Alien: Romulus Score Will be Composed by Benjamin Wallfisch!

Started by RidgeTop, Mar 20, 2024, 05:13:07 PM

Alien: Romulus Score Will be Composed by Benjamin Wallfisch! (Read 996 times)


With the official release of the first poster and teaser trailer for Alien: Romulus, we now know who will be responsible for the musical score of the film: Composer Benjamin Wallfisch.

This will be Wallfisch’s first time working with Director Fede Alvarez. He’s previously done numerous horror films such as It: Chapters 1 & 2, The Invisible Man (2020) and Annabelle: Creation. He also co-composed the sci-fi epic Blade Runner: 2049 alongside Hans Zimmer.

 Alien: Romulus Score Will be Composed by Benjamin Wallfisch!

Composer Benjamin Wallfisch – Photo by Sven Doornkaat

We’re always excited for a new music of any film in these franchises, and we quite enjoyed the previously released score from Alien: Covenant by Jed Kurzel. We look forward to hearing the sounds that Wallfisch is planning for the Alien: Romulus. Let’s also see a Xenomorph Blood Splatter Vinyl release, Please!

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His main theme for It is already iconic.


Terrific, Benjamin Wallfisch is a good choice, he's was in my list of suggested composers he's had some good banging soundtracks, such as  A cure for Wellness, Stephen King's It, Blade Runner 2049 and 2020's Invisible Man. I trust he'll corn up with something scary and evocative.

Joining the ranks of Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Elliot Goldenthal, John Frizzell, Harald Kloser, Brian Tyler, Marc Streitenfeld, Harry Gergson Williams and Jed Kurzel. Though a bit soon to say it was shown that Noah Hawley who's Doug the Alien TV series has had regular collaborations with Composer Jeff Russo and its high possibility he May serves as the composer for the TV series.

Slutty Badger

And the tradition is kept!


I've also wondered about an Alien movie with music by composers such as Christopher Young, Marco Beltrami, Michael Giacchino, Thomas Holkenborg, Joseph Bishara, Michael Stein and  Kyle Dixon

Nightmare Asylum

Christopher Young would be an insanely good choice for an Alien movie.

Curious to hear what Wallfish does here.


This is awesome news, 2049 is one of the best. It's going to be good having Wallfisch in our corner. I am pumped.

Corporal Hicks

Guess I'm having a relisten to IT's soundtrack this morning!


Slutty Badger

So, not the first Ridley Scott-related film Wallfisch has worked on! His work in BR2049 was brilliant and evoked the original, so hopefully that'll be repeated here.


I actually didn't know the name of this guy, but I know numerous movies he worked on. We'll see what he brings to the table.

Corporal Hicks

QuoteWe can't talk about 'Alien: The Eighth Passenger' without thinking about Jerry Goldsmith's score. Who composed the soundtrack for 'Alien: Romulus'?

The composer is Benjamin Wallfisch, who worked with many of my colleagues and whom I greatly admire. He is responsible for the music of 'Blade Runner 2049' (Denis Villeneuve, 2017), he worked with Leigh Whannell on the incredible soundtrack of 'The Invisible Man' (2020) and he worked with my friend Andy Muschietti on both 'It' ( 2017) as in 'It. Chapter 2' (2019). He's someone very talented, but I also think he's one of the most Alien-loving people I've ever met. And, as I do when I enjoy constantly quoting other films, he does the same with music. He has a very specific sound, but there are also musical references here and there from many of the original songs.


I wonder if he will incorporate some of Goldsmith and Horner's sounds into the film, as a way to bridge gaps....


He was a very unique style. His soundtrack for Invisible Man was foreboding as hell and his work on BR2049 was fantastic. Looking forward to this.


Invisible Man's soundtrack was excellent indeed.

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