
Fangoria (June 2012)
Metro (June 2012) 201206-metro.pdf
Metro (June 2012)
SciFi Now (June 2012) 201206-scifinow.pdf
SciFi Now (June 2012)
Total Film (June 2012) 201206-totalfilm.pdf
Total Film (June 2012)
American Cinematographer (July 2012) 201207-ac.pdf
American Cinematographer (July 2012)
SFX (July 2012) 201207-sfx.pdf
SFX (July 2012)
3D World (August 2012) 201208-3dworld.pdf
3D World (August 2012)
Empire (August 2012) 201208-empire.pdf
Empire (August 2012)
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