Concept Art

This section includes lots of concept art from artists Dark Hoffman, Chris Howe, Rob Olsson, Alp Altiner and storyboards from Dwayne Turner who worked on 2007's Aliens vs Predator Requiem.
Poster Concept avprconcept01.jpg
Poster Concept
Cleaner Case (Farzad Varahramyan) avprconcept02.jpg
Cleaner Case (Farzad Varahramyan)
Predator Maquette avprconcept03.jpg
Predator Maquette
Size Comparison avprconcept04.jpg
Size Comparison
Scout Ship avprconcept05.jpg
Scout Ship
Sewer Section avprconcept06.jpg
Sewer Section
Facehuggers in Stasis avprconcept07.jpg
Facehuggers in Stasis
Hive avprconcept08.jpg
Predalien (Farzad Varahramyan) avprconcept09.jpg
Predalien (Farzad Varahramyan)
Predator (Farzad Varahramyan) avprconcept10.jpg
Predator (Farzad Varahramyan)
Predalien (Farzad Varahramyan) avprconcept100.jpg
Predalien (Farzad Varahramyan)
Predalien (Farzad Varahramyan) avprconcept101.jpg
Predalien (Farzad Varahramyan)
Predalien (Steve Koch) avprconcept102.jpg
Predalien (Steve Koch)
Toothy Predalien (Justin Murray) avprconcept103.jpg
Toothy Predalien (Justin Murray)
Predator (Farzad Varahramyan) avprconcept104.jpg
Predator (Farzad Varahramyan)
Predator (Michael Broom) avprconcept105.jpg
Predator (Michael Broom)
Predator Face (Farzad Varahramyan) avprconcept106.jpg
Predator Face (Farzad Varahramyan)
Masks (Carlos Huante, Justin Murray, Farzad Varahramyan & Chris Howe) avprconcept107.jpg
Masks (Carlos Huante, Justin Murray, Farzad Varahramyan & Chris Howe)
Predator (Michael Broom) avprconcept109.jpg
Predator (Michael Broom)
Predator Homeworld avprconcept11.jpg
Predator Homeworld
Predator Homeworld avprconcept12.jpg
Predator Homeworld
Predator Homeworld avprconcept13.jpg
Predator Homeworld
Predator Homeworld avprconcept14.jpg
Predator Homeworld
Predator Homeworld avprconcept15.jpg
Predator Homeworld
Predator Homeworld avprconcept19.jpg
Predator Homeworld
Predator Homeworld avprconcept20.jpg
Predator Homeworld
Predator Homeworld avprconcept21.jpg
Predator Homeworld
Predator Homeworld avprconcept22.jpg
Predator Homeworld
Predalien (Michael Broom) avprconcept23.jpg
Predalien (Michael Broom)
Predalien avprconcept24.jpg
Predalien avprconcept25.jpg
Predalien avprconcept26.jpg
Predalien (Chris Ayers) avprconcept27.jpg
Predalien (Chris Ayers)
Nuclear Explosion (Dark Hoffman) avprconcept28.jpg
Nuclear Explosion (Dark Hoffman)
Predator Ship Crash (Dark Hoffman) avprconcept29.jpg
Predator Ship Crash (Dark Hoffman)
Secret Lab (Dark Hoffman) avprconcept30.jpg
Secret Lab (Dark Hoffman)
Secret Lab (Dark Hoffman) avprconcept31.jpg
Secret Lab (Dark Hoffman)
Predator (Chris Howe) avprconcept32.jpg
Predator (Chris Howe)
Predator (Chris Howe) avprconcept33.jpg
Predator (Chris Howe)
Armour Concepts (Chris Howe) avprconcept34.jpg
Armour Concepts (Chris Howe)
Predator (Chris Howe) avprconcept35.jpg
Predator (Chris Howe)
Predator (Chris Howe) avprconcept36.jpg
Predator (Chris Howe)
Predator (Chris Howe) avprconcept37.jpg
Predator (Chris Howe)
Masks (Chris Howe) avprconcept38.jpg
Masks (Chris Howe)
Masks (Chris Howe) avprconcept39.jpg
Masks (Chris Howe)
Masks (Chris Howe) avprconcept40.jpg
Masks (Chris Howe)
Vial, Grenade (Chris Howe) avprconcept41.jpg
Vial, Grenade (Chris Howe)
Mines (Chris Howe) avprconcept42.jpg
Mines (Chris Howe)
Tool Case (Chris Howe) avprconcept43.jpg
Tool Case (Chris Howe)
Tool Case (Chris Howe) avprconcept44.jpg
Tool Case (Chris Howe)
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