Concept Art

This page contains lots of concept art from artists Joseph C. Pepe Alex Toader, Michael Broom and John Wheaton who worked on 2010's Predators. There's early concepts of the Predators including Female Predators, as well as the Predator Hounds.
Predator Hound concept02.jpg
Predator Hound
Predator Hound concept03.jpg
Predator Hound
Predator Hound concept04.jpg
Predator Hound
Predator Hound concept05.jpg
Predator Hound
Predator Hound concept06.jpg
Predator Hound
Predator Hound concept07.jpg
Predator Hound
Predator Hound concept08.jpg
Predator Hound
Predator Falcon concept09.jpg
Predator Falcon
Predator Hound concept11.jpg
Predator Hound
Predator Hound concept12.jpg
Predator Hound
Female Predator (Michael Broom) concept14.jpg
Female Predator (Michael Broom)
Female Predator (Michael Broom) concept15.jpg
Female Predator (Michael Broom)
(Michael Broom) concept16.jpg
(Michael Broom)
Tusked Predator (Michael Broom) concept17.jpg
Tusked Predator (Michael Broom)
(Michael Broom) concept18.jpg
(Michael Broom)
Jungle (Alex Toader) concept19.jpg
Jungle (Alex Toader)
Characters (Alex Toader) concept20.jpg
Characters (Alex Toader)
(Alex Toader) concept21.jpg
(Alex Toader)
Drill (Alex Toader) concept22.jpg
Drill (Alex Toader)
Hell Hound (Alex Toader) concept23.jpg
Hell Hound (Alex Toader)
Armour (Alex Toader) concept24.jpg
Armour (Alex Toader)
Armour (Alex Toader) concept25.jpg
Armour (Alex Toader)
Armour (Alex Toader) concept26.jpg
Armour (Alex Toader)
Predators (Alex Toader) concept27.jpg
Predators (Alex Toader)
Female Predators (Alex Toader) concept28.jpg
Female Predators (Alex Toader)
Predator Faces (Alex Toader) concept29.jpg
Predator Faces (Alex Toader)
Predator Ship (Alex Toader) concept30.jpg
Predator Ship (Alex Toader)
Predator Hounds (Alex Toader) concept31.jpg
Predator Hounds (Alex Toader)
Predator (John Wheaton) concept32.jpg
Predator (John Wheaton)
River Ghost (John Wheaton) concept33.jpg
River Ghost (John Wheaton)
River Ghost (John Wheaton) concept34.jpg
River Ghost (John Wheaton)
Predator Hound (John Wheaton) concept35.jpg
Predator Hound (John Wheaton)
Berserker Predator (John Wheaton) concept36.jpg
Berserker Predator (John Wheaton)
Berserker Predator (John Wheaton) concept37.jpg
Berserker Predator (John Wheaton)
John Wheaton concept38.jpg
John Wheaton
Hybrid Predator Attack (Michael Broom) concept39.jpg
Hybrid Predator Attack (Michael Broom)
Predator Hound (Michael Broom) concept40.jpg
Predator Hound (Michael Broom)
Predator-Alien Hybrid (Michael Broom) concept41.jpg
Predator-Alien Hybrid (Michael Broom)
Sacrificed Predator (Joseph C. Pepe) concept42.jpg
Sacrificed Predator (Joseph C. Pepe)
(Joseph C. Pepe) concept43.jpg
(Joseph C. Pepe)
Predator Equipment (Joseph C. Pepe) concept44.jpg
Predator Equipment (Joseph C. Pepe)
(Joseph C. Pepe) concept45.jpg
(Joseph C. Pepe)
(Joseph C. Pepe) concept46.jpg
(Joseph C. Pepe)
(Joseph C. Pepe) concept47.jpg
(Joseph C. Pepe)
Shoulder Cannon (Joseph C. Pepe) concept48.jpg
Shoulder Cannon (Joseph C. Pepe)
Cage (Joseph C. Pepe) concept49.jpg
Cage (Joseph C. Pepe)
(Joseph C. Pepe) concept50.jpg
(Joseph C. Pepe)
Predator  (Joseph C. Pepe) concept51.jpg
Predator (Joseph C. Pepe)
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