Books that resonate with the promise of Romulus?

Started by Pocok, Mar 21, 2024, 05:43:36 PM

Books that resonate with the promise of Romulus? (Read 732 times)


Hey there!

I'm looking for some/any novel/short story that has the same setting as Romulus: derelict space station, Xenomorphs and rookie newbies who have no clue about anything.

Which books do you guys recommend?

Thank you!


Alien: Cauldron. But it might be the worst Alien book ever.

Corporal Hicks

Oh, I disagree there. Alien: Steel Egg and Alien: Colony War are the worse Alien books. I remember Cauldron being okay, with some cool Alien moments.


Thank you guys, will read it in the near future!

Also if anything else comes to anyone's mind, feel free to comment additional books to recommend!


Isolation (game and book). It seems the film has taken a very large chunk of inspiration from it.


Do I have to be the one to say it?

Cold Forge.


Aliens: Berserker has a giant space station and swarms of facehuggers.


Out of the Shadows given it slots inbetween the Alien/Aliens timeline and features the return of a certain someone who isn't Ripley...

Corporal Hicks

Aliens: Defiance has a scene with a bunch of swarming Facehuggers too. It's in Volume 1, the series at its best.

Nightmare Asylum

Nightmare Asylum

SM already said Isolation (I can only really speak to the game, haven't read the book, but the game's influence is all over Romulus) and Blue already said The Cold Forge (and, by extension, I'd add Into Charybdis to that recommendation just 'cause you can't really have one without the other). The two Alex White books are easily the best of the Alien expanded universe novels.

But with those already said, I'll throw in a bit of a wild card one: Aliens: Phalanx. It only really meets one of your criteria (a mostly younger cast of characters without a clue what they're dealing with who grew up/live together on a world that's really all they've known up to this point in their lives) and... to get into more than that would be to spoil the fun of it. It does have a neat little tie in to The Cold Forge, though, so I'd recommend reading it after TCF if you do end up going with this one.

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